Friday, March 17, 2017

Counting Off The Days before Treasure Map!

We are down to the last 9 days before Treasure Mapping!

Treasure Map DATE & Times this year
March 27, 2017 10:57pm EDT  
March 27, 2017 9:57pm CDT
March 27, 2017 8:57pm MDT
March 27, 2017 7:57pm PDT

and it is March 28 at 2:57am  Greenwich Mean Time London 

Between now and then are you:
Cleaning your house?
Getting rid of everything broken?
Taking things to be repaired that are broken?
Taking care of the clutter?
What about your brain? 
Are you letting go of stupid stuff?
Are you letting go of fights that do nothing for your world?
Are you also letting go of relationships that take too much work?
Are you changing your response to relationships that take too much work?

The bottom line is are you doing stuff that clears the space in your world and your mental world?

Why are we clearing space?  Because on Treasure Map you will build a collage and that will be all that you want for the new year which starts on the 27th/28th.  No January 1st is not the new year.  Nope.  The Aries new moon is the start of the year.   For new people take a look at our Treasure Map info from last year  Treasure Maps.

And right now we are in the release mode.  We are letting everything go.   We melt stuff.    And then when the Aries New Moon launches it will feel like a completely different new day and in truth a new year.    
But until then --We clear out clutter!!!   
Go for it. You have 9 days!!!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

This Week Astrology: March 13-18

We start this week in Full Moon.   How are the details of our life helping us?  How are the details of our life bogging us down?  Are we getting in our own way?  
See report HERE.

Mercury stuff
Mercury moves into Aries on 3/13.  Things will get fiery.  Words will probably be sharp.   Yes, some people will be hunting for bear with every verbal exchange.   We should not be surprised if   conversations get heated.    Mercury will be building towards its bi-annual square to Pluto in Capricorn on 3/23.   How are our words building a separate identity?  Are structures and hierarchies looking like blocks to new roads?  Do we ditch them or transform the structures?   On 3/26 Mercury will get on top of Uranus, which brings out even more independent thinking and chaos out of our rebellious thoughts and conversations.   Again, structures look ripe for challenging.   We will be looking around our life and we see who we are always ‘answering to’ and it may feel off.   What are we getting back from this ‘authority’?  Is it working?    Or if it is not a person it could be a system that feels off.     Also on the 3/26 Mercury will cross its shadow point.    Here comes the yellow lights.    From 3/26 until April 9 we will be in the shadow period.    Which means things that come up during that window will probably be revisited (perhaps a lot) during the retrograde and until we cross the post shadow point on May 21st.     No you don’t stop breathing or living your life because you are in a Mercury shadow or retrograde.   But note that you may revisit topics a few times in this window.

We move into Disseminating Phase on March 16 where we learn to share power.   And on the 17th Sun squares Saturn, which can be a force of hard work—or maybe a little depression.    Sigh.

 Full Moon Phase
March 12, 2017
10:53am EDT
22 Virgo 13

Special focus:
3/13: Mercury enters Aries

March 16
9:10am EDT

Focus on:  How are you sharing power?  How are you sharing the ability of “letting go”?  How are sharing the power of ‘release’?  How are you sharing transformation?  What are you learning about sex, death and rebirth?

Special focus:
3/17: Sun square Saturn.   Beliefs versus faith, are they in sync?  Hypocrisy will be highlighted.  Depression vs righteousness. 
3/20: Sun enters Aries

3/23: Mercury square Pluto:  Thinking and communication is strident.  Harsh.  Under the roughness is thoughts of transformation.  

Saturday, March 11, 2017

This Weekend: Full Moon in Virgo

Virgo Full Moon
March 12, 2017
10:54am EDT

Virgo Full Moon
22 Virgo 13

Two weeks ago we activated the lunar month with the Pisces Solar Eclipse.   This event was both a closing of the Pisces/Virgo eclipse cycle, which we won’t experience again for about nine years and it was also the beginning of the 29- day Pisces lunar month.    Pisces is as we discussed the last sign of the zodiac and next month we will launch the new lunar year with the Aries New Moon.    We seem to have one foot in the release and one foot in the future.  We continue this process of - release and assess with the Virgo Full Moon who will push the questions  “What do we need to let go” vs “What works?” 

The chart for the Full Moon has Mercury conjunct Sun oppose Moon and all three square Saturn.   Yikes.   That is a lot of tension and is an opportunity for a lot of misguided thinking and feelings to be processed for the three days of full moon.     It does not mean however it is guaranteed to ibe a rough three days since Pluto is in harmonious aspect with the Sun and Moon.   As long as we are growing internally, finding the truth internally we can shed for our future.   For those who get their brains in a tizzy they may find it a bit more challenging.    Consider slowing down and ask what is really going on?

After all the Full Moon in Virgo can get caught in the weeds.    We are so sure that the answer to the problem is ‘this’ and then we realize later that if we had only had some perspective and honored the bigger picture that the problem was not ‘this’ but instead something different and probably more meaningful --a ‘bigger this.”    For example, is “this” running around pleasing various family members and getting stressed?  Or is the “bigger this” telling the truth and drawing a line?   Where we say,  “your crazy is not my problem” and getting on with our life and future in a more meaningful way. 

On this Full Moon expect areas that are emotional cul-de-sacs to be put in our view. 

Pisces is sensitive and gentle and can care about much and at the same time Pisces can be lost, naïve or cold and negative.   With Full Moon in Virgo we have to ask, “What emotionally works ---really?”   Are you so negative that it is off putting?  Who is not returning your phone call as fast as they used to in the past?   Are you alone too much?  How is that working?   Where are we too naïve?  Where are we caring too much or more to the point how is our caring misguided?  Or perhaps it keeps us small and safe.  Is this working?  At the same time Saturn in Sag is asking us to honor truth.  But we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater in some righteous move, which is the yucky side of Saturn in Sag.

 This Full Moon is a tricky balancing act as we: 

Acknowledge that which works but not get caught in the weeds.

Give ourselves some perspective and look for bigger issues that need to be cleaned up

Find the truth inside as we look at everything that pops up for three days but don’t get righteous.   Find our inner counselor or mentor or ask someone really smart whom we respect for advice.

Find the emotional center and ask if you are cold, delusional or misguided and if the answer is really confusing then again go internal for the truth and then ask for some advice. 

And above all, find faith in the middle of everything that comes up to view.   For three days consider if there are no accidents and everything is part of a bigger picture—what is true and what is your next move? 

Deep in our souls we are ready for this Full Moon, which is just two weeks before we get our compass set on our new year next month.  Make the most of it.

Happy Purim to my friends who celebrate this fun holiday.
I heard my neighbors celebrating last night in preparation!

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Astrology This Week

The Week of March 5-9

We start this week in First Quarter Moon.   Actions based on faith are important and so is communication.   Who is speaking to you about faith or how are you speaking about faith?     And if it is not exactly ‘words’ what other ways is a communication taking place?   Perhaps it is dreams that are speaking to you.  Perhaps it is synchronistic moment or event or perhaps it is just your gut speaking to you?   Under all of this  communication is a deep connection to something bigger.   On March 6 when the Sun in Pisces gets on top of Mercury things can get fuzzy but again expect your intuition and gut to go into overdrive.      This whole week is a great time to go to church or temple. 

At the end of the week we move into Gibbous where we will revisit our strength, pride and perhaps even courage.   Where have we forgotten any or all of the above?   Our self-esteem benefits when we give it some attention.    On the 9th Mars the warrior moves into Taurus.   Watch how important it is for everyone to have actions based practicality.     

First Quarter Moon
March 5, 2017 
6:32am  EST

Focus on:  How are you communicating your faith?  How are you communicating your humanitarian side?  How are you actions ‘lightening’ up and yet somehow you are communicating even more?   What actions need you take with siblings or neighbors? 

Special focus
3/5: Mars trine Saturn:  Actions line up with productivity.  Energy that propels action “up” is highlighted.    Independence helps to bridge to new experiences.
3/6: Sun conjunct Mercury:  Thoughts on faith and “who am I?” are profound and deep and highlighted.

Gibbous Moon
March8, 2017
3:13pm EST


Focus on:
What have your forgotten about your strength?  What did you almost neglect that speaks to your pride?  How did you almost forget or neglect your self esteem?  How can you share your creativity and the part of you that is special?  

Special Focus:
3/9:  Mars enters Taurus

Friday, March 3, 2017

Venus Retrograde

 March 4, 2017
4:09 am EST

Venus, the planet of love and values, will retrograde on March 4 at 13 degrees Aries and end the backward dance on April 15 at 27 degrees of Pisces.   

Venus retrogrades about once every 18 months and it lasts six weeks.  Venus does not retrograde as often as Mercury but the lessons of Venus retrogrades are just as profound.  With Mercury  it is our thinking that needs a tune up.  With Venus we need to tune up our value and what is our values.    Are we valued?  Who and what do we value?  And in the sign Aries we need to really value self.   Is our self worth ‘off”?  

Many people will understand the value of independence during these six weeks. And for some they will know the importance of being on their own because they are unfortunately not on their own.    “I just want to do it myself” will be said and thought many times during the six week retrograde.   And given we already have Jupiter in Libra pushing on Uranus and Mars, the scale is tipped to ‘independence’ and breaking out.   Now let’s not get ahead of ourself and think all relationships are going to break up and those people who are alone are really destined to be alone.  Nope.  Many couples will find themselves living rather independent lives during this retrograde but then at the end of the period they come back to each other refreshed and ready to tell tales of their adventures and the new roads that have been paved. 

And those people who are alone may assess if their desire to be alone is out of self-preservation and fear more than not meeting the ‘right person’.     Remember Venus retrograde is starting in this contemplative Pisces lunar cycle where we reflect on release and letting to.   What beliefs about love (and money) do we need to release?    During this cycle we are getting gentle nudges from the universe about our values.   Let’s be kind to our self during the process but consider the inner prompting that we  receive and how to move on them going forward.