Thursday, May 21, 2015

What's Going On?

We are in a little window right now.   Kind of a Venus sandwich, Venus opposed Pluto on May 21.  Then Sun and Saturn get into it on May 22.
Followed by Venus square Uranus on May 25.

This is all about our values.   How are you feeling valued?  What are you valuing?   Venus in Cancer is about being cozy, being with family, being sweet, finding things that are tender.   Pluto in Cap cares about what works and doesn't give a shit about sentiment.   There's only one life boat and who is getting on it? And screw the rest.   So, as you can see we may have complicated feelings on 5/21.

Sun oppose Saturn is about one thing---grow up.   Did you know you can be light and breezy (Gemini) while taking on responsibility (Saturn) and telling the truth (Sag)?   Yeah, it hurts my head, too.

5/21: Venus opp Pluto:  Values okay? Or do they need to be overhauled?  Power and love at war.  Or need to die and be overhauled.
5/22: Sun opp Saturn:  Will power versus structure.  Rigidity versus flexibility.

5/25:  Venus Sq Uranus.   Twice a year we get this aspect that pits love, values, resources against CHANGE.    Try to remain flexible.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

MadMen & A MadMan say Goodbye

I don't know what to say.   Are they both super cool?  Or are they both cold?  Or are they both?   One in theory could be the other's father.   If one was real.   But who is who?   And why are they going at the same time?    We have known they both were leaving for at least a year and it is not like we weren't prepared.  But still it stings.  

And they are both leaving us right near or on Taurus New Moon.   That is just friggin' weird.

Madmen leaves us with Sun/Moon in Taurus in Balsamic of the Aries lunar cycle.  A couple hours from New.  Saturn in the 12th house, we know it is complete.   There will be no movie where everyone gets back together.   A void of course moon is somehow perfect for a voice of course cast of characters.   Sun and Moon in the 5th house and Mars and Mercury in the 6th---people will be talking about the finale.   Sun and Moon opposite Saturn, we take our medicine and say goodbye.   No tears, buck up.  Neptune trine Venus, belly up to the bar and order something brown and smooth.  

 LetterMadman exits us with Sun at the last couple of minutes of Taurus.   A rock to our late night he is about to blow into the Gemini wind.    Moon in Cancer oppose Pluto in Cap is pain.  A shot that doesn't come in a glass.   Moon Trine Neptune and Moon conjunct Venus, hearts will be breaking but also feel full.    What is that feeling?  Like saying good bye to a child as he leaves for college?   No, with Sun opposite Saturn in Sag is more like saying goodbye to the funny dad as he leaves for some job in a faraway land.    Will we see him again?  Pluto on the Ascendant suggest not remotely close to his present incarnation.     And Pluto tells us grown men and women will cry.      

Perhaps Don Draper can show up as a cameo on Dave's last show and they walk off together into the night. 

Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon
May 18  12:13am EDT 
May 17  11:13pm CDT
May 17  10:13pm MDT
May 17    9:13pm  PDT

You will find the full article for Taurus New Moon

As I was going through the data I kind of thought, I hope we make it on the other side.  Of course we will and that is in jest but the truth is the wacky Mars in Gemini and the Mercury retrograde are up to tricks and it is going to take a lot of slaying on our part to get on the other side of those tricksters.

Here's a snippet of the article.  Go to link above for the whole magillah.


After 29 days of a fiery and robust Aries cycle we are ready for grounded Taurus, the first earth sign of the zodiac.

All the seeds we planted on our Treasure Map back at the Aries New Moon are starting to grow.   So, do we sit back and make margaritas until the fruit falls?    Not exactly.   Yes, we planted the seeds but now on each new lunar phase we should take the energy of the cycle and work with it knowing that it supports those goals set in April.  It is not that we get all OCDish about it and wake up every morning asking, “How are my goals and dreams?  “What do I need to do today to make them a reality?”   Heavens, no.  That just makes my head hurt thinking about it.   Instead we trust that the seeds are doing their job but we are also obliged to nurture them by working the energy of the different lunar cycles.  So, what do we do in Taurus?

In Taurus we learn to build things bit by bit.   We look around and see what needs work.   What needs commitment and focus?   We also take a look at our money, our properties, our resources and our love.   Taurus knows the old adage is true,  “Count the pennies and the dollars count themselves.”    We look around and ask where do we need Stick-To-It-ness?   Where are we bullish about our endeavors?  We are strong in our commitments.   What is going on with how we love and how are we loved?

Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus will be getting our attention early in the lunar cycle.  Between May 21 and May 25 Venus (in Cancer) gets into it with Pluto and Uranus.   But Venus in Cancer, which is the sign of the crab has got big old pinchers and will claw back.  Watch what comes up during that window.  How does it speak to your feelings and what you value?

5/21: Venus opp Pluto:  Values okay? Or do they need to be overhauled?  Power and love at war.  Or need to die and be overhauled.
5/22: Sun opp Saturn:  Will power versus structure.  Rigidity versus flexibility.
5/25:  Venus Sq Uranus.   Twice a year we get this aspect that pits love, values, resources against CHANGE.    Try to remain flexible.

In Taurus, we contemplate what we value and how we are valued.  We do things that support our self worth.    If we have had a troubled childhood or perhaps disappointments in our love life, our family relationships, or our career, we may have walked away from the experiences with dents in our psyche.   Dents that might suggest to us that we aren’t attractive enough, or we can’t make enough money or we aren’t talented enough or no one really cares for us or we aren’t loveable.    Whatever that yucky stuff is that is deep inside you, take these 29 days to consider building up your self worth.   If you feel un-loveable then do something practical that speaks to YOU loving you.  If your money is cockeyed reach out to someone who has got their money together and ask them questions, if you feel like your creativity is low, then take a class and if your beauty feels off, get a new hair cut, get a facial, buy a new outfit.   The bottom line is Taurus is not airy-fairy, Taurus is practical and in this cycle you can do practical things that can help you pound out those dents in your self-esteem.     Or at least begin to heal them bit by bit.   Also, when Taurus is misbehaving they are stubborn and stuck.   They hold on for the silliest of reasons.  Or they hold on to ‘small’ and they hold on to ‘broken’ because it is easier to do that then get up and do new work.    If there is something you are hanging on to that has expired its shelf life then get practical and dump it.   Including beliefs.    Watch what comes up the next 29 days where you find yourself looking at your values and ask how you can build upon it and cut out any nonsense where you are still hanging on to stuff past its shelf life.    

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Week Ahead!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Monday morning we move into the last quarter moon.   Back on New Moon (three weeks ago) we planted a whole bunch of seeds that spoke to the dreams and wishes we want for this new year.     We opened up our hearts and psyches and said, “Man, what the eff do I want?”   God bless us willing to dream and dare to want something.   This is no small act.   Do you know how many people are shut down and unwilling to dream?   I will give you the scientific answer:  Shit loads.

On the new moon we planted seeds, on the full moon we were challenged to push again and strategize the best support for those seeds.  Perhaps some of us had to cross a line and say, “I’m no longer taking scraps it is antithetical to my wishes and dreams.”   Some people sweated.   Some people found their courage.  And some people asked for help.     Now we are at the final quarter of the Aries Lunar Cycle.    This is our last push this cycle for our dreams and goals.  The energy of this push will surround our community.    Are the people around us supporting our goals and dreams?  Are we hanging out with Debbie Downers who suck the oxygen out of the room?   Or hanging out with peeps who can’t support our goals because it flies in the face of their reality?   This isn’t about making them wrong by the way; this is about making sure there are people rooting for us.  And that we are rooting for others.   This is probably where the Internet will help.    And of course, go out to the community in general for support.  How are you adding to a group cause?   From picking up an item for a Teacher’s Wish List to marching in the street for a cause close to your heart…both speak to community.  

Last Quarter Moon Phase
May 11
6:36am EDT

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions are you taking that speak to your bigger group?  Where are the like- minded people in your life?  How do they support you towards the goals you set on new moon?  How are you holding a light for others?  How does that support their goals?  What are you learning from the internet and other ‘new’ technology that can support your long range goals?

Special focus:
5/11: Mars enters Gemini

Balsamic Moon Phase
May 14
3:40pm EDT

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on We release our warrior.   Where do we need to take down the shield in order to appreciate the goals that we set on new moon?   Where are we fighting the same fight when we already won the battle?    What do we look like when we aren’t a warrior?   What do we look like when we release our loneliness?

Special focus:
5/15: Mars opp Saturn:   Actions based on shallowness buy problems that are then righteously defended.   Local versus foreign.   Short cuts versus practical logistics. 

5/16: Venus trine Neptune:  love of man and love of humanity excel.  Inspired creativity and heart fulfilling faith.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Scorpio Full Moon May 3

Scorpio Full Moon
May 3, 11:42pm EDT
13 Scorpio 22

Two weeks ago we launched the new lunar year with a fabulous Aries New Moon.   It was a chart that was free of tension and that was great news since the last four or so years Aries New Moons have had really hard aspects.       Many of us made Treasure Maps they spoke of our goals for the New Year.    It was a liberating process.   Now we are at Full Moon (in the Aries lunar cycle) in Scorpio.    

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to find the higher level of Taurus (Sun) and the higher level of Scorpio (Moon) and support our goals from New Moon.     The higher level of Taurus is the ability to show up and do the work in front of us.   To dig in and stay on task.   To not give up.   The higher level of Scorpio is to shed, to let go, to deepen understanding and SHIFT.     

“Am I working hard to move forward?”     

Or “Am I doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?”

Why is that second question important? 
Because there is a bugaboo in the full moon chart.   There is a hard aspect from righteous Jupiter.  Jupiter is big and blustery and he is extra loud in the sign Leo.   Jupiter in Leo knows passion, knows love, knows what is big and true.    And  Jupiter is pushing on the problems between Taurus and Scorpio.  So if there is a Taurus energy that is remaining stuck and obstinate and holding on tight because he wants things his way…well prepare to get busted by Jupiter who will call “Horseshit!”   And if there is Scorpio energy rigid with fear and wants to control every thought, every breath and every action (of self and others) because of fear --then Jupiter will push and say, “Horseshit!”    

Jupiter in Leo dares to dream big and is fiery and fights like such a pro that he could show two prize fighters in Las Vegas a thing or two.    He knows what his heart really wants and he has no interest in fear (Scorpio) keeping him small or creature comfort and status quo (Taurus) holding him back. 

Values will be up for appraisal.  Love.  Money.  Debt.  Sex.  Power.  Empowerment.   And above all ---Death and rebirth.
See what comes up for these three days that strikes at your very survival hood.    What absolutely needs to die? 
How is it based in fear of an ‘old’ you?
A you that you are sure is you but if you ask around you will get feedback from people who say, “To be honest, I think you are past all that.”  But yet you are holding on to that self.  
Let it go now.   Why?
Because two weeks ago on the New Moon you planted seeds for what you want this year and that fear is in direct opposition to those goals.   Let the fear go, accept the rebirth and morph. 

Note, there are beautiful aspects from Neptune and Pluto in this chart who will actively support our awareness and our shifts.     Let’s use them.

 Let’s get to where we need to get by letting go.