Monday, September 15, 2014

Ken Burns: The Roosevelts

Are you like me and have a secret passion for Ken Burns documentaries?

Honestly, KB could do a documentary on The Kardashians and I would watch it  (actually SNL should do a Ken Burns documentary on the Kardashians).  Anyway, yesterday Mr. Burns' latest doc launched on PBS.  Yes, Edward Hermann does most of the voice overs.  Yes, there are endless slow pushes and dissolves.  Yes, there are a lot of violins.  In short, yes it all super Ken Burns-y.   And yes I thought I was going to skip it because I feel like I already know these three people but I couldn't stop myself and my secret passion for KB (even with his woeful bowl haircut) got the better of me.  I began the series.

So, if you, too started watching it last night and you have a passion for astrology you may have gone poking around for Teddy Roosevelt's birth chart.   I have always known TR was a Scorpio but I didn't know the rest of his chart.    

However as I heard Edward Hermann's narration I knew there must be strong Gemini and or strong Mercury.  

"He fought for the lightweight boxing championship at Harvard.  Edited a newspaper.  Won election to Phi Beta Kappa and was asked to join three of the University's most prestigous clubs, The Dicky, Hasting Pudding and Porcellian.   And somehow he found the time as an undergraduate to begin writing a four hundred and ninty eight page history.  The Naval War of 1812 that would eventually influence a generation of naval planners. "  

Yeah that smells like Gemini & Sag!

And so I found his chart over at astrotheme.

What do we see?  Sun in Scorpio with Mercury conjunction in the 5th house no less.  Born into a bully pulpit with that placement.  Had he not gone into politics he may have probably been a publisher.     
And sure enough, there is Gemini on the Ascendent.    The writing was there.    Along with Jupiter in Leo in the 3rd house.   My god, this guy was blustery.   But he was also a man of action not just talk.  Mars in Cap in the 8th house.  His natural reserves are deeper than the average Joe or Roosevelt.   Funny that the Roosevelts had been in NY for two hundred years before Teddy but it was he who broke the mold and everyone really heard the name.   Ah, Pluto in 10th.      

If you are interested in the series you can find more about it here

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The week ahead

We start the week with a last quarter moon.    How are you doing since the new moon launched three weeks ago?  Do you remember the seeds you planted back then that speak to you cleaning up messes and taking care of business?   Did you learn more about what needs to be cleaned up during full moon?   So, here we are at last quarter moon where we do the final push on clean up.

Then at the end of the week we go into Balsamic where we begin the big release. 

On the weekend Pluto goes direct (see separate post).   

Last Quarter Moon Phase
September 15
10:04am EDT

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions can you take that support your communication?  What does your communication say about your daily life?  What can you add to your daily disciplines that match your communication?  “I want more money”  “I want more love”  is that reflected in your daily life?  Are you full of hate every day?   Are you full of  mismanaged funds?   Speak needs to match daily action.  

Balsamic Moon Phase
September 19
11:40pm  EDT  

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on We release our ego.  We release our big shotness.   We release our roaring anger.   We release our thin-skinnedness. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Pisces Full Moon

September 8, 3:38pm  EDT

We are halfway through the lunar phase.  Two weeks ago we launched the Virgo new moon and we realized we cannot have a big picture unless we take care of the small loose ends.   Since then, things that need to be mended or tidied up have been in our focus.  We are fixing problems that have needed attention for a long time.   Things that we have not wanted to deal with, things that bugged, things that guilt us out because they have been begging us to  eff’ng address them and we haven’t done it until now.     

Also if we have been on our game we have been purging the nonsense from our calendars.  Seeing this person or that person or going here and there for all the wrong reasons like: needing approval or looking for joy or excitement that is not rooted in authenticity. Now after two weeks of taking care of a LOT of stuff we feel a sense of accomplishment.   Great.  But we’re not done.  There are two more weeks before we move into Libra New Moon so we have got to go back to the our list and take care of more stuff. 

However, before we tackle our list again we need a long drink of water.   You know how when you are at your desk working like a dog and you just need to get up and go to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water?  It is partly because you are thirsty but it also because you need to stretch your legs and change the scenery and get a new perspective.   THAT is what this Pisces Full Moon is bringing us—a break and a change of perspective.    Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is the last water sign.   With Pisces the water comes from the deepest part of the ocean, which speaks to our psyche, our intuition, our karma, our dharma, our fears, our spirituality, our greater purpose for being on this planet.      Kind of deep, no?    That is by design. While we are working away on our list, we may have our head bent down super focused on the tasks at hand that we can forget why we are even here.   That is why God in his magnificent all knowing way, gave Virgo a Pisces Full Moon.   Pisces is not about a list.  Pisces is about going with the flow.  “Let me float along” says, Pisces.  Pisces is about fulfilling agreements made in past lives.  Pisces is about knowing that there is something out there that called us to be born and that something will be out there after we die.  Pisces speaks to our faith.   Pisces speaks to the WooWoo.   Pisces speaks to that part of us that knows not everything can be explained and even if doesn’t make sense there is a calling in us to pursue the unexplainable.   

This full moon has Pisces’ ruling planet, Neptune in opposition to Venus.   Many people are going to have their intuition and gut ring loud about issues of love, money and values during the full moon phase.  What is valuable to you?    What really means something to you?  How are you protecting it?  How are you letting it hang out there exposed to the elements?  How are setting up valuables to dissolve?   Or perhaps you have been misguided about what is of value or importance and now it is time to dissolve it all.  
But here is what is important, if anything melts in front of you during the full moon then you have to decide if it is worth you fixing and if it is then put it right at the top of your to-do list.  Or perhaps it is not worth fixing.    In that case let it melt away and trust the universe to put something else on your to do list.   

A cautionary note:  watch the booze & drugs!   Paleeze.

Also Pisces can be slippery, watch the lies.  They could be your lie or they could be someone else’s.  If you are doing the real work of Pisces  you won’t lie because you are so in touch with spirit and your divine purpose that you can’t lie.   And if others are lying to you it is not that important because Pisces always knows the deeper truth.   So go in deep and get the truth and above all  go with the flow.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

What's Going on?

In honor of our last unofficial weekend of Summer.    I give you this song to get  your inner surfer going.

During the three-day weekend we are processing the Crescent phase of the moon.     As we know we are extra observant in this phase because information is coming to us in all shapes and sizes.   On this Crescent the accent is on:

Focus :  How does your schedule reflect balance?  What information are you learning that speaks of where you need to find balance?  What are you learning about how fine-tuning your relationship.  What are you learning that would be practical help in your relationships?  How is your partnership?  Are you more of a partner than you realized?  Are there weaknesses.

Then on Tuesday we move into  First Quarter Moon.   Any seeds we planted last week on the New Moon will now benefit by action.   Get some opinions from others.   Reach out to people who know more.  Water those seeds from sources that could feel ‘foreign’.

First Quarter Moon
September 2
7:11am EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that broaden your world?  What actions can you take that build bridges between worlds?  How are you making moves that expand your knowledge?  How can you act upon smart ideas and be impromptu? 

Special focus
9/3: Sun/Pluto:  The universe rewards transformations.  Do it right now, morph, transform, shape shift our world.
9/4: Mercury/Saturn.  Our thoughts feel frozen.  Our brains feel cold.  Our coldness is out.  We see the glass half empty.  Make it work for you, if you can.

Yeah, the 4th is a wee bit skanky.  

9/5: Venus in Virgo

Gibbous Moon
September 5
5:06pm EDT  

We refine our information.  We pick and choose, we discriminate, and we organize to be ‘Virgo’ like.  We sort through details.  Have we missed something?  How are we sifting through the information?  Go back and make sure something hasn’t been neglected.  Refine our actions. 

Focus on:
We fine tune our executive abilities.   How does our inner CEO need fine-tuning?  How are we super practical about our position out in the greater world?   How are we being quick on our feet in our career?  

Special Focus:
9/7: Mars/Neptune.  Temper Tantrums meet Drunks.   What needs laser attention?  What needs to dissolve?   What needs dreams?  What needs a a big cut?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon
August 25, 2014
10:12am EDT

You will find my full Virgo New Moon article on MargaretWendt's Site.

Please go to link to read entire article.  In meantime, here is a little snippet:

Let us get down on our hands and knees and thank God and the Universe for this New Moon in Virgo.   Never has a tired group of people needed a new lunar phase more than all of us.   

Just to recap, for about a year we were dealing with the grand crosses (a little less but who is counting when you are getting drilled almost daily) then we had a tough Cancer lunar phase where things were exploding super fast, followed by a heart opening, sloppy, creative, love expanding Leo molten-lava-flowing- everywhere phase.    Really it was a summer that was almost too much to process.   Yippee that is why god created vodka and Virgo.    Just kidding.  We’ll leave the vodka on the shelf and focus on Virgo.  

Let’s get the bullshit part of Virgo out of the way.  It is critical, nervous, insecure, hypochondriac, shadow pecking, myopic, can’t get any kind of long range of vision because it gets lost in the here and now micro.    It can be very small.    There we have said the laundry list now let’s move on to good part of Virgo because we need it.

Virgo takes care of details.   That bowl full of bills that needs to be paid is the jurisdiction of Virgo.   That doctor’s appointment that sits in the guilty part of your brain having not been addressed for months will be healed by Virgo.   That project that needs to be tackled at work or the mess in your home that has been sitting off in the corning, throbbing and pulsating and needs to be fixed is desperate for Virgo.    And that calendar that is insane, where you are running all over the world and back and getting NO WHERE needs to be fine-tuned.  Stupid can finally be plucked out of your date book with the help of Virgo.

Virgo is a caretaker and a servant and takes care of people, places and things. Where things were crazy and fiery in Leo we get the perfect antidote in Virgo.    Anything birthed in the last few months needs Virgo to nurse it to the next level. For example, if you have realized in the last couple months you need to change your love life, your money, your career, your home, your family dynamics, your friendships, your health, your body….etc --- You absolutely need to use Virgo to get to the next stage.     Virgo is about fixing stuff.   There is something to be said that Virgo can’t get the big picture true-----but the big picture can’t be big if the small stuff is effed’ up.     And that is what Virgo will fix. 

For example, you want to go to Europe with your family next summer.  Great. Sounds fabulous.   But what is going on with your husband’s work schedule?  What is going on with your bank account?  What is going on with your relationship with your children?    You can NOT get to Florence, Italy next July if your spouse is afraid to ask for three weeks off at work, or your savings account has $500 dollars in it or your kids would rather be on their cell phone than have a conversation with you, let alone fly eight thousand miles to a foreign country.   Or if you need another example (and I can do this for pages and pages but won’t), if you need to get your career to a new level but your wardrobe looks  “poor me.”   Or your body is a mess.   Or your friendships hold you back. Or you haven’t done diligence on the research that you need to step up.   Or you are short ten units at the college from an important certificate or degree to your career….. you need to take Virgo to fix all that mess.    And it is only a mess because it has not been addressed.    Again, that is why god created Virgo so we can fix the micro.