Thursday, August 17, 2017

Leo New Moon & Solar Eclipse

Leo New Moon & Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017 2:30pm

As you guys know this is our second Leo New Moon and 29 day cycle.  A bit of a rare bird and then you add the solar eclipse which we have not had in the USA (beginnning and ending in USA) since 1918.  A very rare bird.

Let's make the most of this extraordinary energy.

Here's my NEW MOON report.


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde
A trippy roadtrip is about to get Trippier.....

August 12, 9pm EDT
11 Virgo 36

The day after New Moon (7/24) Mercury reached its shadow point. Let’s take a minute and ponder Mercury retrograde in non-astrological language. 

Pretend you and Mercury are riding in a car on a road trip and the day after New Moon you and Mercury see a roadside attraction.   Let’s call it Fred’s Fish Shack.  You point it out to Mercury and say, “Oh, that looks interesting” but Mercury keeps driving and along the way you see various attractions until August 12 at 9pm EDT when you come upon Mary’s Pie Shop and this is when Mercury says, ‘Hey we’re heading back to Fred’s fish shack”  and so you turn around  and you drive back on the road you were just on until September 5 7:29am EDT when you arrive once again at Fred’s Fish Shack.  Now Mercury takes a breath and the two of you turn around and head back for Mary’s pie shop where you arrive on September 19th.    

As you can tell from our little road trip analogy July 24 until September 19th will be a lot of the same road over and over again. 

This is how all Mercury retrogrades work.   However there is added fuel to this road trip, Fred’s fish shack is the same location of Leo solar eclipse (i.e. the same degree of Leo).    This is extraordinary.  There is no reason on god’s green earth for the solar eclipse to be the same degree as Mercury’s shadow point.   

Do you think Spirit wants to get our attention?   Do you think the issues that the solar eclipse may bring need our attention?  Do you think the issues around Leo’s heart will be up for us to consider during this retrograde and will inform us for the next Leo New Moon?  The answer is of course, “Heck, yes!”    Even though the retrograde does not start until August 12th, we should take a moment and consider all that has come up since July 24.  What were the roadside attractions or issues or bumps or joys that came up in our view since July 24.  What has got you fired up?   What is going on with your love life?  How is your creativity?  How is your artistic side?  How are you playing?  Who is playing with you and who is blowing you off?  How are you connecting to joy?   How are you connecting to your inner-star?  Are you projecting your real self and how are people responding to it?    How are you bold?  How are you a leader?   

All of this will be up for us to ponder and explore for the entire retrograde and the rest of this Leo lunar cycle and the next Leo 29 day cycle which starts on August 21. Please note that on July 25 Mercury moved into Virgo and the actual degree Mercury turns retrograde (Mary’s Pie shop) is 12 degrees of Virgo.  So, after the 25th our critical eye will be up.  We will have trouble seeing the big picture because our attention will be drawn to the micro.   Everywhere we look we will think, “Well that could be done better.”  And yes, for sure, we are probably correct.  But then the question is how can we help make it better?  How can we serve?   Mercury who rules our thinking and brains will ponder, “How can I help?”  Also with Virgo our insecurities show up.   Watch how much you think or say, “I’m not good enough” or others tell you that something about you is not right or broken or needs to be fixed.    This is part of the reason Mercury is sending us backward.  He knows our thinking may need to be fixed or at least adjusted.  Not because someone tells us but because it is part of our heart’s journey.   And above all remind your brain the power of self-love.   If we fill our day with many tasks that is fine but ask yourself how those tasks reflect on your own self- value.      This is also part of the heart’s journey.  

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Aquarius Full Moon & Eclipse

Aquarius Full Moon & Partial Eclipse
August 7, 2017
2:10pm EDT

There has been so much talk about the great American Solar eclipse on August 21 that its partner, the Aquarius lunar eclipse is…..wait for it…being eclipsed.   It’s hard being a sibling to a huge rock star.

The truth is the Leo Solar eclipse in two weeks is a bigger deal given it is a total and this is a partial eclipse but like a stone dropped into a pond all eclipses have longer ripples than the plunk of the event.

An Earlier Plunk
On Feb 10th we had a lunar eclipse at 23Leo/Aquarius where we had to go back to our heart.  
Is there anything from Feb coming up now for you?   How was your self- love back then?  And how is it impacting the people you are choosing to give your valuable time to now?   Is all still in sync?   Or did you have an opportunity back in Feb to build a community but you opted out to do your solo thing?   How did that work out for you?  Now would be a time to synthesize what motivates your heart AND share it with the right community.

What comes up during this lunar eclipse can speak to the Solar Eclipse on the 21st.   Again we will be asked to go our heart on the Leo eclipse (Aug 21) however part of the way we get to our heart will have ties to this eclipse.  How does our tribe influence what we do and what we are about?  Is it speaking to our heart?  Maybe yes, maybe no, or maybe it needs to be improved upon?   How does technology & the internet (ruled by Aquarius) impact our heart?   Are we close to our cyber friends?  Or are we only sharing part of our selves?  Are we mean spirited in cyber land by trash talking people in a way we would never do in real life?  Or are we mean to people in real life but obsessed with cozy moments with kittens and babies on social media?    If there is a disconnection you may want to see if some debris shows up on this lunar eclipse.   Perhaps it will inform the Leo solar eclipse in two weeks as well. 

Back to the Lunar (partial) Eclipse Full Moon
A couple days ago Jupiter squared Pluto and if some energy came up for you around the 4th see if it continues to be an influence during the full phase.    The moon in Aquarius and the Sun in Leo asks us to look at our leaders not just globally but perhaps in our work environment, our charities, our churches, our schools our our media it does not matter where we are we will be aware of leaders.  And how is our group responding?  Which is more to the point of Aquarius.  How are leaders showing leadership but how are they doing it with the group in mind?  That is the important question.  Mars is close to the Sun and of course opposing the Moon and Saturn and Jupiter are in various configurations with Sun & Moon in the full moon chart.   It will be nearly impossible to sit still for the next three days.  Just a reminder, the Full Moon phase lasts until August 11, 8:38am EDT

Actions (Mars) that are smart and perhaps bold (Leo) along with beliefs (Jupiter) that speak to fairness (Libra) while connecting to the bigger group through technology or like minded individuals (Aquarius) which create results (Saturn) that are judged worthy (Sagittarius).  Not asking much, right?    Avoid ego trip ups.  And avoid people with big egos.   Do you know the difference between high ego versus high self esteem.    Hint---go for self- esteem.

Be light on our feet and make sure we are not following just anyone.   Listen for the ring of a real nickel.  Or cut to the chase:  listen to the heart it rarely takes us down a wrong path.  

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter & Pluto

August 4
Jupiter square Pluto 
2:48pm 17 Libra

Two days after Uranus turns retrograde Jupiter squares Pluto for its third and final time at 17/18 Libra & Capricorn.   Oh Spirit how you want to challenge us this cycle!    The first rounds of Jupiter and Pluto took place on November 24 and March 30 and now on August 4 we are at the final round.  Go back to those dates consider what was going on for you.  Perhaps whatever it was will culminate in some way at this date.     Jupiter is blustery and in Libra it wants justice perhaps at all costs.    Pluto in Capricorn wants power and the status quo.  Perhaps at all costs.     What if justice sets the world on fire?  What if being fair causes loss?  What if holding onto the status quo puts people in harms way?    Personally watch out for zealots.   Try to be measured.  Try to take things bit by bit.   Globally there could be righteous zealots trying to force us to do things their way.  There could be wildly disruptive energies.  See if there is a whirling Dervish in the news creating all kinds of strom und drang.   The centrifugal  force will be great.    We should all tread carefully.

Uranus Retrograde - August 2 2017 - January 2 2018

August 2
Uranus retrograde
1:30am 28 Aries 31

Uranus turns retrograde every year.   He putters through the zodiac at his little pace and then just to mess things up, he goes back ward for five months just to make sure we are not too comfortable.    Or at least get us out of our comfort zone.   Uranus in Aries speaks to our bravery or boldness.    Those leaders hiding among us are challenged every Uranus retrograde wondering, “Is it time for me to share my leadership skills?”    If some of us have personal hurdles that are holding us back, the retrograde will push on that false, “keep me small” policy.  

Globally, we have been dealing with Uranus in Aries since 2010 think “Arab Spring” when it started.   The last time Uranus was in Aries was 80 years ago so it does not come up often and this pass of Uranus in Aries will wrap up in 2018-2019.    The news should give us an idea who is rebelling and where rebellion is needed or is it just freedom?

For us personally it is all about breaking out, breaking free, honoring what is true inside of us.  Not true for our family.  Not true for our friends.  Not true for our bosses.  Not true for our spouses.  But true for you, true for me, true for us, individually.  What is that truth or direction pulsating inside you?  At this point having been in Aries for seven years, we should have a pretty good idea what Uranus is about but if we are in the dark, every planet or new moon that gets into it with Uranus cracks us open a bit more to understand where we need our liberation. 

Where do we need to be a pioneer?  Where do we need to be unstoppable?    Wherever we feel ‘off’ is an opportunity for us to go deeper into changes we need to make.   During this Leo lunar month we  pursue our joy, fun, passion, love, heart and power up our energy we may have blow back.   Is it from family or friends?  Is it from our body?  Is it from our work?   Is it from our schedule?  Whatever it is will help shape any changes we need to make.  This is the gift of Uranus.  Even if it doesn’t always look like a gift.   And we should all be adaptable.  Quick on our feet with rebel Uranus will go a long way.

Uranus turns direct January 2, 2018  at 24 degrees Aries.
Where will be at that time?   How liberated will we be then?  How fitting it is at the beginning of a new year.