Monday, October 24, 2016

This Week's Astrology - Relationships and Critical Eye, stuff to think about.

We are down to the last six days of the Libra lunar cycle.  How are our relationships working these days? 
How do we need to tend to our partnerships? 
How are we learning to negotiate? 
How are learning to find balance?   
And how do we need to do all of the above for ourselves while being in relationship? 

Back onNew Moon, which feels like an eternity ago, but was only  September 30 we planted seeds addressing the Libra energy.  Now on the Last Quarter we do one more push as we process relationships, balance and cooperation.  And consider the emotional component to all of it.     Last Quarter moon started Saturday October 22 and continues until Tuesday October 26 when we move into Balsamic.    Use this time thoughtfully. 

During Balsamic we release and in this cycle we are releasing our critical and insecure nature.    Why do we want to be perfect?  Why do we not want to mistakes?   Some issues are of course too important to make a mistake BUT not every issue is that important.   And yet, we still have that critical eye?   And how on God’s green earth does that critical eye impact our partnerships?   A lot to process this week.   

On Sunday we move into Scorpio New Moon.    That post will follow in the next couple days.   But in the mean time make the most of these final Libra lunar days. 

Last Quarter Moon Phase
October 22, 2016
3:13pm  EDT

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions are you taking that support your emotions?  How do your emotions support your partner?  How does your partner support your emotions?   What actions can you take that support your emotions within and without your partner? 


Special focus:
10/26: Venus Jupiter.  Abundance.  Big love. Big pleasures.  Values expand.  Big creativity.  Big Fun.

Balsamic Moon Phase
October 26
11:24am EDT

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on We release our critical nature.  We release our workaholic.  We release our “Micro-thinking”.   We release our anxiety.   We release our insecurity.

Special focus:
10/27 Sun/Mercury:  Precise thinking.  Laser and penetrating thoughts and communication.  Digging deep.  Transformative and psychological. 
10/29:  Venus/Saturn. Serious about love and education and travel.   Resources put to long vision.   Values are supported.
10/30: Mercury/Neptune.  Thinking is gentle.  Creative thoughts, unworldly thoughts and communication.  Talking about faith and intuition. 

Scorpio New Moon October 30 1:38pm(7 Scorpio 43)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Aries Full Moon -- Take your battle stations

Aries Full Moon
Sunday October 16, 12:23am EDT
23 Aries14

So a Full Moon in Aries during a normal period is pedal to the metal on every task, conversation, appointment and issue.  And along the way if we need to get into a fight and push back on something while we are heading to take care of whatever it is, sure, yes, let’s get into a fight.    Remember, Aries is here to survive and will break through any wall to get what it needs to survive!   That’s your garden variety Aries Full Moon.

But, and I have a feeling you are already are feeling it; this full moon is not your garden variety Aries Full Moon.   Not by a long shot.    As of this writing,  Mars is preparing to join up with Pluto on October 19th at 16 Capricorn.   You do not need to look any further than Trump V Clinton or perhaps Trump V The World to feel the tension.    

We began a little relay race on October 7 when the Sun made one of its annual squares with Pluto.  If you are trying to remember where you were that Friday let me help, that was the day the Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape dropped.   Then on October 15 a few hours before Full Moon, The Sun opposes Uranus the planet of chaos and change and then by the time we get to the actual Full Moon on top of Uranus.    Our communication is also in the mix with Mercury square Pluto on Oct 15.   Then a few hours after full moon, Mars and Pluto join forces on the same date as the final debate.  If you think everything will be nice and cool and simple between now and the debate – you would be incorrect.   This is a hot mess of rowdy planetary action.  What else could drop?   Only Uranus and Pluto know!  Expect anything.    And then on October 20th again after the Full Moon but still in the astro mix, Mercury opposes Uranus suggesting more break outs, break throughs and plain simple crazy talk.     Okie dokie,  as I like to say, the Universe is getting our attention.   

I don’t talk much about asteroids not because they aren’t important but more because I don’t want to overwhelm my readers.  However it needs to be pointed out that the asteroid Eris and dwarf planet Ceres are right next to the full moon.   Both are feminine warriors.  Ceres is how we find our nurturing and right now in the sign Aries, we find nurturing through war and fighting.   How fitting that women are fighting back on some insane rhetoric.  There is something also fitting that that this journey has intensified since Jupiter moved into Libra the sign of beauty and a former beauty pageant winner was propelled into the news where we all had to wonder, “Is she fat?”   And “Why is she being shamed?”   In terms of Eris , this asteroid was discovered in 2005 and is the sister to Ares, the god of war.  How Eris plays out her energy is still unfolding as astrologers are still weighing in on what she is fully about but we know enough to know that she is a warrior and she brings up discord and disruption.

So, that is a lot of anger, fighting and warrior energy for one week in one volatile period.    What does it mean to us personally?

If you have your chart take a look at the houses where you have 24 degrees of Libra and Aries.  Are you feeling disruption or unrest in those houses?    Even if you don’t know your chart you will feel the energies play out.    The point of course is not simply to yell and scream and go crazy. I mean, yes, you may do it but the point is to go deeper (Pluto) and ask what is really going on?    I will make up an example to illustrate. 

Perhaps you are furious that you are always doing something alone (Aries) that you don’t feel you have any partner or your partner is disconnected (Libra) and a lot of burden is on you.   Sure that is a reason to be annoyed and sure go ahead and express your frustration.  But if you want to bridge (Jupiter in Libra) this information on a deeper level (Pluto) then ask self, “Why am I always doing it alone?”   “How have I set this up?”  “What do I get out of it?”  “By keeping the burden on me do I believe no one else will do it?”  “Where did that opinion start?”  "What would it look like if I just proved it wrong and dropped the ball?"   “What would it mean to let the status quo take over (Capricorn)?  Or are you ready to really break free and be independent (Aries) and carve a new road?     And with Sun in Libra how do we give up self to stay in relationship(s)?  Is this working for us?   Does it mean we dump the relationship?  Sure, you can.  Or for others maybe the answer is to simply focus on self and nurture self (Ceres) and let the partner do his or her thing.   Will it mean the relationship is over?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe there needs to be a break and recalibration.    Maybe we need to double down on negotiation.    Negotiate a plan to get better balance.    And if no one is willing to do that...perhaps that is an answer you need to fully embrace.    

Most of our full moons in the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer & Libra) in 2017 will have us go back to personal breakthroughs (Uranus in Aries) so we have a lot of time to process this experience.  Consider this Full Moon Aries the starting block from which we begin our long run.   And remember, with Libra Sun we are considering our love and appreciation so perhaps the key is to 
 Be Good to self.  And remember,


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Astrology This Week

This Astrology Week

I apologize for not getting this up yesterday.  I was juggling a lot over here and actually I still look like a clown in a circus with so many balls in the air, but I wanted to get this out there for you.

As of this writing, we are still on first quarter moon.   Back on New Moon, September 30, we launched our skills at negotiating, finding balance, values, charm, inner and outer beauty and femininity.   Now on first quarter we are ACTING again on these Libra issues.   And in particular, using all of the above to help our place in the world.   Some of us may even feel > less than or insecure about all of the above as manifested in career or again, how the world responds to us.    It is a little cranky tension.  For sure. 

Focus on:  What actions can you take that push your career forward? How do you and your partner support each other’s career? How are you and your partner like a CEO in each other’s lives?  How would you benefit by a partner in your career?   Are you prepared to act on it?     

Special focus
10/10:  Mercury/ Venus, tough language and hard thinking about creativity, money and love.
10/11: Venus/Jupiter.  Creativity and resources are stretched.  Over indulgence.   Being too big and paying a price on love and money. 
10/11: Mars/Neptune.  Actions based on faith are highlighted.  Actions based on helping humanity.  Actions based on Creativity.

Gibbous Moon
October 12
5:18pm  EDT

Focus on:
What needs to be refined about your faith?  How are you refining spirit in your life?  How are you refining religion in your life?  How are you refining meditation  or your psychic ability?   How are you refining your contemplative nature?  How does your partner support your faith? 

Special Focus:
10/15:  Sun/Uranus. Breathroughs or breakdowns.  Creativity or chaos.  Partners are stretched.   Tension in partnerships.  Independence versus being a duo.
10/15: Mercury SQ Pluto.  Deep thinking. Dark conversation.  Black and white thinking.   Suspicious thinking.   Manipulative words.

FULL MOON arrives on September 16.  That post will follow.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tonight's Debate Astrological Chart

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is big rhetoric.  Not little boy rhetoric but big boy rhetoric.  The moon spent most of the day pulling away from Pluto and Mars and earlier this weekend the explosive nature of the aspect was out there for all of us to see.  Sigh.

Taurus Ascendant has ruling planet Venus is on the cusp of the 7th house.  Venus speaks to WOMEN. And this is certainly going to be a seminal to tonight's debate.  Venus is values and wealth.  We will hear a lot about both.

 Sun in 6th house oppose Uranus in the 12th speaks to a VERY unstable, unworldly and probably disenchanted (12th) quality to the evening,

DJT has Sun on Jupiter which we discussed in yesterday's post.  Overplaying his hand is already in effect so it is hard to see him pulling it back.
Moon opposition his Venus does not speak well for his understanding of women, money and values tonight.
Moon oppose his Saturn speaks to someone not taking any hostages tonight.   Mercury on top of his Neptune continues a level of disconnection.
We already know he is getting Mars oppose Mercury which is not good for anyone who has to look calm and presidential.   Good luck on that one.

Sun sextile her Mars and Pluto supports a warrior on a mission tonight.   Venus Trine Moon is good for women and speaking of values.  Venus on top of her Mercury is good for charm.  Venus square Saturn will bring out a coldness.  
Moon sextile Moon and Mercury and Jupiter very good for inspiration and connecting to others.
The Moon Square her Sun, she has major hurdle to get through and high in frustration and cold.  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

This Astrology Week for Donald J Trump

Real simple math.  Jupiter square Mercury no bueno for a man running for President of the United States. Well, specifically a man running for President who has difficulty holding his tongue.  And Trump is in it in October. 

We discussed in July that in fall both Jupiter and Mars would be in harsh aspect with many of Trump’s planets and his knee jerk reactions would have to be tempered.  This is quite a challenge for someone who says and does what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, 24/7.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune is in effect in October for Trump, in the summer I suggested the more uplifted traits of the aspect but now it is difficult to see people of faith, which is ruled by Neptune, supporting a lot that has transpired with him since the fat shame bullying of Ms Universe and now the Billy Bush video.  Neptune rules Pisces, which is on the cusp of Trump’s 8th house that rules, power, sex & taxes and of course the NYTimes released the tax record in the last week.  It is interesting he is double downing this week on the witch hunt he lead on the Central Park Five teenagers who were exonerated.  Seriously, you don’t need to be a professional astrologer to follow these aspects and put up against his choices of late.    Google 'Jupiter conjunct Neptune' or 'Jupiter square Mercury' or 'Mars oppose' anything.   The lesson of learning to say, “I was wrong” which leans into Jupiter/Neptune appears to be a nasty challenge for DJT.   

However, it should be noted, Jupiter can be a doorway even if it is a painful door way.  Perhaps DJT will exit the campaign and process the other trait of the 8th house – death with rebirth.  Perhaps he’ll leave the race and move on with his life  where he can enjoy some of the beneficial aspects?    Or not, and we just all publicly watch sausage get made during rough aspects.     

Here's what is in play as written back in July:
October:  Uranus sextile Sun, a boost from an unusual resource.  Faith offers a gift.  Spirituality and designated groups help.
October: Mars square Neptune:   Actions that cause confusion.  Actions that are based on confusion. What is desired may not come to fruition.   
October:  Mars oppose Mercury.  Mouthy.  Sharp comments.  Ego high.  Communication very sharp. 
October: Jupiter square Mercury.  Opinions out there big time.  Embolded with ideas and communication.   Ideas overiding realism.  Out over the skis.  
October:  Jupiter conjunct Neptune.  Money and resources appears to widen.  Power from a new source appears to show up.   These bounties may be real but they may be viewed with rose colored glasses and will not live up to expectations. 
October: Mars square Chiron.  Healing is hard.  Deep insecurities are pushed.  Bad habits come up and are processed.   Creativity and love feel threatened.   Trying to hang on to assets is difficult.   
October:  Jupiter sextile Pluto.  Boost of confidence. Serious internal look at what works and what does not work. Making changes. 
October: Mars square Jupiter.  Outside actions push on beliefs.  Over reacting and ego outbursts while processing new belief system  Dramatic and creative moves feel out of whack.  Actions don't seem to work.   
October - November:  Mars opposition Saturn.  Feeling stuck and blocked.  Working through hurdles feels overwhelming.  Energy going forward feels like cold water is splashed on it. 
October - November.  Mars trine MC.  Feeling vitality about position in the world.  Feeling like all things are going into place. 
October - November:  Mars opposition Venus.  Conflicts with women.   Actions based on love can feel in conflict with groups of people. 
November:  Uranus square Saturn.   Conflicts both internal and external.  Groups of people in conflict changes to go forward.   Challenged between actions that are outrageousness versus measured.   

November - December:  Saturn in opposition to Uranus.   Restructioning, building up, starting from the ground up.  Freedom feels thwarted.