Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Astrology This Week July 15---

This Week In Astrology

Today we move into Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar eclipse, which is in a separate thread.

In addition to the stresses and strains of the lunar eclipse we have other stuff this week including Venus who is not feeling so loving on 7/16 (thanks, Saturn) but then Venus gets some spirituality and faith two days later with Neptune.   On the 21st Venus has her annual opposition to Pluto, which we are already feeling that speaks of love, sex and power.   Love & emotions that seek to control or are being controlled will come up and need to be processed.   Do you really feel good about whomever has your love? Also on the 21st Mercury and the sun connect –will there be strength and bravery or bragging and ego?   Those who can tune their minds into quiet confidence will be better served.

Special focus
7/16: Venus oppose Saturn.  Cold love.   Emotions feel reserved or boxed in.  Money and resources feel tight.
7/18: Venus trine Neptune.   Spirit comes through our values.   Our humanitarian comes out.  
7/19: Mercury enters Cancer

July 20, 2019
4:32 pm PDT

Focus on:  How are you sharing your faith?  How are you sharing your spirituality?  How are you sharing your mystical side?  How are you sharing your humanitarianism?

Special focus:
7/21 Venus oppose Pluto.  Love of power.  Powerful love.   Tranformation of values.   Self worth is tested.
7/21 Sun conjunct Mercury.  Thoughts merge with feelings.   Intellectualizing emotions.  

Monday, July 15, 2019

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse - July 16

Capricorn lunar eclipse on a fridge. 

Full Moon Phase
Partial Lunar Eclipse
July 16 2019   
2:38pm PDT 
24 Cap 04 

Let’s all remind ourselves as to what is exactly an eclipse.  Technically an eclipse is when the shadow of Earth is cast upon the moon (Lunar) or the moon gets between the Earth and blocks the sun (Solar).  If it covers it completly it is a total eclipse if it gets some of it, it is a partial eclipse.  

Eclipse patterns are in19 year cycles.   This lunar partial eclipse is at 24 degrees of Capricorn and the last time we had eclipses in Cap & Cancer was 2000 & 2001. And specifically it was at this exact same degree on July 16, 2000.  You may want to recall what was going on in your life at that time and see if the same themes are coming up now.  Obviously, 9/11 took place in 2001 Cancer Capricorn eclipse cycle, which set off a course of events that still impact us today.   However, it is important to note there were other astrological events also going on besides the eclipse.    

This period of the Cancer & Capricorn eclipses points to a teeter totter experience of worldly matters versus home and family.    Practicality vs emotions.    Sensibility, responsibility and ‘Dad’ vs  feelings, intuition and ‘Mom’.   Showing up at job vs showing up in a kitchen.  Being an adult vs being a child.  And knowing which is more important---both are critical but with eclipses it is like when someone walks into a room and turns the lights on or off –everyone is put on alert.  The same with a lobby of a theater, when the lights go on and off everyone knows a new act is about to begin.   We have already had the lights go on last summer and this last January and will have it continue through next June.   Can you identify what acts in your life have started to wrap?  Or what new shifts did you make that combine your intuition and your pragmatic self?   What have you launched?  Some people have already changed homes or jobs, which is typical with Cancer Capricorn eclipses.   By the way, these tugs in different directions do not have to happen exactly on the day of the eclipse but can start to emerge around the dates.   Here are the dates for the Capricorn Cancer eclipses: 
Solar Eclipse July 12, 2018 – 20 degrees Cancer 
Solar Eclipse Jan 21, 2019 – 15 degrees Capricorn
Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019 – 10 degrees Cancer  
Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019  24 degree Capricorn (Current)
Solar Eclipse Dec 26, 2019 – 0 degrees Capricorn 
Lunar Eclipse Jan 10, 2020 – 20 degree Cancer 
Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020 -  0 degrees  Cancer 

If this full moon chart had no other planet in the mix it would still be punchy since it is an eclipse.  But there is more to this chart and it would be astrological malpractice to NOT bring up Saturn and Pluto on this eclipse.  First of all, in the chart, the Moon has cozied up to Pluto and not too far away is Saturn watching over his Capricorn kingdom.    Both planets are addressing power.  The power that is in being responsible and proficient (Saturn) and the power there is in evolution.  (Pluto).    Saturn takes things that are frivolous and throws it away so that we can focus on what is important.   Pluto lets something die so it can be reborn and we can be new again.  Obviously both planets speak of letting go. 

As you can see these are not light and airy planets and having them in the mix on this eclipse signals it’s a time to get rid of the corrupt (Capricorn’s downside) and immaturity (Cancer’s downside).   Astrologers in the future will nod their heads and mutter “Lunar eclipse 2019” when they see stories from the news about Jeffrey Epstein and child rape cases around this eclipse.   It’s all there for an astrologer.    But back to the personal, many people be feeling, ‘let’s get on with it’ or  “Time to cut bait or fish.”   The eclipse pushes back on dithering.    Because Saturn is retrograde along with Mercury we may not actualize the ‘getting on with it’ but it has to start first with the emotion and that is Cancer’s message.  Feel it and begin to act upon it.     

In addition, some of the issues or endings that come up with this eclipse may have an important connection to next year’s great conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on Jan 12, 2020 at 22 Capricorn.   Here we go with Saturn and Pluto again!    

This aspect is one of the more important aspects for the 21stcentury and signals a new change.  The last Saturn Pluto conjunction started in 1982/1983 and curiously that cycle hit its mid spot in June 2000 around the last time of the Cancer eclipse.   There is no law in the astrological universe that would tie eclipses to Saturn & Pluto but it is curious that the last time we were in these Cap/Cancer eclipses was the mid point of the last Saturn & Pluto cycle.  And now we are on the eve of the next Saturn Pluto cycle and we are once again in Cancer Capricorn eclipses where we process our emotions and responsible natures to figure out what is important and get focused on working towards new goals.     For the record the next time Saturn gets on top of Pluto will be 2053 and then 2086.   Like I said, this aspect is important in this century.    You can read more about Saturn and Pluto  

We would be smart to watch what our intuition tells us or any adjustments we find ourselves making during this eclipse and know that it may be key to the new cycle beginning in January.   

Although the eclipse lasts only a few minutes the full phase is a three day process wrapping up July 20 4:32pm PDT.   It’s may not be easy work in front of us but we can do it.  On this eclipse, tap your intuition and get working!  

Monday, July 8, 2019

This Week In Astrology

Good Morning,

It is a bit of a bumpy week.   

This week starts off with Mercury retrograde and in opposition to warrior mars.  Words could get hot the beginning of the week.  What kind of new thinking is trying to emerge? In the lunar crescent phase we tap self -confidence and creativity.   Then, 
Sun and Saturn give us all a vertebrae adjustment.  Feelings come up that illuminate areas that need work and structure. 

We move into first quarter moon on the 9thwhere the accent is on relationships.  Partners share emotions, which may need actions in response.   On Wednesday the sun and the node unite, again speaking to deep emotions that could emerge.  Dismiss emotions at your own peril.    Also, on Wednesday, Neptune brings gentleness, which will calm some of the agitation from earlier in the week.   At the end of the week, Mars and Uranus tangle.  Out of the blue aggression or risky actions can be at play.   Real estate and finances could get wonky. Take extra care on the roads.   On the 12thwe move into Gibbous phase where we tap into our emotions and focus on goals.  Either goals that have already existed or new ones that need immediate attention.   On the 14thSun opposes Pluto, an annual event, issues of power at conflict with emotions.  Work vs family.   Accent on transformation.   The only way out-- is through.   

Crescent Moon Phase
July 5, 2019
7:24pm PDT  

Focus on: What are your feelings telling you about the information you are learning about your strength?  What are you learning about loyalty?  What are you learning about pride?  What are you learning about the power of creativity?   What are you learning about the power of being bold and out there? 

Special Focus
7/8 Mercury conjunct Mars.  Sparring words.  Getting into verbal tussles or changing thoughts with razor sharp exactness.  
7/9 Sun oppose Saturn.  Making a plan and following it.   Letting emotions guide the responsible thing to do.  

First Quarter Moon 
July 9, 2019
3:54am PDT 

Focus on:  What are your emotions telling you about the actions you should take that support your relationships?  What actions are you taking that speak to your ability to find balance?   What actions are you taking that address where you feel ‘out of whack’? 

Special Focus:
7/9: Sun conjunct north node.  Emotions speak to us about important matters that we may have ignored.   Work above emotions could have cost more than it should. 
7/10: Sun trine Neptune.   Feelings that speak to humanitarian causes.   Emotions that speak to creativity and faith.  Spirituality matters perhaps brought to family.  
7/11: Mars square Uranus.  Battles over ego.  Over money. Over property.  Over control.    Remember, in order to win a war you gotta lose a few battles.   

Gibbous Moon
July 12, 2019 
5:57pm PDT 

Focus on:  How do your feelings indicate where you need to stretch?   How are your emotions telling you to refine your goals?  

Special focus
7/14 Sun oppose Pluto.  Once a year aspect where we go in deep and make peace with power.  Are we at odds with power (players)?  Or are we disconnected from our own power and see enemies everywhere?  What’s the move?  Go in deep and transform your emotions.  

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”   - Albert Einstein 

Speaking of Cancer lunar cycle emotions, nothing can stir them up like an ol’ Mercury retrograde.  This period, Mercury which is on top of Mars and in a bit of a battle with Pluto.  This will not be a passive three- week Mercury retrograde with just some silly tech glitches and missed flights.  Ah, no.  There will be fights and mouthy-ness and tensions—a bit of depression and hopefully redemption. 

Mercury shadow: June 20 
Mercury retrograde: July 7 2019 4:14pm PDT  -4 Leo 27 
Mercury re-enters Cancer: July 19 
Mercury Direct: July 31 8:57pm  - 23 Cancer 56
Mercury re-enters Leo: August 12
Mercury shadow ends: August 15 

The Mercury retrograde is impacted the whole three weeks by the tension of Mars and Pluto.  Mercury crossed into the shadow (June 20) and got on top of Mars and both planets opposed Pluto.   Okay. Then when Mercury turns retrograde on July 7 it does it at four degrees of Leo and dang if Mars isn’t still with him!  Then Mercury breaks free of Mars and goes all the way back to Cancer and almost gets into it again with Pluto.     Clearly, some people this cycle will just have to touch the flame to understand it is hot.  Others will have to let their emotions guide them to new thinking.   

This retrograde speaks to the possibility of an evolution in thoughts.    Some of us will be thinking like a hero and ready to be brave. Others will struggle with issues around ego.    When Mercury moves back into Cancer (July 19) our thinking will still be reactionary but perhaps not quite as hair triggered as when Mercury was in Leo.   There could be a bit of depression and things feel so big.  But emotions that are deep may impact our thinking and help us evolve especially near the end of the retrograde.  By the time we get to Mercury direct July 31 we could have come up with a plan or thinking that will provide a real evolution to improving a situation.    Stuck and rigid thinking is put on notice; this Mercury retrograde is ready to mix it up.   

Small note:  You may want to go back and look at your calendar and see what was going on June 2013 and July 2012 because both of those Mercury retrogrades were in the same spots of Leo and Cancer ass this cycle.   Perhaps we will all be finishing up something that started during that time. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse 2019

How about something totally different?   A solar eclipse that is NOT  a train wreck with harsh aspects?    It's not perfect but it sure is an improvement over a lot of the eclipses in the last couple years.    I'll take it.

Here's my New Moon Report.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Astrology this week: June 24 - July 2

We start off this week in Disseminating lunar phase where we are working out our friends and groups.   How do our own shifting and adaptability skills work or don’t work with the people we choose to call our friends. Venus squares Neptune. Finding humanity in the middle of chaos and confusion brings out a different love. 

Last Quarter Moon Phase
June 25, 2019
2:46am  PDT 

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense. And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer” 

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions are you taking that speak to adaptability but are very personal?  Where is the “Me” in a new approach?  Not family, not career but ‘me’?  Are you connected to your inner compass and direction?  

Special Focus:
6/26:  Mercury enters Leo  

Balsamic Moon Phase

June 29
12:01 am  EDT  

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new.  

Focus on How are you releasing your stubbornness?  How are you releasing your rigid thinking?  How are you releasing your blocks?  How are you releasing your ‘practical’ nature that gets in the way of real flexibility?  

Special Focus:
7/1: Mars enters Leo

Cancer New Moon July 2, 2019 12:16pm  

Monday, June 17, 2019

Astrology This Week: June 17 - 23

This week starts in a big way with Sag Full Moon.   It's hard to miss the lunar energy with this particular full moon.  Things could get loud, cost a lot, indulging high water mark.    Do your best for the next three days to keep your cool and not get too far out there.   

On the 18th Saturn works with Neptune to bring reality to dreams and visions.   This is the second hit of this aspect this year (first one in January) see what comes up and any pivots you make towards 'getting real' about something important to you that has felt out of your reach for awhile.   The next hit will be in the fall.  See what you can accomplish between now and then and don't be surprised if results can be tied back to actions you took  this week.  

On the 19th--things can get rough with Mars pushing for action from powerful Pluto who likes to keeps his powder dry.   Tensions can be high. 

On the 21st The Sun moves into Cancer with the Summer Solstice.  Get your sunscreen out.  And then a few hours later Neptune turns retrograde, we are all going to the beach even if we aren't going to the beach.  

6/18 Mercury conjunct Mars.  Rushed thinking.  Harsh thoughts.  Sharp tongue. 
6/18 Saturn sextile Neptune.   Concrete hope.   Functional faith. (see separate)
6/19 Mars oppose Pluto.  Power struggles.   Emotions versus responsibilities.   Out in the world versus family creates tension. 

June 21 
12:06am PDT 

Focus on:  How are your friends in sync with your adaptability?  Are they on the same page?  How are you shifting and your shifts resonate with your group(s)?  Are there new groups that line up with any new approaches you may have taken up? 

Special focus:
6/21: Neptune retrograde  (see separate post)
6/21: Sun enters Cancer 
6/23: Venus oppose Jupiter  love and money are at odds with philosophy and opinions. Values versus philosophy.   

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sag Full Moon - Prepare for Bigness!

Sagittarius Full Moon
June 17 1:30am PDT 

Good lord Jupiter is big.  Did you know that red spot on Jupiter is twice the size of Earth?   And that’s just the spot.   The fact is thirteen hundred Earths can fit inside Jupiter.     Jupiter is just ginormous.   

Why am I talking about the bigness of Jupiter on Sag Full Moon?  

Because here’s the tech specs for this full moon:
Jupiter in Sag will have squared Neptune in Pisces about 19 hours before full moon
Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered
Jupiter rules Sagittarius 
Jupiter is in Sag right now
Jupiter is conjunct the Full Moon
Mercury quincunx Jupiter and Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini
Mars quincunx Jupiter 

That is a lot of Jupiter influences for Sag Full Moon and we should be prepared for ‘bigness’ during this three-day phase. 

People may be spending a lot of money. People may be eating a lot.   People may be shooting off their mouths.  Religious stuff could feel big.  Things that are international or feel ‘foreign’ will be in our space.  

There is a general influence of ‘expansion’ during these three days.   Jupiter speaks to going   from one land to another by taking a bridge.   What metaphorical bridge is in front of you during this full moon? During Sag full moon we are interested in how people ‘over there’ do things versus people ‘over here’ do things.   What are you learning ?   Education interests are high during Sag full moon.  Including how we are educating ourselves even if we are no longer in school.    What crash course are learning?  

Basically, during Sag Moon or a big Jupiter period we are mixing it up with others and trying to learn something.   Unless we are misbehaving and are a – ‘know-it-all’ .   If you find yourself being the smartest one in the room—note to universe, you probably are not.   At the same time, prejudicial thinking is the underbelly of insecure Sag/Jupiter.    The opposite of Jupiter full moon is the sun in Gemini.    Gemini, although, fun and light and game on for an adventure, is not one to get caught up in Sag’s big ideas.    Gemini likes to get in the weeds and bring logic response to anything that sounds too far out.   With this much Sag/Jupiter we should be grateful for logical Sun in Gemini. 

Optimistic thinking could be valuable but keep it measured.   Think big but do diligence during these three days.   Research stuff.    And be very careful with any gambles.   Small is fun but don’t go crazy.     And laugh at self.   Sag knows how to make fun of self and that person in the mirror is fun to make fun of now and then.    Give it a try during this full moon. 

God speed!

Oh by the way---Happy Strawberry Moon.   https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/strawberry-moon-2019/index.html

Monday, June 10, 2019

Astrology for This Week

This week starts off with a First Quarter Moon.  

Last week  Gemini New Moon launched and we discussed how this 29-day lunar month is where we exercise our ability to pivot and adapt.   No sign can shift on a dime as fast as Gemini.  Yes, it is stating the obvious that shifting can be hard on loved ones.   But there is a skill to quick adaptations that we can all learn in the Gemini cycle.  During the first quarter moon we need to get into the weeds a bit on issues in our life that need fact checking, follow through and addressing our schedules.   And drum roll---this may mean pivoting.    What you thought you were going to do or address or put on your schedule ,may now need to change as you see something else needs your attention.    You may feel a bit ADHD but do your best.  P I V O T 

There may be tension growing as we head into the end of the week and weekend with Mars and Mercury getting into some tussles with Saturn.   We may see our cold side emerge or maybe it will be seen in others.  Persevere.   And then on Sunday we have the second hit of one of our big aspects for the year when Jupiter Squares Neptune on the 2ndpass for the year (1sttime was in January).    Neptune will have the final hits in the fall. See separate link for more info. 

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that dot I and cross ts?  How are you being diligent?  How are you getting in the weeds and taking care of business?   How is your schedule exhibiting your ability to be nimble and flexible?  How is your schedule showing your adaptability?  

Special Focus:
6/10 Sun oppose Jupiter.  Big ideas get lost in the weeds   Find the spot in between and communicate your observations. 

Gibbous Moon
June 13 2019 
9:57am PDT 

Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to scrutinize?   How are you organizing your dead weight?   How are you coming up with a plan to remove the dead or debris so you can focus on the future?  How are you getting laser about what works and what does not work?   

Special focus
6/13 Mars trine Neptune  Actions based on faith.  Putting intuition to work.  
6/14 Mars oppose Saturn.   Holding on to comfort  when perhaps responsibility in the world needs your attention  Or visa versa.  
6/16 Mercury trine Neptune.  What is spirit telling you?  What is your intuition telling you? 
6/16 Mercury oppose Saturn  cold communication.  Critical thinking is a bit harsh. 
6/16 Jupiter square Neptune  (see above) 

Let's Talk Neptune!

Let’s talk Neptune! 

Jupiter Square Neptune  June 16 8:21 am PST
Saturn  Sextile Neptune  June 18 4:46am  PST
Neptune Retrograde  June 21 7:35am PST 

Neptune spends a little less than half of every year retrograde. So, on one hand Neptune retrograde is ‘ho hum, you again?’   As we know Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011 and will remain in Pisces until 2026.  The Neptune in Pisces era speaks to our humanitarian, faith and artistic natures.  Matters of the greater heart, meaning issues beyond a loved one are pronounced.   Not for profit, charity and health Care are all Neptune in Pisces.   So, is oil and oceans and flooding.   Okie dokey.   

Of course, Neptune’s greatest asset is faith and spirituality and greatest downfall is deceit or delusion.  What is interesting is that 2019 has only two aspects of the outer planets and both involve Neptune.   Jupiter is squaring Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune.   The first round for both aspects was in January.   Now we do round two and this time it is right before Neptune turns retrograde.   On June 16 Jupiter squares Neptune and on June 18 Saturn sextile Neptune then on June 21 about an hour before the summer solstice Neptune tells the world, “Hey I’m going backwards to deepen my understanding of all things Pisces”.  
In the mundane world during mid June we should look to the news for stories of hypocrisy. Jupiter in Sag will call ‘horseshit’ on anyone claiming to be something they are not and Neptune in Pisces will dissolve things that are not for the greater good even if everyone is shouting they are for the greater good.  Jupiter in Sag is all about truth and for sure the truth may set some people free but defining truth will take a little nuance.  

Saturn on the other hand will bring structure and discipline to those issues that better humanity.  Watch the news for stories that appear where people came together and improved a dire situation in a real way.  On a personal level anyone with planets around 15-18 degrees of mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sag & Pisces) could find themselves pulled to do the right thing. A moral bell will go off, “This is not right, I gotta do something.”   Welcome to Jupiter and Neptune.  But the hard work of whatever that moral bell tells you will pay off knowing you were the right person at the right time and the concrete effort with concrete results will bring confidence.   “I got this one” will be your future comment knowing you have been here before.   

Some of us may want to watch our dreams around the middle of the month for some insights.  And of course our intuition could be very high.  If you gut is talking to you---Listen.    Let’s see where we all land with our gut radar when Neptune stations direct on November 27 at 15 Pisces 55.    And before that date we will have the final Jupiter Square Neptune on Sept 21 and the final Saturn sextile Neptune on Nov 8.   Lots to be revealed.   

Monday, June 3, 2019

Gemini New Moon June 3

Nothing says Gemini New Moon than a lapful of foster kittens!

Well, I apologize for being about six hours into Gemini New Moon and just now getting the article up. I was a bit busy with four little kittens that needed fostering.   And the truth, this old Sag gal needed to foster them as much as they needed us.  

How are you being flexible?  How are you adapting?   May I suggest a boxful of kitten will help. Lol. In the meantime, here's the article.   Happy New Moon.  Purr. 

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Scorpio Full Moon: May 18 2:11pm PDT

Scorpio Full Moon
May 18 2:11pm PDT

Two weeks ago we launched Taurus New Moon.  At that time we discussed the importance of being super practical and we talked about Uranus and how he may be sparking internal changes.   For the last two weeks some of us have been getting brilliant insight or flashes that speak to actions we may want to take.   With Taurus we know that the value of anything big must start with small steps and then bit-by-bit we get what we want.  Now on Full Moon, Scorpio asks ---“So you want to make changes.” “Okay how is your power?”   “How is your empowerment?”  “Allow me to help you find your power—in my own Scorpio way.” 

Scorpio, a water sign knows that emotions are critical to motivate any actions.  However Scorpio is not sloppy about emotions.   Instead, Scorpio asks that we go down deep in our psyche and if there are old ghosts that are holding us back embrace those insecurities, don’t hide but consume them and transform them into self –power.    In other words, Scorpio says fill in the blanks: “I can’t get/do/have/be _______ because of ________” .  Then Scorpio says,  “Thank you for being honest about your insecurity, now let’s go fix it.” 

On this full moon chart Mercury is opposing the moon, which is a bit of a conundrum for Scorpio. Mercury is just so dang-mental that he does not like to go down into his feelings and that’s all Scorpio wants us to do is find our emotions especially our icky ones and then transmute, transform transition into something stronger.  

For the three days of the full moon see if conversations get into your crawl.   And if you can’t quite figure out what is bugging you.   Process it and see if those thoughts or conversations have activated insecurities.    Let them come up.    This is how we get through our hurdles.  

There is another thing Scorpio likes to try to do and that is control everything and everyone.   Ha!   Like that ever works.    Silly.  Don’t even bother wasting your time with controllers or even your own controlling tendencies.   Might I suggest, letting it go for these 3 days of the full moon, see if you can get on the bigger side of fear.  Because at the end of the day, it is fear  that motivates controlling habits. 

There is a nice aspect from Pluto to the moon and to Mercury as well, so that suggests these won’t be hideous in your face insecurities, just those annoying ones that have been bugging you for awhile.   Use the full moon to clear out these non -helpful feelings—because that’s Scorpio’s job. Find them, process them and grow stronger for it. 

Enjoy these three days. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

This Week in Astrology: May 13

This week is first quarter moon.   Our hearts, our creativity and our joy & pleasure should be speaking  to us.  What action are we taking sparked by this energy?    Venus moves into Taurus on the 15th, love takes solid work and day to day actions.   There is value in slowing down and finding your values then addressing needs bit by bit. 

First Quarter Moon 
May 11, 2019
6:12pm PDT 

Focus on: What actions are you taking that speak to your bravery?  What actions are you taking that speaks to courage?  What actions speak to love affairs?  What actions speak to YOUR creativity?  

Special Focus:
5/13: Sun trine Pluto.   Releasing the junk is easy.  Finding the new path of leadership is easy. 
5/15: Venus enter Taurus

Gibbous Moon
May 15  
3:30am PDT 

Focus on: 

How are you refining your relationship?  How are you refining your need for balance?  How are you refining your negotiations skills?  How are you refining your shallow side?  How are you refining your ability to not taking a side? 

Special focus
5/15: Mars enters Cancer
5/16: Mercury trine Saturn.  Solid conversation.  Communication that supports new structure.  Business thinking and conversations. 
5/17: Mercury trine Pluto.  Communication breakthroughs.  New thoughts that bring out an important transformation.  
5/17: Venus conjunct Uranus. Dynamic creativity.  Unusual endeavors with loved ones.  Brilliance with Loved ones.  Resources from out of the blue. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

This Week in Astrology

This week continues the Taurus New Moon until the morning of May 8th.   Take the opportunity to continue to plant seeds that speak to your finances and your properties.   Plant seeds that are PRACTICAL.  Put your emotions aside, put your fears aside and just focus on being practical.  What ever question comes up the answer is practicality.    

Tuesday’s money and love feel tight with Venus and Saturn getting into it.   Everything has a bit of coldness around it.  Not a warm and cozy day.    Again resort to being practical. 

Wednesday’s Crescent Moon unfolds bringing our family into focus.  What are you learning about your family?  What are you learning about your feelings?  What are you learning about your food?  What are you learning about your history?   
Also on the 8thMercury and Uranus connect for brilliant thoughts and unusual conversations.   Breakthroughs begin with new thoughts.  

The rest of the week the emphasis is on a Venus tangle with Pluto.  The power of love and love of power will be out for all to see.  A boost from Jupiter suggests something ‘foreign’ coming in that brings fresh ideas or resources.   Finally on Saturday we get another round of support on our practicality by a Sun Saturn relationship.   Building something up block by block, bit by bit is satisfying and supported.  

Special Focus
5/8: Mercury conjunct Uranus. Brilliant and chaotic thinking.  Weird conversations or breakthroughs.  
5/9: Venus trine Jupiter .  Abundance. Joyful. Creative cup run over.  Love & Money high.  Values our out there. 
5/9:  Venus square Pluto.  Values around independence. Freedom versus status. 
5/11: Sun trine Saturn:  Structure and business support each other. Building up something bit by bit. 

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Taurus New Moon: May 4 3:45pm PDT

A Taurus Tableau 

Hurray!  We survived all the thrills and spills of Aries Cycle.   Can you even remember April 5th?  Seems like an eternity ago.  Now we are at Taurus!   Yay. We need it.  
You can find my article  on Margaret Wendt's SITE.    

A snippet from the article......
Taurus New Moon has arrived!    The fiery days of Aries have passed and we dig in deep with earthy Taurus.  

Last year on May 15 we had Taurus New Moon and four hours later Uranus moved into Taurus.   At that moment a bell was rung and even if we didn’t hear it, deep in all our cells we felt a reverberation.    We sensed ‘change is afoot’.    Ideas percolated, odd thoughts and curious encounters unfolded for a few months until August and the vibration felt less available.  Perhaps we had stuff on our docket that needed attention and whatever were those feelings or thoughts were now dismissed or ignored.    And so it was until March 6 when the bell rang again except this time it was much louder.   Like an echo in a vast canyon we heard “Hello” and now on this Taurus new moon we respond back with “I hear you.”   

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and it is very practical and earth bound.   Taurus connects to our: money, possessions, properties, security, land, banking, insurance, stock exchange, farming, gardens, cattle, cereal crops, wheat, apples agriculture, retirements, as you can see a very practical and grounded list. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and all of these issues speak to worth.  What are they worth to you?   How do you value your money?  Your security?  Your comfort? Your possessions?  Do you need more?  Do you feel insecure?   Or are some of you feeling trapped by them?  What changes can you feel are coming that connect to these things ruled by Taurus?   Read the list again and think about it.  

Now let’s go back to Uranus.  He has not been in Taurus since 1935-1941.   And here is again ready to do his thing.  Uranus speaks to electricity, technology, uniqueness, discovery, innovation and .......

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Saturn Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde 
April 29 5:54pm PDT 
20 Cap 31 

Every year Saturn turns retrograde for about four months.   During this period we may find our responsibilities change or deepen.    

Depending on the sign and if it hits any personal planets will determine how much pressure you experience during the retrograde.  In this case Saturn will be retrograde from 21 degrees Capricorn back to 13 degrees until September 18 when it turns direct.    Globally the responsibilities we give to those people in authority will be questioned.  Perhaps some of our leaders will step up and earn more of our respect while others fall down on the job and we turn away.   Because Capricorn rules big business we will see some errors on the parts of CEOs and Coporations.   Capricorn also rules government and politics.  Will everyone be up for the task put in front of them?  Those people in position of power who jockey with people’s live through laws and edicts will be challenged if their words don’t match their work.  Are they telling the truth?  Are they authentic in their efforts or is it all hypocrisy?    Much will be revealed during Saturn retrograde about who we give authority.    

It is important to note that Saturn will be on top of Pluto on January 12, 2020.   This is a fairly rare bird in that it only comes up every thirty or so years.  The last time the two planets joined up was 1982 and that was in the sign Libra.   Saturn and Pluto are both planets that address power but through different styles.  Saturn gets powerful by doing tasks and being responsible, disciplined and taking care of business.   Pluto finds its power by transforming itself from the inside out.  Death and rebirth are empowering to Pluto.   It is interesting a few months before the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1982 President Reagan at his inaugural speech was remembered for his remark “Government is the problem.”   How perfectly Saturn/Pluto.    Now,  to be fair, students of history know that the context of the quote is much more nuanced than how it is remembered but this ‘hands off’ my life and “government is the problem” influenced generations of people.   A death and rebirth of an idea was formed.   This new conjunction we will be asking more from our government and leaders since it is taking place in Capricorn not Libra.   

The last time Saturn conjunct Pluto in the sign Capricorn was January 1518.   A few months before that conjunction Martin Luther started a revolution although it didn’t look like one at first.  Luther was a Catholic priest who was very concerned by the Catholic Church’s practice of granting “indulgences” to provide absolution to sinners.  Luther saw this practice more and more corrupt.  Indulgence-selling had been banned in Germany, but the practice continued unabated. Luther wanted to have a discussion about this practice and nailed his 95 Theses on a church door. His goal was to get people to talk about it.   What ensued was the Protestant Revolution by his suggesting  two beliefs – The bible is the central authority and humans may reach salvation by their faith not their deeds.    These theses put the pope on notice he may be out of a job for those who followed Luther.  Gulp.   Arguably the world changed with Martin Luther and his theses.   So, here we are again five hundred years later with Saturn approaching Pluto in Capricorn. What is going on now?  Or what comes up during the Saturn retrograde.  It may not be as powerful as Martin Luther but then again it may be just as meaningful.  Only time will tell.  In the meantime, watch what comes up during this Saturn retrograde and when after it turns direct we may see where we may be heading and January could seal some deal on something that gets activated now.    

On the personal level how are our responsibilities shifting in our lives during the retrograde?  How are we being asked to step up and be our own CEO?  How are we being our own advocate?   How are we being our own Martin Luther?   Either for us personally or our loved ones?    Because Saturn and Pluto are on the nodes of the moon (we’ll talk more about this during the summer eclipses) there is an energy going on about homes and family and food and feelings (Cancer) and the south node on business, cold calculations and government (Capricorn) that needs transforming and housecleaning (Saturn & Pluto).     It is worth remembering that 9/11 was during the last round of North node in Cancer and the majority of the people who died that day were at work. Those of us who watched the events unfold on our TV hugged our loved ones tighter and wondered out loud about how we spend our time.   The struggle between career and family will be brought to our attention during the Saturn retrograde