Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Full Moon: Cancer

Cancer Full Moon
January 15, 2014
11:52pm EST

I like to think that a Full Moon in Cancer is redundant.   Cancer is ruled by the Moon.  Cancer is a water sign and thus emotions are paramount.   What do we know about full moons? They pull on our emotions.    So we have a big emotional full moon in an emotional sign.  See the redundancy?  Some people will say, “Argh”.    Others will say, “Oh, why the hell not – Let’s emote."

If stuff comes up and you have a big reaction you need to look no further than---your family, your roots, your history, your ancestors, your childhood, your children, your food,  and your tenderness.   Are you disconnected from all of that?  Or are you too invested in all of that? 

The teeter-totter between the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer is adult versus child.    How do we look when we are too stuck in one side more than the other?   When we are too “adult” we don’t have fun, we are sour, we are disconnected from the stuff that makes us glad to be on the planet.   If we are too ‘child’ we get lost in our emotions we push people away by whining or temper tantrums or just by being a wreck.     The perfect balance is right in the middle.  Connected to our emotions that keep us real and using our adult logic, wisdom and clarity to build a world rich with goals that speaks to our tender emotions. 

The full moon is right in the zone of the crosses between Jupiter, Mars, Uranus and Pluto.  Technically the Moon is several degrees away from the war zone but it is close enough to count.    We are in the middle of huge changes in 2014 especially the beginning of the year.   This full moon can be helpful to changes you are making in our own life.   Use this period to help figure out where  you need the tenderness of a child and the cool detachment of an adult.  

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