Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Week Ahead

The Week Ahead

As we discussed last week during New Moon, we are paying attention to the Moon while it transits through the cardinal signs for at least one more month.  Not just to prepare us for some uncomfortable sparks but also because we like a good laugh.   Even when we cry we like a good laugh.  
Round two started yesterday (4th) when the moon moved into Libra.

Here’s your scorecard:
7/4:  Moon in Libra 5:43am EDT
7/5:  Moon square Pluto 5:47am EDT
7/5: Moon square Sun 7:59am EDT
7/5: Moon Trine Venus 9:52am EDT
7/5: Moon opposite Uranus 1:46pm EDT
7/5: Moon conjunct Mars 9:31pm EDT
7/6: Moon conjunct Mercury 6:53am EDT
7/6: moon square Jupiter 11:31am  EDT

Also on July 5th  we move into a  First Quarter Moon
4:38 pm EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that bring you balance?  What actions can you take that speak to negotiations?  What actions can you do that support your relationship (s)?   Where are you in the teeter totter?  Are you Up or down?  Can you shift?

Special focus
7/7: Venus/Uranus:  Fun and exciting, playful, joy and genius excels. 
7/8: Sun/Uranus:  Emotions shaken up.  Family stressed over those seeking independence.  Breaking new ground is burdened by emotions. 
7/8: Sun/Saturn: Structure excels, cutting out burdens, moving forward. 

Gibbous Moon
July 9
12:43am EDT  

Focus on:

We are refining our education.  We are refining how we learn.  We are refining how we expand and bring in something ‘foreign’.  We are refining our judgments.  We are refining how and when we choose to be righteous. 

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