Sunday, November 16, 2014

Neptune -- Direct --Nov 16

Neptune turns direct on November 16 (2:05am EDT).   Neptune spends every year in retrograde for about six months.  In this case he turned retrograde on June 9th.    When Neptune goes backward and putters along he helps us all refine our radar.  During retrograde we learn to use our intuition.   Yes, sometimes during the retrograde we hear our intuition but do not follow it and bam!  We learn, “Shoot, I should have followed my gut.”   Now with Neptune turning direct we are ready to take all that we have learned about our intuition, our sensitivities and our inner mystic.  How interesting that Neptune trined the Sun/Moon on the Scorpio new moon chart, giving us a WooWoo patina for the last three weeks and now Neptune is direct...deepening our connection to spirit.      Spirit is guiding us in a big way.   But we are not innocent pawns.  Neptune reminds us, we are co-creating our evolution with our greater power.      

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