Sunday, July 17, 2016

Capricorn Full Moon

Capricorn Full Moon
July 19, 2016
6:56 pm EDT

Business versus home.    Cozy versus Career. Public versus private.  Callous versus thin skinned.    Respect versus cherish.  

The full moon chart has a boost from Mars and push back from Uranus. It is an energized full moon with also great disrupter forces.   Just enough chaos to fray nerves.    Neptune semi square Moon adds confusion.  

If I was to give this energy a visual it would be a makeover of a building or a downtown that was dying and then a few fancy pants restaurants moved in.  Neighbors like the change but at the same time they fear it.  What will happen going forward?   What happens to parking?   The value of the land goes up but at what cost?      Do we protect the status quo or morph it?  

But of course we are not 19th century building in a 21st century world.  What does this full moon look like for us humans? 

Our emotions seek change but are we up for paying the cost?  If we are sick and tired of being sick and tired (Full Moon) what changes  (Uranus) will we finally make to jettison the old (Aries)?   How are we honoring the part of us that is UpRight and flies straight (Moon in Cap)?  How are we honoring the cozy part of us (Cancer)?   How are we finding our quiet reserve while cuckoo changes are going on around us?    And most important how are we listening to our intuition?  And how are we making sure our intuition is louder than our fears?    (Neptune) 

These three days will be interesting both globally and personally.   Suspend your judgments, Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler is trine both Mercury and Venus, consider being flexible and open to your intuition.    Watch the knee jerk reactions.  They will not help anyone or anything.  Instead use the energy to get some stuff done like cleaning that pile of crap on your desk or in your dining room.       Ah, there’s Cap versus Cancer in a nutshell. 


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