Monday, October 3, 2016

This Week in Astrology

First of all, shout out to my Jewish friends, Happy New Year!
This week continues the New Phase.   We continue to plant seeds that support Libra energy in particular our relationships.  On Tuesday we move into Crescent Phase and will get informed on taxes, sex, death and rebirth, compulsions and empowerment.   Mars and Jupiter are in a dog- fight this week.   Mars in Capricorn is fairly cold and focused on business and actions that are No-Nonsense or arrogant.  Jupiter in Libra is congenial, friendly, charming  or perhaps lazy and shallow.   Watch and see how this tension comes up both personally and in the news.    We end the week  in First Quarter Moon where we come back again to the seeds we planted on new and generate more actions. 

This focus:   What needs to be negotiated?  Where do you need to compromise?  Where do you need to prioritize?  Where is your charm?  Are you using it?   Where do you need balance?   What is your relationship with Beauty?  How are you using it?  How is your partner balancing you out?  How are you balancing your partner?    Where do you need peace?

Special Focus:
10/4: Sun Sxt Saturn: Inspiration with a little hard work brings joy

Crescent Moon Phase
October 4, 2016
10:58pm EDT

Focus on: What are you learning about your resources?  What are you learning about your sex life?  How about taxes?  How about banking?  How about loans?   How does co mingle resources impact your relationship(s)?    How are you connected to others through money? 

Special Focus:
10/5: Venus SXT Pluto. Love is transformative.  Beauty and creative get a boost.  Old becomes new.
10/5: Mars Square Jupiter. Opinions and actions are in conflict.   Stepping on Johnson.   Pushing too far.  Find the brakes!
10/7: Mercury enters Libra.  

First Quarter Moon
October 9, 2016
12:32am EDT

Focus on:  What actions can you take that push your career forward? How do you and your partner support each other’s career? How are you and your partner like a CEO in each other’s lives?  How would you benefit by a partner in your career?   Are you prepared to act on it?    

Special focus
10/10:  Mercury/ Venus, tough language and hard thinking about creativity, money and love.
10/11: Venus/Jupiter.  Creativity and resources are stretched.  Over indulgence.   Being too big and paying a price on love and money. 
10/11: Mars/Neptune.  Actions based on faith are highlighted.  Actions based on helping humanity.  Actions based on Creativity.

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