Saturday, May 4, 2019

Taurus New Moon: May 4 3:45pm PDT

A Taurus Tableau 

Hurray!  We survived all the thrills and spills of Aries Cycle.   Can you even remember April 5th?  Seems like an eternity ago.  Now we are at Taurus!   Yay. We need it.  
You can find my article  on Margaret Wendt's SITE.    

A snippet from the article......
Taurus New Moon has arrived!    The fiery days of Aries have passed and we dig in deep with earthy Taurus.  

Last year on May 15 we had Taurus New Moon and four hours later Uranus moved into Taurus.   At that moment a bell was rung and even if we didn’t hear it, deep in all our cells we felt a reverberation.    We sensed ‘change is afoot’.    Ideas percolated, odd thoughts and curious encounters unfolded for a few months until August and the vibration felt less available.  Perhaps we had stuff on our docket that needed attention and whatever were those feelings or thoughts were now dismissed or ignored.    And so it was until March 6 when the bell rang again except this time it was much louder.   Like an echo in a vast canyon we heard “Hello” and now on this Taurus new moon we respond back with “I hear you.”   

Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac and it is very practical and earth bound.   Taurus connects to our: money, possessions, properties, security, land, banking, insurance, stock exchange, farming, gardens, cattle, cereal crops, wheat, apples agriculture, retirements, as you can see a very practical and grounded list. 

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and all of these issues speak to worth.  What are they worth to you?   How do you value your money?  Your security?  Your comfort? Your possessions?  Do you need more?  Do you feel insecure?   Or are some of you feeling trapped by them?  What changes can you feel are coming that connect to these things ruled by Taurus?   Read the list again and think about it.  

Now let’s go back to Uranus.  He has not been in Taurus since 1935-1941.   And here is again ready to do his thing.  Uranus speaks to electricity, technology, uniqueness, discovery, innovation and .......

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