Monday, June 10, 2019

Astrology for This Week

This week starts off with a First Quarter Moon.  

Last week  Gemini New Moon launched and we discussed how this 29-day lunar month is where we exercise our ability to pivot and adapt.   No sign can shift on a dime as fast as Gemini.  Yes, it is stating the obvious that shifting can be hard on loved ones.   But there is a skill to quick adaptations that we can all learn in the Gemini cycle.  During the first quarter moon we need to get into the weeds a bit on issues in our life that need fact checking, follow through and addressing our schedules.   And drum roll---this may mean pivoting.    What you thought you were going to do or address or put on your schedule ,may now need to change as you see something else needs your attention.    You may feel a bit ADHD but do your best.  P I V O T 

There may be tension growing as we head into the end of the week and weekend with Mars and Mercury getting into some tussles with Saturn.   We may see our cold side emerge or maybe it will be seen in others.  Persevere.   And then on Sunday we have the second hit of one of our big aspects for the year when Jupiter Squares Neptune on the 2ndpass for the year (1sttime was in January).    Neptune will have the final hits in the fall. See separate link for more info. 

Focus on:  What actions are you taking that dot I and cross ts?  How are you being diligent?  How are you getting in the weeds and taking care of business?   How is your schedule exhibiting your ability to be nimble and flexible?  How is your schedule showing your adaptability?  

Special Focus:
6/10 Sun oppose Jupiter.  Big ideas get lost in the weeds   Find the spot in between and communicate your observations. 

Gibbous Moon
June 13 2019 
9:57am PDT 

Focus on:  How are you refining your ability to scrutinize?   How are you organizing your dead weight?   How are you coming up with a plan to remove the dead or debris so you can focus on the future?  How are you getting laser about what works and what does not work?   

Special focus
6/13 Mars trine Neptune  Actions based on faith.  Putting intuition to work.  
6/14 Mars oppose Saturn.   Holding on to comfort  when perhaps responsibility in the world needs your attention  Or visa versa.  
6/16 Mercury trine Neptune.  What is spirit telling you?  What is your intuition telling you? 
6/16 Mercury oppose Saturn  cold communication.  Critical thinking is a bit harsh. 
6/16 Jupiter square Neptune  (see above) 

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