Friday, June 26, 2009

Mercury Square Saturn

Today (June 26) at 4:32am EDT Mercury the ruler of communication is making a square to taciturn Saturn (say that twice).
Our thoughts and our conversations may be dark and stormy. We do NOT see the glass half full today. It is all empty. We feel burdened and we resent those people who keep pushing stuff on our docket. "No, YOU do it!" is what we think but in truth we know, "No, I have to do it." It is not the lightest and breeziest of days. But as the weekend unfolds we'll get further from the harsh aspect.
It is a good day to take care of businesses that have been sitting around waiting your attention. Go to store and buy that birthday card so you can get it in the mail in time. Pay your car insurance, do the stuff you must/have/gotta do. That is something that Mercury and Saturn can agree to do together.
Do not have a drink with a friend tonight. It will blow.

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