Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson Breaks The Web

Today I tried to go to and found it extremely slow and also difficult to load. This is something I rarely experience. Then I read HERE:

The death of Michael Jackson Thursday sent the internet a surge of traffic that
caused crashes and slowdowns in what one website is calling a major "wake-up
call" for internet infrastructure.

This is interesting to me because back on New Moon which was on Sunday (and feels like an eternity ago)...anyway back there I wrote that the harsh aspect from Uranus on the New Moon would influence the entire 28 days. Specifically we need to watch out for the Uranus items...

Along with Pluto getting into it with the Sun and Moon we also have Uranus making a harsh aspect to the Sun and Moon. The desire to rebel and say, “So what” and do something abrupt will be great. Uranus hates to be trapped, hates to be pigeon hold –it seeks to break ground any way it can. It seeks to be the great provocateur. It is the planet of revolutions. Since this is a harsh aspect we should expect that there will be news events where someone goes “off”. Certainly, the turmoil in Iran feels very Uranus. And Kim Jong Il in North Korea continues to look like a crazy villain in a Batman movie but with Uranus it is often a case of “expect the unexpected.” It may come from some unusual corner of the world.

Of course, Uranus rules airplanes, computers, cyberspace, and electricity so there could be issues on all those fronts. An electrical storm in some unusual place causes problems. Airplanes return to airports because of an unusual short circuit? A hacker sends out a virus? Perhaps the new iphone has big bad bugs. Anything is possible with Uranus.

Anyway, I am not surprised this information comes out while Mercury is squaring Saturn. Remember we are all learning our weak spots during this 28 day Lunar cycle. Never underestimate Pluto Oppose Sun/Moon.


  1. Very stange, I thought the same thing as the title of this post when I was at the bar and trying to get on to verify what the bartender had just told me. "The Internet has just exploded!" I told her. It was a very strange day.

  2. There was another headline somewhere, and I can't remember where I saw it but it was something like "the day Micheal Jackson died and almost took the internet with him."

    The question is....what would happen if something huge happened? How would the Internet survive if word got out that La Palma (Canary Island) was about to have a landslide? Geologists claim that this island is due for one and if it happens it will create a mega Tsunami that will wipe out a lot of the east coast of america.
    If the internet can't handle MJ's death...what about something like that?