Monday, August 9, 2010

Leo New Moon 2010

Leo New Moon is today, August 9 at 11:09pm EDT

I have just put up the Leo New moon on Margaret Wendt's website which of course you can find the entire article HERE

But here is a snippet of the report.


As the “Summer of Crosses and Squares” continues we begin our fourth New Moon. Since May’s Taurus New Moon and the crunching sound began to emanate from the outer planets we have slogged through each twenty eight day cycle as refreshed and inspired as we can while processing the tension that surrounds us. During Taurus we put down our feet and tried to feel as grounded as possible, during Gemini we connected with others and tried to stay light and breezy and last month during Cancer no matter how uncomfortable it may have gotten we let our feelings guide us. Now in the final New Moon of this summer of tension we will let our enthusiasm, strength and inspiration guide us as we ask---“what is the heroic me?”

So here we are, tension swirling around us as we deal with the financial and economic beefs (Pluto in Capricorn), relationship problems (Saturn in Libra), breakthroughs that look like crisis (Uranus in Aries) and the desire for personal expansion (Jupiter in Aries) that disappoints before it rewards. Pretty murky stuff for a long hot summer, no? Thank goodness we have Leo to help save the day.

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac--- during Aries which is the first fire sign, the fire is bright, blustery and combustible, by the time of Sagittarius, the final fire sign, the flame is lower but the coals and embers are still hot enough to ignite—in Leo, the middle fire sign, the flame is high, strong and capable of much action--the flame is pronounced. As to what kind of action? Some good, some not so good, that would be determined by what is going on in our heart. It is no surprise that Leo is associated with performers or ‘stars’, since those are the people who put themselves out there on our televisions and our movie screens. But really there is more to Leo than being a star.

When we are living our positive Leo energy we are generous, honest, swift and BIG. Someone needs help, it is Leo that flies in, knows immediately what to do and does it in a big way—thus saving the day. The “knowing” what to do speaks to the flame of the fire and the thing that pulsates in their heart--- no matter how great a task. Who is going to climb a high ridge and carry their wounded friend out harm’s way? —Leo. Their confidence is breathtaking. While others contemplate, “Hmm can I do it?” Leo has already completed the task.

But why can they do great things, heroic things and others wilt under pressure? Because the journey of Leo is the hero’s journey and if they are not being a hero they are a miserable lot.

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