Monday, October 21, 2013

Mercury Retrograde

Well, if you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror and saw Mark Zuckerberg then you certainly knew Mercury was retrograde.

I tried to post a little 'like' on someone's FB page and was told---glitch!   I am not alone.

And of course we are two weeks into the monster of all glitches--aka roll out of ObamaCare and today on Mercury retrograde Obama said something.  I don't know what anyone could say to make this better cuz it is pretty skanky.  Oh, yeah, that word surprise.

Just to remind you as I wrote two weeks ago:

Mercury stations on October 21 (19 Scorpio) then turns direct on November 10th  (3 Scorpio).  The shadow starts October 1 and ends November 26.   As I like to mention on every Mercury retrograde the shadow points are when we might have something come up, then it gets revisited during the retrograde.   Finally one more visit  after Mercury goes direct.   

And NO we don’t stop our life between shadow points that would be misguided.   Instead during the three week (10/21 – 11/10) retro period we focus on the Scorpio Mercury energies.  We look at things that empower us and things that drain us.   We look at our plumbing.  Yes, the pipes in our house and the pipes in our body but also the metaphysical plumbing.  Who do we go to when we need our reserves replenished?  Do we need more resources for our replenishment?  Are the old regular places or people no longer satisfying?   

Remember Scorpio rules sex but it really is about co-mingling.   In Libra we talk about relationships and partnership but in Scorpio we do the work.  We get dirty and messy in scorpio, sex, going to the bank and getting a loan all of that can be clumsy and awkward but it is worth it.     And what about our DNA?  What logical conclusions can we make about our DNA?   As I have said many years, especially around Scorpio who rules DNA, we are on this planet right now because our ancestors have given us a survival gene.   Think about the plagues that ravaged all the continents, all of those lines of families wiped out because of one bite of one flea (Bubonic) or a pox.   “A plague on both your houses” was not just a Shakespeare one liner, families disappeared in one fell swoop.  But not your family, or my family or the families of the people all around us.  What is your DNA saying to you during the retrograde?   Watch your taxes?  Watch the cheaters and the criminals during this retrograde.  There will be something in the news that speaks of deceit.   But also I would look for the stories that speak of the phoenix.   Out of the ashes something will be reborn.   Death and rebirth are the ultimate Mercury  in Scorpio story and the retrograde will bring those stories to the forefront.

So, where are the speed bumps?  As I mentioned the Sun will square Jupiter on 10/12.   Which is harsh negotiations versus emotional hostage.   Along with a lot of big ass opinions.  Then of course 10/21 Mercury goes retrograde.  On October 23 Mars, our favorite warrior will be slaying Jupiter the biggest mouth and opinionated SOB around.   Watch the egos inflate like the Hindenburg and we know how that turned out.   And finally on November 1 Uranus goes after Pluto-- the rebel versus the CEO and no one is giving up any territory.  You have to look no farther than the United States Government, which at this time has been shut down since October 1st.   THAT speaks to the times we are in with Uranus and Pluto.      And we’re not done.   Ask yourself, “Wow, am I that stubborn too?” 

In honor of this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio  I give you this gift.     


  1. Out of the ashes, indeed! Excellent post and clip.

  2. The clip wouldn't play for me, and I was experiencing similar snafus on facebook. Some testing my son was doing at the school today got rescheduled, rather last minute. All Mercury Retro stuff.

    Then awhile after reading what you wrote about Scorpio and DNA, I came across this article about our bodies haveing a DNA clock, and different parts of our bodies aging at different rates. Saturn (time) in Scorpio, and Mercury will be conjuncting it two more times, so who knows what else may be revealed.