Friday, October 18, 2013

Neptune Neptune Neptune

I have seen some stories in the last ten days that have caught my attention and after the third or fourth story popped up I realized they all spoke of Neptune.  Which was perfect given Venus was in square to Neptune on 10/10 and on 10/19 Mars in opposition to Neptune.   

Neptune is the god of the sea.  He lives in his own world under the ocean.  His Triton can shake things up (he is one of the gods of earthquakes) and for the last couple years he has been in his home sign (something he does every 150 years)  so he is really in his element.   Pisces also connects to oceans and water.  Pisces is the sign of victims.  Neptune and Pisces speak of loneliness.     It speaks of decay.  
It seems to me both Venus and Mars kicked up the Neptune in Pisces energy.

Can you see it in these stories: 

Giant Oarfish off catalina.

Obamacare website is technically a Uranus issue but hospitals are definitely Pisces and the craziness around it is all Neptune.  

Last month, Rebecca Sedgwick age 12 committed suicide after being a victim of cyberbullying...This week as Mars approaches its opposition to Neptune one of Rebecca's tormentors  posted on her FB page " I know I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but I don't give a F****. 
She and her co-bully were arrested.   Brazen abuse perfect Mars oppose Neptune.   By the way follow up story is also perfect.  

Movies out now:
Man alone a drift on a boat in Indian Ocean. 

All is Lost 

An astronaut alone, a drift in space


A captain on a boat in the Indian Ocean taken over by pirates. 

and sure, mars, Neptune and a lunar eclipse.. of course there is a quake
7.2 Philippines. 


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