Monday, November 11, 2013

The Week Ahead

This week we start off, Happy Veteran’s Day btw, in a first quarter moon.  Back on New Moon phase (Nov 3-6) you should have been planting seeds that spoke to you shedding your skin.  Were you contemplating what you were going to ditch?  Were you contemplating what was ‘stuck’ in your life?  Did you begin the ditching process?  Now on the quarter moon we reinforce those seeds that you planted with additional actions.    Yesterday Mercury turned direct so perhaps the actions we take now will be less clumsy.   Perhaps we see a new way to clear out the clutter both physical and mental. 

On the 13th we move into Gibbous phase where the focus is on carving your own way, being independent, getting fired up, making things personal.  Also, on the 13th Neptune turns direct.   Once a year Neptune Mr. Mystic turns retrograde and then about five months later he turns direct.   During those five months we are processing information that speaks to our intuition, to our artistic and our fuzzy nature.  Now on direct we start to put what we have learned or processed into action.   Even if we don’t want to put in action, that the beauty of Neptune.    

Next weekend—full moon.   Post to come.   

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that speak to your greater tribe?  How are you connected to your ‘people’?  If you feel alone then where are your people?  What actions can you take that push you out to find your peeps?   How would your resources improve if you connected to ‘like minded’ people?

Special focus
11/12: Sun/Jupiter: Emotions and empowerment in sync.  Expanding power. 

Gibbous Moon
November 13
2:35pm EST

Focus on:
 What details are you following up that support you breaking free?  How do the details line up for you to get out on your own?  How are you figuring out what it would take for you to be independent?   What are the details?

Special Focus:

11/13:  Neptune turns direct (additional post)
11/14:  Venus/Uranus: Odd sensibilities.   Weird thoughts, creativity-odd breakthroughs.
11/15:  Venus/Pluto:  Love of power, powerful love, money, banking overhaul.
11/16: Sun/Pluto. Tension, resources feel strapped, power and weakness exposed

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  1. Dreamt about trying to get away from snakes. Reread this post and saw the reference to "shedding your skin." And, this is the year of the water snake! No kidding!

    BTW, thanks for the insights. This is a tremendous time!