Monday, April 2, 2018

Mars & Saturn: Get Your Discipline

Mars Conjunct Saturn
April 2, 2018
11:44am EDT
8 Capricorn 56

It is not a rare aspect since Mars and Saturn hook up every couple of years.   The last time they got together was in August 2016.   Mars the warrior benefits to a certain extent by Saturn’s reserved nature—meaning Mars likes to go go go and do do do but Saturn will put the brakes on and ask, “Why?”  or “What is the bigger picture for doing all of that stuff?”    That is typical of any Mars/Saturn aspect but in this case Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn, a very practical and reserved sign.  
Many of us will wake up on Monday, a bit sober maybe even somber.    We look around and wonder, “Is there anything going on in my life that will pass the test of time?”     This aspect is not just a one- day event, we will be feeling it for a couple of weeks.    We may rummage around in our brains and feel insecure or weak or  just blah.   But that does not mean our actions are null.  We may start off a bit negative but through that we come up and find our discipline. 

Questions to ask for the next couple of weeks: 
How do you get your discipline?  Where do you need to apply discipline?
How are you expressing determination?   What needs your laser focus? 
How are you focusing your energy in practical ways?
How are you keeping your focus? 
What do you need to do to move up a ladder?   A ladder determined by you. 

Of course if you know your natal chart look to see which house you have this conjunction for more insight as to how this energy will play out. 

The next Mars/Saturn aspect will take place in March 2020 in the sign Aquarius.   That one will speak to our friends and groups, this one is about climbing up out of a hole or just climbing up.  So why don’t we make the most of this round while we have the opportunity.  

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