Friday, April 27, 2018

Scorpio Full Moon: April 29

Scorpio Full Moon
April 29, 8:58 PM EDT 
9 degrees 39 

As always we look at full moons in context of a bigger picture.  The Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus are opposing each other (that’s what makes a full moon) in the Aries lunar cycle.    At the new moon on April 15 we planted seeds that we build upon all year towards our goals and wishes.   Many of us made Treasure Maps where we processed the energy and took the time to really tune in to our wants and needs.    Now on the full moon is a good time to ask:  In the last two weeks have you seen changes in your life?  Have you seen changes around you?    Have people said things to you that suggest they are about to make big moves?   Can you feel the earth moving around you?  
And perhaps even more important, where are you feeling stuck?  Where are feeling too attached?  Where do you need to let go?   And even more exact:  What needs to die so you are more on the way to your goals?  

Jupiter who turned retrograde at the beginning of March is halfway through his 12 month journey in Scorpio and this full moon is conjunct the moon and oppose the sun.   Where are we getting wise (Jupiter) on functional, practical solutions (Taurus) for our evolution (Scorpio)?  During the full moon do not be surprised if you show up some place and you are about to do something, respond to something, work on something or communicate about something ---and it does not feel right, as if you can’t do the same thing.   Then consider letting the old way die and go for a new approach.     Saturn trine Sun is perhaps speaking to us that we can build something new from the ground up on this full moon.  But the change starts first with our judgments and beliefs (Jupiter).   Be open as you shed.  

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