Saturday, January 9, 2016

Capricorn New Moon!

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Capricorn New Moon
January 9, 2015
8:30pm  EST
19 Cap 13

Hello and Welcome to Capricorn New Moon!

So, we have an amazing opportunity this Capricorn New Moon to get real.
Not sort of real but really real.

First order of business:  Let’s clarify ‘getting real’ from a Capricorn perspective.

Capricorn, the final earth sign of the zodiac, is about concrete results.   No iffs, ands or buts.    Capricorn can climb a ladder or climb a mountain and look upon his or her world and say the following:
“That thing over there is working. Great”

“That thing over there needs a tune up, I’ll bring in someone to fix it”

“That thing over there doesn’t work, I’ll get rid of it.”

“That thing over there, I do not understand.  And I am not going to pretend I understand, so it gets none of my energy or brain power because I am done wasting my valuable time on it.”

By the way, “thing” can be anything from an object, to a relationship, to an emotion.    And actually the thing is not that important.  What is important is getting up high and putting a realistic, unsentimental eye on your world and calling the shots.  That is the gift of Capricorn.     

This practical energy permeates any Capricorn New Moon.    But on this particular New Moon we have bonus planetary energies.   

First of all, the ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn.  And Saturn is in truth seeking Sagittarius.   Saturn in Sag is a passionate journalist trying to get to the truth of a story.  Unfortunately, we are in the middle of the Saturn Square Neptune in Pisces cycle, which began last year and wraps this September.  This is quite a cycle, especially since Neptune wilts under human truth.  The truth Neptune likes is scientific truth such as people are made of DNA and oxygen and water are critical to human survival.  Or Neptune likes the metaphysical truth, such as we are just spiritual beings having a human experience and when we die we rejoin the energy from what we are born.    Yeah, that kind of truth Neptune loves.   And that kind of truth, Saturn in Sagittarius HATES with a capital H.    Saturn in Sag says, “WTF?  Why is that company, CEO, neighbor, friend, spouse lying and spreading total bullshit?  That’s the kind of truth Saturn in Sag is trying to wrap its head around.   Not DNA or cosmic dharma.   And so we are watching this battle between Neptune and Saturn play out in the world most specifically in areas of religion and politics, which really speak to Sag and Pisces.  But on this Cap New Moon chart, Saturn is in conjunction with Venus.  Venus in Sag values truth and is supporting Saturn to find real love and/or to love what is real.    For 29 days we will be searching for what is real and true.  And if it feels fake or we will walk away.  We won’t walk away in anger but we will stop engaging.   Remember Capricorn is very practical and doesn’t like to waste energy especially anger which is a total stupid calorie burn.   

Also on the chart the Sun & Moon are in conjunction to Pluto.    The last time the Cap New Moon was in a close conjunction with Pluto was Dec 2011and Jan 2012.  How was that 29- day cycle?    The next one was a super close conjunction in January 2014.  And how did that period look for you?      This one is not as tight as 2014 but it is close enough to count.   And we won’t have Pluto on Cap New Moon next until 2019 and the final one on 2021.     Pluto is a drill and he can hurt when he is bearing down but at the same time he sure the hell can clean up stuff and that is a gift we should capitalize on since we won’t have it on the Cap New Moon for several years.  

When Capricorn is high functioning it takes nothing personal and figures out a way to come up with concrete solutions to reach a goal.  Pluto may point out a lot of murky stuff but so what?   You can clean it up.   You can fix it.     Of course, Pluto bearing down can bring out the less evolved part of Capricorn, which is as insecure as a two- legged chair.   Snobby, pretentious, convinced everyone is beneath them.   Or worse, un-evolved Capricorn is a total cynic and thinks only the worst of people, places and situations.      With a Pluto conjunction on the Cap New Moon chart we will undoubtedly feel both the positive and negative Cap during this 29-day cycle.     We can’t sugar coat anything for 29 days.   It is hard to believe we will even feel sugary.    But at the same time by looking at everything with a realistic eye we can come up with a real agenda that makes goals attainable.   Or we will ditch them because we don’t want to waste our time.  Either way we will feel a bit of liberation and relief in between the ball and chains.  Yeah, Pluto is teaching us so much.  

Cap New Moon is also when we look at the Treasure Maps that we made last spring and see what we have attained.    We pat ourselves on the back for any of our successes.  And for the goals that have not been reached, we take a moment and think about some potential solutions.  We ask “Is there more I can do? “   Or we look at our commitment.  Has it been 100 percent?    Or we ask, “Has my fear kept me from doing the real action I need to do to get the result I want?”   And sometimes we just put it on a shelf and give it to the heavens to work on.   The bottom line is we have time.   Our next Treasure Map does not begin until April 7, 2016 7:23am EDT so there is plenty of time for more concrete treasure map results to be realized.   Use Cap to give you the energy you need to remember there is a way.    And also, for the next three months you should start de-cluttering your house, your car, your purse, your desk and your world.    Go through those crowded closets and boxes of stuff in your house.  And don’t forget to de-clutter your emotions.   Your goal is to have a clutter free life by the time we get to April 7.  It might not be perfect but you sure better be heading for clutter free every week between now and then.  See how much you can get out of your life! 

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