Friday, January 22, 2016

Leo Full Moon January 23

Leo Full Moon
January 23, 2016
8:45pm EST

Are you feeling the full moon?   Let’s remember is arrives in the middle of Mercury retrograde which is in the middle of the Capricorn lunar phase and right at the second conjunction of Mercury and Pluto.   That’s a lot.   Our first Mercury Pluto hit was on Dec 19th.  Our second on Jan 22 and our third one will be on Jan 29.   Do you think the Universe wants us to get our thinking on straight?  And what does that mean?  

 Remember Capricorn cycle speaks to getting super practical.   This cycle is not about emotions it is about a cold detached perspective and with Mercury-Pluto it is about a keen shrew eye on our communication and thinking.  Are you making changes to how you communicate?  Are you making changes to how you think?  Is your brain  EVOLVING?   Yeah, that’s what Pluto discusses when he gets into it with Mercury.   How funny is it that this week Planet 9 was announced out there in Pluto’s hood.   Even Pluto the planet has to evolve and learn to share his neighborhood during a Mercury/Pluto aspect!     But back to the point, we are getting our brain on and changing our thinking and right now in the middle of all that we get a fat Leo Full moon.    Great.  We need to warm up.     

Watch what comes up that stirs your heart.  Watch what comes up that excites your pride.    What activates your creativity and your love?   Where can you find your sunshine?    Yeah, right now in the middle of winter I am suggesting you will find that sunflower inside you that turns to the sun. You are both the sun and the flower.  During this full moon consider what warms you up?   How do you shine on others?     And how above all do you use your energy with others?  How do you share your uniqueness?    Does your group of friends understand your talent, beauty and value?  Do they honor you?    Narcissists need not bother looking for attention this full moon.   It won’t be there.  Aquarius Sun won’t let you suck up the oxygen.   We are talking about the rest of the world who does not always hang out in their uniqueness.    At least take these 3.5 days to consider you are most special and if you think you aren’t….well, then you are missing the point of the full moon   You won’t get another Leo Full Moon for a year so why don’t you get this one on now.  

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