Monday, January 4, 2016

This Week Balsamic...Shed Shed Shed

Balsamic Moon Phase
January 5, 2016
6:28 am EST

I don't usually spend a lot of time talking about the balsamic phase of the  moon but I'm feeling this one is a wee bit special. 

So when you look up in the sky you will see a fairly skinny moon.   With a balsamic it is as if you put your left hand in the sky and make a C.   That is balsamic.  If it is Crescent moon it is if you use your right hand to make a C.  

The balsamic signals the last three days of 29 day cycle that started with the New Moon.   This balsamic announces the end of the Sag New Moon which began on December 11.    Back on New Moon we discussed how the Sag cycle speaks of the power of adventure, knowlege and truth.    How much truth have you learned since Dec. 11th.  Where  have you had to be on an adventure every day since the 11th?   We discussed that vacation is not the same as adventure.   Vacation means not working.  Adventure is more active and is out there in the world, exploring, seeing, learning.   What has your adventure looked like since New Moon?  Now that we are in the balsamic phase it does not mean the adventure is over, but rather it means it is time to shed while still being on the journey.   What do you learn about yourself when you shed?  

The focus of the shedding is:  We release our ‘loudness’.  We release our blow hard.  We release our righteousness.  We release our racism.  We release our big opinions that do nothing for us or others.

Once we release we still embrace what we learned.  And then when balsamic completes we move into New Moon which will be Capricorn. 

The reason why I am spending a little more time on balsamic is because this cycle is exceptionally active.    We have Mercury turning retrograde so obviously some part of our thinking needs to embrace shedding.  
There is also is Sun conjunct Pluto which brings in more metamorphosis.  Empowerment comes from releasing.   The Sun will square Uranus which mixes things up.  I am putting a little * here for maybe an earthquake or two more this week (India was yesterday).  And yes, Jupiter turns retrograde at the end of the week (separate post)  
Plus some  other Venus aspects....  Like I said a very active balsamic.  It seems our need to shed in order to appreciate the adventure is very important.  

You can make this all work for you. I know it.  

Special focus:

1/5/16: Mercury square Mars.  (Aquarius & Scorpio) More fighting words. What do like minded people want versus what is empowering and powerful.  Grand standing versus strategic. 
1/5/16  Mercury retrograde 7:00am EST 1 Aquarius 2.  
1/5/ 16 Venus Square Neptune.   Values feel blindsided. Love and Money feel beaten up.   Meditate on future solutions. 
1/5/16: Sun Conjunct Pluto.  What needs to be cleared?  Where are you willing to let go in order to be inspired?  What space needs to be cleared?  Emotionally, physically and in the Psyche realm?  
1/7/16: Sun Square Uranus.   Changes are frustrated.   What needs an evolution before a revolution can take place?
1/7/16: Jupiter retrograde (23 Virgo 14) 11:40pm  EST 
1/8/16: Mercury enters Capricorn

1/8/16: Venus con Saturn  Sensible love.   Values are supported.  Money and Love are given a practical boost. 

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