Sunday, September 4, 2016

Astrology this Week...

This week in Astrology

We continue to be in New Moon Phase until Sep.5.  How are you taking care of details?  How are you looking at your choices for  your schedule?   How does it speak to your belief system?   How is your daily life in sync with your moral compass?   How is it not?    How are you getting rid of clutter?    How are you going through piles of work that have been sitting on your to-do list?

Then we move into Crescent Phase. 

Focus on: What are you learning about your relationship?  What are your learning about partnership?  What are you learning about balance?  How are all of these things inspiring your daily life?   Or not?  And why not?   Where are you walking your talk?  

Special Focus:
9/6:  Sun Trine Pluto.  Easy to let stuff die knowing something great comes up in its place. Death and the beauty of rebirth. 
9/7: Venus sextile Saturn.  Support for love and money.  Values feel propped up.  
9/9: Jupiter enters Libra  (see separate post)

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