Monday, September 26, 2016

Presidential Debate - Tonight - The Astrology

First Presidential Debate   Clinton V Trump
September 26, 2016
9:00pm EDT
Hempstead, Nassau NY

The astrology for the chart has late Taurus rising with Moon in Leo in 4th house.  The Sun in Libra with Jupiter conjunction is in the 5th house along with Mercury and the north node.     Any chart with that much planetary action in the 5th house, means all eyes are on the stage.   And Moon in Leo is also an attention suck.   Reports are that it could be the most watched US debate in history.    Can you feel the 5th house?  The question is will these candidates make this event worth all the attention?   It is difficult to imagine but there are debate parties around the world for this event.  Will it be a shit show?

The chart ruler is Venus, which is in the 6th house.   Venus in the 6th house is very critical and has a level of insecurity in the mix.  “If I work harder, I’ll make up my deficits.”  There will be tap dancing by both candidates.    Tit for tat as well.  Pickiness and getting pulled into the weeds will be an issue for the night.   

With the Leo Moon, there will be emphasis on ‘telling the truth the way I see it’, however the accent is on “telling’  and “I see it”.   Going back to the chart ruler, Venus is trine to Neptune, so the actual truth will be muted by both candidates and most likely audiences will see what they want to see in the responses.  That’s Neptune for you.  

Warrior Mars is in the last degree of fiery Sagittarius in stealthy 8th house.   Mars can’t control itself even if it is the last degree of Sag, there will be zingers that get under each other’s crawl.   This discussion of people like Mark Cuban and Gennifer Flowers sitting in the front row speak to the 8th house Mars placement.   However the next day early in the morning Mars moves into Capricorn.  This is a far more subdued energy and know that the debates going forward after tonight will look different.   Mars will push on both teams to be measured and more orderly as Mars pursues security.   Stronger self-control will be the name of the game after today.  It is possible that one or both political teams wake up with a bit of a hangover or are just ready to win in a methodical manner.  Adjustments will probably be made in response to this debate. 

Very early  (around 9:10) the ascendant moves into Gemini where it will remain for the rest of the debate.   Look and see what happens then.    Gemini will push harder on the rhetoric, it is difficult to imagine more truth coming out under a Gemini horizon, if anything that would just bring more cover thy-ass-fast- talk. 

For each candidate:

The Moon is trine Trump’s natal Moon.  This aspect is filled with confidence and can be good for self- expression.  The Sun is on Neptune, which is very charismatic and diffuses with charm.  But at the same time the Sun squares Trump’s Mercury.    The setting of this debate, with all eyes on the stage, is a different setting than the primary debates.   His Mercury in Cancer was seen through out the primaries with his personal barbs.  The pressure on his Mercury could come from directives from his team to hold back the barbs.   Or the pressure could be so strong that he just leans into the square and shoots the barbs away.     As a Gemini he is more sensitive to aspects to Mercury so this could be his Achilles heel for the debate.    

The Moon is in a waning square with Clinton’s Mars and Pluto.  The Moon is also in square with her Saturn.   And Moon is in square with Venus and Mercury.   These are not easy aspects, to say the least.   Clinton will be on defensive the minute she arrives to the podium.   It is hard to see her not being thin skinned with these aspects.     On one hand these aspects are not auspicious for a good performance by a politician.     However Clinton is no ordinary politician especially with her Mars/Pluto/Saturn conjunction.   She likes a good fight so perhaps she will rise to the occasion compelled by the pressure she feels from the Moon. Even if she is not sweating on camera, she is sweating.  

Lester Holt.  
Well, look who drew the short straw.  Lester is a Pisces Sun with Moon in Pisces.  We don't know the time of birth but we do know that his Mercury at 4 Degrees of Aries has both the debate Sun and Moon opposing it.  He will be working hard to find balance!  For sure.  Transiting Mercury is square his Sun and his Mars in Gemini.  He will be on defensive.   This conversation about whether he should be a fact checker speaks to the Mercury and North Node in Virgo squaring his Sun.   His Mars in Gemini and Sun in Pisces would prefer not to fact check and just push the issue to the candidates to do their work.   The Moon in Leo is in wide trine to his Venus which should  help soften some of the criticism.   Perhaps people will be sympathetic that he is in a tough spot.   

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