Saturday, September 10, 2016

Perhaps a bit bumpy...Astro this week

This Week in Astrology

I may have gotten your attention with that photo.  And I am not one to go for hyberbole but I think there may be some bumps this week.  On Friday (9/9) we moved into first quarter moon.    For three days we will explore:

Focus on:  What is going on with your beliefs?  What is going on with your opinions?  What is going on with your prejudices?  How are you bridging group with ‘foreign’ people?  How is all of this stuff impacting your daily life?  How are you being inspired by your philosophy, opinions and judgments?  And if you are not, why? 

At this same time we will be feeling pinched.  Yep.  Pinched. 

Special focus
There is a tough window, not hideous but certainly a pain in the ass.   It starts on 9/10 with the Saturn Neptune square.  Followed on 9/1:  Venus and Pluto get into it.    9/12 Mercury gets into with Mars and on 9/12 Sun conjuncts Mercury (our mouths could get the better of us).  Then 9/13 the Sun fights with Mars.   Blech.  
If crap comes up and you are in the thick of it, go back to your Virgo.  Go back to your daily life.   What changes do you need to make in your daily life and schedule that will alleviate the issues that are coming up now? 

For example if you forgot to set an appointment with your accountant and now you aren’t able to get to see him or her before the October 15 date ask yourself why?  What happened that you missed this mark? What are you so busy taking care of that is not YOU or YOUR needs or responsibilities you sign up for?   
Are you starting to see a theme?  How are you taking responsibility for your daily grunt life?     There is a saying in politics all politics is local with the tensions we are working through this cycle all actions are your schedule. 

On September 13 the moon moves into Gibbous phase.

Focus on:
What needs to be refined about your groups?  What needs to be refined with your friendships?   What needs to be refined about the people who have the same ideals as you?  What is going on in this department?  Is it strong or is it weak?  How is it impacting your daily life?  Or not.  And if not, why not? 

Special Focus:
9/13:  Sun Squares Mars.  Rough.  Small mindedness versus big picture.  Religion versus worldly events.   Anger all over the place.

And finally on Friday 16h is the Lunar eclipse Pisces Full Moon.  3:05pm EDT

That post will follow.

If this turns out to be a bumpy week for you or us, let’s remember to go back to our schedule and keep it simple.  

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