Friday, September 2, 2016

Jill Stein Astro Shout Out on Green Candidate

Upon request I have taken a look at Jill Stein (Green Party Nominee) chart.   We do not know the time of her birth and therefore we are not exactly sure about her Moon.   This chart was drawn for twelve noon and that puts the moon at 28 Aries.   If she was born in the evening her Moon will be in Taurus.   It is hard not to over state the obvious meaning Taurus is so earth bound and concerned about earthly matters that I am tempted to wonder out loud if she is a double Taurus with Sun and Moon in the first earth sign.   

But the fact that she is out there in a big way and seriously she is because I don't think I have ever known the name of a green candidate before this year--- this makes me think she does indeed have Moon in Aries.  She is breaking new ground like a good Moon in Aries.   Stein  has Mercury conjunct her Sun which makes her way more light on her feet than a typical Taurus. She will shift and wiggle her opinions.   She feels more like a Gemini than a Taurus.    The good news with Mercury on the Sun is she can move around a bit and in fact shift her opinions which many a senior politician knows is important as you get stuff done.   Maybe not exactly dump your opinions but prioritize.   Someone with Mercury Sun is not letting the lack of perfection get in the way of good.   They get stuff done.     But to Stein's critics the Mercury/Sun could feel like a 'lightweight" approach.   I'm not qualified to debate either regarding her opinions by the way.  

I wish Saturn was stronger in her chart via aspect with Sun or Moon.   Or even Uranus.    Again, we don't know the time of birth so either planet could be near the MC which would be weighty.    But I think you would need more to get the Green Party where it needs to land than just house placement.  A big old Saturn opposition Sun or conjunction would be very helpful.  Even though those are tough aspects the work to make Green as viable as Blue or Red is going to be a major hurdle and a candidate with tough natal aspect would be able to handle it.     I do think it is interesting that she is slogging out a transiting Saturn square her own Saturn which brings out all of our insecurities and I am sure she is working super hard right now to be viable and simply to 'matter'.  This is terrific.    We will need that kind of work to get Green up a notch or two on people's radar.   Can she make it to the debate stage?   I'm not sure.   I see tension aspects but not sure rewards.   Hmm.   

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