Friday, April 17, 2015

Aries New Moon!!!!

Aries New Moon
April 18 2:56 pm EDT

You know and I know this is the most important new moon in any year.  It is the new moon that launches the new year.   The chart of this new moon speaks to the energy of the 29 day lunar cycle and in the waxing part of the cycle we build our Treasure Maps.    Of course the chart for the  new moon will influence our Treasure Maps and I gotta say the charts for the Aries New Moon in the last few years have had a lot of tension.   To say the least. But this year's chart is free of a lot of problematic aspects.   The Uranus Pluto tension has concluded and is slowly becoming a memory and Aries is looking around and happy to see he is still standing!  Hurray.  

I  have just posted my Aries New Moon HERE.    Give it a read to get a feel for this cycle.  And of course you should make your Treasure Map.   This is not a year to skip your map.   Run free, be brave, dream big.   And if you need inspiration click on the link above to give you a bounce in your step. I dare you.

Big Smooch

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