Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Road Map for Treasure Map Time line.

Well, we are all excited about this upcoming Treasure Map Weekend.   Hurray!  It is almost here many of you have been wanting to know the time line as you plan to make your Treasure Map. 
Here is the timeline. 
Perfect Scenario

In a perfect world we would all have our Treasure Maps done in the New Phase of the Aries lunar cycle.

Which means having our maps done between April 18 2:52pm EDT and April 22 12:34am EDT (4/21 11:34pm CDT,  10:34pm MDT, 9:34pm MDT).

Very  Very Good

But of course not everyone can have their map finished by April 21/22.   No problem.

You can push your date to April 25th 7:55pm EDT  (6:55pm CDT, 5:55pm MDT, 4:55pm PDT)

Very  Good.

And if you don’t make that deadline then the next date to have it completed is have it done by May 3 at 11:41pm EDT. (10:41pm CDT)  (9:41pm MDT) 8:41pm PDT)  That is one minute before the moon goes Full.   

And that’s it.  If you don’t have your map completed by the May 3 11:41pm EDT.  Then skip the map this  year.


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