Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Fall of Vietnam

I am a sucker for American Experience.  Blame my Moon in Cancer for a profound love of history.  But more to my point, tonight American Experience  will be airing Rory Kennedy's Last Days in Vietnam.  I have had it on my radar for months.   This afternoon PRI interviewed one of the subjects of the movie about how as a small boy living in Saigon his father landed a Chinook Helicopter in the front lawn to rescue his family before the North Vietnam army arrived.

I found the story so compelling I drafted a chart for the event.

During the month there were people on the move who knew they had to get out fast  but by the end of the month desperation replaced fear.  

If you hear the story of this man as he talks about the helicopter searching the ocean for a boat and trying to figure a way to drop the family since they could not land the chopper.   Mars in Pisces square Moon and Neptune in Sag was totally in the mix.  Leaving one's life savings and belongings speaks to Venus in Gemini filling out the mutable T square.    Jupiter in Aries jumps for a new beginning and with the opposition from Pluto in Libra there is a pressure between jumping versus staying back and facing death.  

Thankfully, for this family they got out.

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