Friday, April 17, 2015

Getting our Pluto On

Many apologies.  I had every intention of putting up a post for Pluto Retrograde and to be a hundred percent honest, I forgot.  Too much going on with my PTO, broken MacBook, Writing Deadline and all the rest of daily nonsense.  Lord, my day is as crazy as your day, trust me.


Yesterday April 16 at 11:56pm (EDT) Pluto stationed retrograde at 15 Capricorn 32.  It will go aback to 12 Cap 58 on September 25th where it will then turn direct.

Every year Pluto retrogrades for about six months allowing us an opportunity to deepen our understanding of our own power and empowerment and shackles and chains.    For the last three  years Pluto has been under tremendous pressure by Uranus.   Since 2012 the world has been getting a dental drilling from the Universe.  We have been asked to either evolve or die.  Or revolt or die.   Globally it has been a clusterf*%k and personally we are being asked to find our place in society.  However, it is not enough to find a place in the universe where we are a like a figurine on a fire mantle we need to be more.  Pluto is saying, "What makes you breath?  What makes you thrive?  What makes you grow?  And what is the chain and ball keeping you back?  What voice keeps you weak and broken down?  Let's see how long you will be listening to that voice.   For some, Pluto is going to push you until you let that shit go did I mention Pluto rules toilets and poop and plumbing?

How is your mental plumbing?   

During the next five months we will be gifted by this Pluto retrograde since it is not encumbered by Uranus (first time since 2012).   Pluto is off on its own now allowing us to rummage around in our brain as to what is a hurdle and how to fix it.  With Uranus we felt tension to break off and run into the woods and never been seen again. Sure, that's a solution. But now we can spend a little time and strategize a way out that doesn't mean leaving everything.  Everyone has something they need to get 'out of' even if they don't want to admit it.  In July we will get a little zap by warrior Mars.  We'll talk more about that in a few months but be prepared some people are really going to feel the pressure to get evolving in July.  In the meantime between now and September start to process any hurdles. 

For those people who know their natal charts look to see what house has 12-15 degrees of Capricorn and know that the energy of that house is up for processing.   

By the way did you see the new photos of Pluto that came out this week?  Thank you NASA.

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