Saturday, May 15, 2010


Chiron is the wounded healer in our charts. The myth about him is that he was a centaur (half man/half horse) who became a teacher of other centaurs and heroes. Unfortunately along the way, one of his student Heroes (Hercules) wounded him---and the only way for him to continue was to help heal others....(this is quick summery. For a beautiful description of Chiron go to Molly'sAstrology HERE)

As we know from last month's new moon and I spoke of it in this month's article, Chiron has moved into Pisces where it has not been since 1960-1969 and on May 21 The Sun in Gemini will make the first square to Chiron now that is is in Pisces. Every year there are always two squares between the Sun and Chiron. But I'm putting a little bit more spotlight on this square since it is the first since Chiron moved into a Mutable sign. I think it may be noteable.

The energy of Gemini is to communicate, to speak, to get some information and put it out there for all to hear. Pisces too carries communication but it is carried within. It is prayer, it is meditation, it is quieting the noises of the world and finding an answer. Gemini, although, very fun and light can be shallow remember it is an air sign. Pisces, although sensitive and artistic can be elusive remember it is a water sign. What happens when these two rub up against each other? Will we find the truth? Can we find the facts when the chatter is so loud (Gemini) and the emotions are pained (Pisces)?

Of course, Pisces rules the seas, his god is Neptune, will there be an earthquake off shore somewhere? God knows we can't have another oil spill, I mean we can but in our spirit we CAN'T. Perhaps it won't be something as big, perhaps it will be more subtle. Watch your energy around the 21st. See if you can find yourself caught between a whirlwind of chatter and a desire to hide and meditate.

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