Friday, May 28, 2010

Saturn turns Direct & Neptune Turns Retro

Saturn turns direct on Sunday at 2:09pm EDT---- and Neptune turns retrograde on Monday at 2:48 pm. Yeah, I know..Happy Memorial Day.

We have been discussing the Cardinal Cross for some time. On Thursday, Uranus a key player in the cross moved into Aries, beginning its long (harsh) dialogue with Pluto in Capricorn. Now, Saturn is getting into place. On May 30 Saturn turns direct and begins its final trip out of detailed oriented, micromanaging Virgo and heads for relationship centric Libra. This on its own would be a message for everyone to straighten up and fly right. As I have said ad naseum if your daily schedule and life does not match what you value then you will have a shit storm with your relationships when Saturn moves into Libra in July. And once Saturn is in Libra it will be heading for the cardinal cross with Pluto, Uranus & Jupiter –this is the stuff that has got all astrologers saying, “buckle up.” We should expect turbulence as soon as Saturn turns direct because even though it is still in Virgo the direct motion will set the tension to the ‘on’ switch. Also, remember Saturn and Jupiter got our attention on May 22 when they were in opposition. The next time these two go at it will be in the signs Libra and Aries in August and March. So, we are put on notice that if anything upsetting, unnerving comes up now that rattles us about our relationships, if we don’t fix it now (while it is direct in Virgo) I promise you it will get fixed by the Universe in August. And if you don’t know--- when the Universe does it, it carries a very big stick. By the way, this is not just personal. Expect world news events to come out that really need to be fixed. And maybe, just maybe, we'll get lucky and the direct motion of Saturn, the most responsible, hard working planet of the zodiac will help fix the oil spill. One can hope.

Speaking of Hope---what about Neptune?

As I say every year, it is not unusual for Neptune to turn retrograde since it goes backwards every year for about six months. In this case Neptune will retrograde on May 31th. Lucky him. He is moving backwards in Aquarius pulling away from the world, as we begin our descent into the cardinal cross. And I gotta say, I don’t blame him. We are about to be pelted so hard I am grateful he is pulling away. My guess is by the time he turns direct in November we will need his comfort. We may not be loud and noisy about our faith,, but that does not mean we don't know how to access it. A whisp of a thought, a hint of something? A soft focus on our reality? Sure, all Neptunian. And remember Aquarius is one of the humanitarian signs, meaning “for the good of the group” . We may have to tune in a little harder but it is still there ready for our willingness to ask, “Who is my tribe? What do I need from them? And how do I help?” My faith is

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