Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mercury Direct.....I think I am crying real tears.

In less than an hour Mercury will finally turn direct. I say this every time....Thank God. I am sitting here with a broken scanner, I got SOOO many parking tickets. I screwed up some bill pays and now will have to race over to pay my car insurance...argh..it is endless. But like I said it will be over soon.

I hope you too will enjoy Mercury's direct motion.


  1. I'm always cautious about self-fulfilling prophecy when approaching merc retro, but I have to say, this time was a doozy. A water main break on the campus of the college I work for knocked out the server--big time. Web sites and services were out for days; email was spotty for weeks. Very Merc Retro!

  2. I am curious about something. If one has some a lot of gemini in one's chart, is the mercury in retrograde not as detrimental?

  3. I can't say it is not as detrimental. But I will say when the retrograde is in the mutable signs (virgo, sag, pisces & gemini) it is probably a bit harder.

    I do think people born with mercury retros aren't as bugged by retros.