Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking Stock

Well, where were you at 2:45pm EDT? Actually, you don't matter, but your portfolio was probably in the dumper.

Here's what we know, the day started out pretty rough on wall street as investors tried to second guess a world with out Greece. A compromised Euro was having its toll on Wall Street and it started to descend. Down, down, down around 200 points when suddenly at 2:45p everything went black, 400 points, 500 points, 600 points down, down down, in minutes until 1000 points later. Huh? What. Then it quickly reversed itself and climbed back up so it was only in the hole 400 points. If you think you need a score card to make sense of it, you are not hte only one. Do yourself a favor and watch this CNBC snippet.

So, what happened, do we really blame Greece?


It appears to be a computer glitch. Something going on in cyber world that activated sells of Proctor and Gamble and two other companies.

Now, onto the astro world. I can't print up a chart of the event because my scanner is broken, thank you mercury retrograde, but what I can tell you is that the moon was in Aquarius in a conjunction with Neptune. Hey, it is not a morning unless Neptune has confused and scared the world. And emotionally (moon) people were scared! Great, Neptune did its job. Then we have Venus in the 10th, "I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind" squaring the persnickety Virgo Ascendant. As the car went off the cliff everyone said, "Hmm, this isn't right." Of course we are still basking in the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter which will probably help tomorrow (I am guessing the market will buy back its losses) and of course we are still in the opposition between Saturn and Uranus where the strict and tidy are at war with the renegades for freedom.

My own concern is Uranus. Uranus rules computers, technology, cyberland---I wonder if this was a simple glitch or something by design by some nefarious sort. How about a 15 year old boy from Silicon Valley with too much time on his hand? I dunno, but the bigger issue is it shows just how vulnerable Wall Street really is in th 21st century. Just like that, poof.

Now, I ask you what is going to happen at the end of the month when Uranus goes into Aries?

I'm ordering my flameproof suit from JPeterman catalog.

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  1. Dear Tracy,

    I have just discovered you and this is the comment I left in your wonderful post about Saturn Uranus opposition.

    "It was only today that I found this interesting post of yours. Congratulations! Clear and concise, and yet so true.

    It is already the 7th May, so a lot is going one, namely, also, the reawakening of the Volcano (Portuguese airspace is getting closed today).

    Would love for you to visit my blog.

    Love Astrology, too.

    All the best, Maria"

    I also loved to see that you also are interested in earthquakes and visited your blog of last year.

    There are wonderful geological sites where you can follow these phenomena which are always happening.

    Hoping to hear from you,

    All the best,

    Maria Carmo