Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter Venus ---The Dance

On Sunday at 1:36am EDT Jupiter opposes Saturn and then at 11:15pm Venus Opposes Pluto.

With Jupiter and Saturn this is round one of three. The next time these two oppose each other will be in August and March. As icky as this aspect is in the signs Pisces and Virgo it will really (imo) sting with the final two rounds in Aries and Libra. So, we might as well learn the dance now on Virgo and Pisces.

Saturn is how we edit, how we cut back, find structure, how we build, how we are responsible. Jupter is how we spend, how we expand, how we explore, how we stretch. Could they be any different? Talk about everyone looking for a good deal! At the same time if there are bridges (Jupiter) that are broken (Saturn), all eyes will be on how to fix it (Virgo) however if it can even be fixed is questionable (Pisces). You may feel bogged down with so many responsibilties that you really question--"Is that all there is to life?" If you have any personal planet at 28 degrees of Pisces/Virgo you probably already know the issues you should be dealing with but perhaps are unwillingly to do it? yeah, that is the rub with an opposition, we can see what we need (or need to do) and yet we resist. Don't worry, we can work on it again in August but at that time the issue will have to do with our identity and sense of self versus our relationships. Pretty personal.

Onto the other aspect. Venus opposes Pluto once a year so it is a regular occurance but this year it is noteworthy (and we are all watching it a bit closer) because of the two--- Pluto carries the most weight and he will be doing a lot punching this summer. And if we see what he does with Venus we can perhaps get an idea what his punches will look like later when he tackles Jupiter/Saturn/Mars and Uranus. On the global level, the beating up of currencies and the volatility of the stock market are probably due to the tension between Venus (who rules values) and Pluto who transforms. On the personal level who you love and what you love will be pushsed and pulled so much that a real cold streak could show up. And like anything with Pluto, that cold streak could bring out our sharp knife and we cut out someone/thing/place---- and feel strangely liberated. Ouch. This aspect takes place at 4-5 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. Look at your chart to see which houses are getting the tension.

On a global level the Oil Spill is showing signs of both these aspects. Venus in Cancer makes things very personal and in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, we are wondering "who the eff is making this oil spill personal?" As of last check, Tony Hayward the CEO of BP is off in London celebrating his 52 Gemini birthday. After he told us he would not leave the gulf until it was solved. "Sorry, Mercurial Gemini it took a little longer than you like and you grew bored." And in the last day or two, well known liberal democrats have come forward to say, "Obama, you better make this your problem because if you don't it may cost you." Saturn demands to know who is responsible? And Jupiter in Pisces makes us all wonder if anyone is there? I know I made sure I personally contacted the congressional members in my area and said, "it is time to take the solution away from BP." Sadly, it reminds me of Katrina but back then we had the north node in Aries---I would have thought we learned that lesson on the power of real leadership or lack of it in that case. Perhahps not, we'll save that conversation for another day.

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