Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uranus' move----a big one

Thursday May 27 at 9:44pm EDT

Three little words…..

“Uranus enters Aries”---not since “The British are coming” has one sentence had so much punch on our world. As I indicated on previous moons, the last time Uranus was in Aries was between 1927 and 1935, a great time to be a fascist and a great time if you like sound in motion pictures. Highly innovative to be sure, television (believe it or not) and radio have their roots while Uranus was last in Aries. And even government agencies tried to come up with creative overhauls (big Uranus word) to alleviate those suffering in The Great Depression. Unfortunately, some leaders had solutions that were at the expense of innocent people and as we all know this period also set up World War II. With Uranus in Aries it is; innovative versus rebellion, crisis versus breakthroughs, challenging versus crazy---whatever happens this summer will be directly connected to Uranus in Aries. Much has been written about this move by Uranus and we will be feeling its punch for some time, but it is not like we won’t see the problem ASAP. Because like Jupiter (who also moves into Aries in June) as soon as Uranus arrives in Aries it begins its own conflict with Pluto. I know sane physicians no longer do this but remember the old days when a baby was born and he was immediately slapped? Well, that’s what is going to happen with Uranus. He hits Zero Aries and he is immediately in the zone for a slap with Pluto. Technically the slap doesn’t come until 2011 but we will feel the tension as soon as he moves into Aries. Also, I don’t think it is an accident that this huge move by Uranus takes place under the Full Moon. Because why on earth should we get a break now? Following Uranus’ birth in Aries, Jupiter will then get on top of him on June 8th. I say this with tongue in cheek but must we have both of these huge crazy planets in the same sign on top of each other preparing to do battle with Pluto!!!!! The answer is “of course” because that is what this year is all about. Dynamic, huge, mega shifts. Yikes. Luckily the next two times Jupiter and Uranus get on top of each other will be in the fall and January 2011 and by then they will have had the decency to have moved back into Pisces. Phew!

We should prepare ourselves for something to come up that is completely crazy, mindbogglingly weird and then we HAVE to make some kind of adjustment. It does not have to happen exactly this weekend because Uranus is in a sign for seven years. But remember as soon as Uranus goes into Aries, the tension with Pluto is "game on".

Aries is the first sign, it is the warrior sign, it is a fighter, it is instinctual, it is always looking for a way to survive. The problem is it can be short fused, extremely impatient, cuts to the bone and then moves on. Aries moves at lightspeed, everything is Mach One. Crazy, brilliant, rebel rousing Uranus in that sign? It will be fast, intense bursts and we will have to make quick decisions. I live in an area which is prone to sudden quick fires. A transformer box gets too much electricity, it explodes and then the trees, grasses and sage catch fire, next thing you know a whole mountainside is on fire and people are packing up their pets and photos and driving like a bat out of hell. That image comes to mind when I think of Uranus in Aries. The key for all of us is to find coolness under pressure.

Where Aries is in our personal chart will color the Uranian experiece. It probably won't change houses in your chart as it moves in Aries and back to Pisces (fall) but I promise, you will feel the difference when it is in Aries in your particular house. If you don't know where 26 degrees Pisces - 0 degrees Aries is in your natal chart go HERE and draft a free chart.

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