Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taurus New Moon

I have discussed the cardinal cross/climax as much as I can. Some of you understand it, some of you are left scratching your head. That is okay, because at this time it is now immaterial because the gates are open, the genie is out of the bottle, put in any catch phrase you want----it has begun. And frankly, you didn't need me to tell you. You already felt it.

Anyway, as always, the lunar month begins with the New Moon. Taurus New Moon will commence Thursday May 13 at 9:04pm EDT.

You can go to MARGARET WENDT for my full article but here is a snippet:

Nice Support

Now what is the energy of this Taurus Lunar cycle? Well, the Taurus Sun/ Moon are in a very nice aspect with Saturn in Virgo. As we discussed last moon, retrograde Saturn has moved back into Virgo for us to get practical about our daily lives including jobs (not career), health and hygiene, diet, exercise and basically our calendars and schedule. With a boost from the Taurus Sun and Moon we will feel guided to cut the bullshit (no pun intended) out of our schedule. Remember, Taurus is practical and if there is stuff in our daily schedule that is based on frivolous, extraneous emotions or murky things like fear and guilt, this could be the month we cut it out. Because really at its core, Taurus is where we take stock at what we value and how to give it priority in our daily lives. This is the perk to Saturn trine Sun/Moon.

At the same time…..

Also this cycle the Sun & Moon are in a harsh aspect between Mars in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. With Mars, it is called a separating aspect meaning it is on the decaying side of tension but still there is pressure. Look out for runaway egos, bullies and braggarts. Conflicts between those who are “just trying to get stuff done” with those who are “trying to hold to want they have.”

Adding to this energy is Neptune casting a cloud of fear, defeatism and ennui. In terms of planets Neptune is associated with oil and gas. In terms of signs Pisces is associated with oil and gas. Last month Uranus in Pisces went through its final opposition to Saturn in Virgo and we had the oil spill. Now, it is the planet Neptune who will continue to carry the torch for oil and gas issues. It is hard to imagine under this square that the disaster in the gulf will be solved during this cycle. Perhaps, we will take pause again and wonder what we drive and where we go each day and how much gas we use?

Then of course, there is the fact that we all went to bed one day and woke up the next in a Michael Bay film. Between Haiti, Santiago, tons of other earthquakes (including my own backyard) and an Icelandic Volcano that shut down Western Europe we are getting pretty used to natural disasters in 2010. So, why would May & June be any different? Especially with the Sun/Moon in earthy Taurus in conflict with Neptune in an airy Aquarius. It makes me wonder about more gases coming out of volcanoes. And given Mars is already in harsh aspect, let’s make that explosive gasses --both naturally made and manmade.

On the internal level, the square with Neptune is pushing us into what we believe about groups and humanitarian causes versus private holdings and properties. We will all feel the push and pull between “us” versus “me” And if you are stubbornly holding a perception that you are only one and not the other----well, watch out because this cycle you feel pulled into both camps.

And then there is Jupiter

Jupiter is big. No scratch that—it is Mega-big and when it does anything it does it megaloud and in this Taurus Lunar cycle we are launching a very active period of Jupiter Aspects. Between now and September 2011, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus three times, oppose Saturn three times and Square Pluto three times. And all these aspects will begin this lunar cycle. It starts on May 23 when Jupiter opposes Saturn for round one. The tension will be high as Jupiter likes to expand, he likes to get out there and mess with the world, he likes to put a lamp shade on his head and say, “let’s part-ee”. Saturn is stingy and strict and thinks a party is preparing taxes for an audit. And since the opposition is taking place at 28 degrees of Pisces/Virgo we will feel Jupiter expand our dreams and spirituality while Saturn is


  1. am I missing something? did this not just drop off in the middle of a sentence?
    "while Saturn is..." what? I need to know!!! :)

  2. I think I understand that I need to go to Margaret Wendt's page for the rest, huh? :)

  3. Yes, Erin----go to Marg's sight for the whole article. It is a long one.