Monday, February 26, 2024

Astrology for Week of Feb 26-March 3


February 24, 2024

Full Moon

4:30am PST 

5 Virgo 23   


We start the week off continuing the full moon in Virgo three day phase. 

Focus on  How does your schedule reflect your values?   How does your to-do list show who you are?  How can you be more supportive to your diet and better health practices?  



Special focus 

2/27: Mars square Jupiter.  Banking and money matters feel squeezed. Action conflicts with big ass opinions.   Actions that could be righteous.  Zealotry problematic.  

2/28: Mercury conjunct Sun.  Spirituality and faith are on our minds and discussions. Thoughts that lean into kindness and humanity. 

2/28: Mercury conjunct Saturn.  Restricted thoughts, conservative thinking feel safe.  Faith feels safe in a structure manner that is easy to understand. 







February 28, 2024

8:14am PST       




Focus on:   How are you sharing your relationships?  How are you sharing your skills in relationships?   How are you sharing your ability to be fair?  Where are you sharing the power in negotiations?  



Special focus:

2/28 : Sun conjunct Saturn. How is discipline and faith important to our actions with groups? 

2/29: Mercury sextile Jupiter.  Joyful thoughts, big adventures both in reality and thinking.  Broadening our thoughts that bring hope.  

2/29: Venus sextile North Node. Love, money, creative endeavors are boosted by our need to project ourselves and tap the fire in the belly. 

3/1: Sun sextile Jupiter.  Joy and pleasure come with big ideas, big fresh new adventures both in physical and mental form. 

3/3: Venus square Uranus.  Love feels blocked. Fear of the weird or the untraditional.  Lack of trust.  Note--no amount of spending money will fix the insecure feeling.  Breathe.  

Friday, February 23, 2024

Virgo Full Moon. February 24, 2024 4:30am PST.


February 24, 2024

4:30am PST 

5 Virgo 23


The new Moon that launched two weeks ago marked the beginning of the Aquarius lunar month.   On one hand this cycle is no big deal.  Afterall, we get Aquarius once a year.  But this year is different because now mighty, transformative, and powerful Pluto is in Aquarius, and we are all experiencing this intensity together in real time.   How have you been experiencing this waxing moon? Are you feeling the centrifugal Pluto forces beginning to rev up?  It may be subtle but still the beat is showing up.    Now at the full moon we may need a healing that can come with a Virgo full moon.  Especially if Pluto has been pushing on us for some evolution.  


The Sun in Pisces likes to keep things flowing, it does not like harsh lines.  Pisces lives in gray.  Black and white are too crisp for Pisces.   Pisces wants to get lost in a movie or music or art.   It wants to dream its reality.   On the other side of zodiac, Virgo likes to dot the I and cross the T.  On any Virgo full moon there is a balancing act between leaning into the Pisces cosmos and letting everything just flow and the competing desire to clean everything up and get organized.    At the Virgo full moon, we strive order.  We want our calendars to make sense.  We want a budget that make sense.  We want to move our body.  We want to eat well.  We want our vitamins.   And above all if our brain is in a complete frenzy, we want it to quiet the eff up.   


On this chart, the Sun in Pisces in conjunction with Mercury and Saturn opposes the Virgo full moon.    This is a full moon with a lot of responsibilities.   Checking off every item on the To-Do list we’ll make us feel like Olympic gold medal champions.  At the same time, Saturn has Pisces Sun in a harness, and it has Virgo’s ruler, Mercury in the same lasso.  It would seem that neither Pisces or Virgo is controlling the narrative this full moon.  They must relegate that work to Saturn.  One good point to Saturn is that the squirrel-chaotic-frenzy brain may not be as pronounced as it normally is in Virgo full moon.   There could be some depression or ennui but just as likely the brain craves unplugging from the fritz.  Situations that would normally get us worked up just don’t seem worthy of the ‘worked upness’.     Saturn, of course the task master will set up a lot of grind for us to do. But perhaps this grind of showing up and doing the thing that maybe we didn’t even know we were going to do when we woke up in the morning is a gift.   How we approach our responsibilities and or challenges will impact our psyche.   Not the other way around.   This could be healing.    

There are also opportunities brought to us by Jupiter who is trine the Moon and sextile the sun.   Jupiter speaks to religion, education philosophy and things that are foreign.   This is a great full moon to get a fresh perspective.  Get out of our usual comfort zones and stretch.    There also could be additional practical resources that come into play that we may not have considered until we had a change in perspective.   Watch for any subtle shifts and above all tap Saturn in Pisces conjunct Sun & Mercury which knows the importance of faith and intuition.   If needed, break glass and get both.    

Sunday, February 18, 2024

Astrology for Week of Feb 19- 25


 Moon Aspects 

As always while these reports are focused on the phases of the moon, they do not include the daily lunar aspects.   For those details you can check many sites including Astrology Cafe.  

We start off  where we ended last week in the 1st quarter phase.   Look back to February 9th - 12th.  How were you connecting to group efforts?  What are you doing now that can be responsive to those efforts.     

First Quarter Moon 

Began February 16, 2024


Focus on:  What actions are you taking that connect your finances and your group efforts?  How are you using your resources to serve a group or friends?     How is group effort important to your own resources?   What actions are you taking that are building something from the ground up that benefits by the effort of friends?    



Special Note

2/19: North node conjunct chiron.  It is hard being independent and leaning into number 1.  But there are times we need to do it.  See how the fire in the belly takes care of you presents itself. 



On Tuesday (PST) we move into......

Gibbous Moon

February 20, 2024  

2:46am PST  



Focus on:  How are you refining your emotions?  How are you refining your home?   How does a refinement of emotions and home impact friends and associates?  What part of ‘group’ thinking is in your home? 


Special focus

2/21: Venus conjunct Mars.  Sexuality high.  Love and sex are pronounced. Being action oriented on matters of things we love.  Loving things that bring us energy.  

2/22: Mercury enters Pisces.  Thoughts are gentle, artistic, kind, welcoming and somewhat vague and fuzzy.    



February 24, 2024

Full Moon

4:30am PST 

5 Virgo 23   

Separate Post To Come 


Special focus 

2/24: Venus square Jupiter.  Big money, big love, big art, big could be too big.  Big opinions squash love, art and may not be in synch with values. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Astrology for Week Feb 12-Feb 18


Crescent Moon Phase

February 12, 2024

7:55pm PST  



Focus on: What are you learning about self-agency?  What are you learning about how your independence is important to any group you interact?  How is the inner fire in your belly is informing you?  


Special Focus

2/12: Mars enter Aquarius.   Energy around and with groups and friends for five weeks.  Feeling the need to do stuff with others.  Even squabbles seem okay.  

2/13:  Venus sextile Neptune.  Very creative, gentleness and humanitarianism.   Love of the other and love of humanity.  

2/13 : Mars conjunction Pluto (see separate post) 

2/15 : Mercury sextile North Node.  Our thoughts of independence could be fulfilling an important need.  Getting out there with our fire in the belly starts with thinking about it. 


First Quarter Moon 

February 16, 2024

7:00am PST 


Focus on:  How are you taking actions that support your finances?  How is group effort important to your own resources?   What actions are you taking that is building something from the ground up that benefits by the effort of friends?    



Special Note

2/16:  Venus enter Aquarius.  Love of human and humanitarian.  Friends and groups are important for the next month.   

2/16: Mercury square Uranus.  Rigid thinking.  Stalemate of ideas.  Philosophical differences and strident conversations. 

2/17: Venus conjunct Pluto (see separate post) 

2/18: Sun enters Pisces.  Happy birthday to our fish friends. 

On Our Radar. Mars and Venus and Pluto.


On Our Radar 

As we figure out this new placement of Pluto in Aquarius we will be informed by any aspects to Pluto from the inner planets.   There are two in the Aquarius lunar month.    


Feb 13 Mars conjunction Pluto. O Aquarius 46 This can be a VERY problematic aspect.   Reminder from earlier report.   Back in mid-September last year I generated the Virgo new moon report.  At that time, I wrote this: 

“Special focus 10/8: Mars square Pluto.  Misguided wars or warriors can be troublesome in global and personal worlds.” 


Obviously, what transpired was the attack by Hamas on Israel on 10/7.   Now here we are at the next installment of Mars and Pluto.  While there could be a follow up on what occurred in Israel, to be clear that aspect had an eclipse and Pluto stationing direct all near the Mars/Pluto date.   This one on Feb 13, feels forceful, disruptive, and big but a bit different from last October.  There is a desire to be authentic for sure and a streak of independence that could be more juiced than needed.   It does have an explosive nature, but it could be more explosive in thought or an event that brings out intense thinking and conversation.   It could be something so weird that we are left with our mouths gaping.   Mars will continue in its journey in Aquarius for five weeks and there can be a lot of energy with friends and groups.  And maybe a skirmish or two in the mix.  Breathe.  Breath always helps with air signs.


Feb 17 Venus conjunction Pluto.   Venus the planet of love forms a conjunction with Pluto once a year.   This is where the power of love or the love of power show up.   In the sign of Aquarius, the love and joy and the art of valuing something that is different is empowering.   Odd and weird and the humanity call to us.   For others obsessiveness, controlling, manipulating others through love is probably not welcomed.    Just sayin’ 


Thursday, February 8, 2024

Aquarius New Moon. Feb 9, 2:59pm PST


Aquarius Image Wikipedia 

Aquarius New Moon

20 Aquarius 41 

Feb 9, 2024 2:59pm PST 

Arguably this can be one of the most profound Aquarius New Moons in our lifetime.   There is a lot of opportunity and possiblity of this 29 day cycle being a wild weird ride.   Out of the blue events or moments in our personal lives and definitely in the world.    We all signed up for this ride being incarnate at this time so I guess we are up for it.  :)  

Please read my report at Margaret Wendt Website.    Remember in case of emergency break glass and breathe.   Aquarius is an air sign and responds well to breath.  


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

All Planets Direct Jan 26 - April 1st


Image: Popular Mechanics 

January 26 - April 1, 2024 

On January 26 our final retrograde planet, Uranus, stationed direct.   Once he got his planet ass headed in the forward motion that meant that ALL planets are direct.   We may find things speeding up.  It may show up in the mundane world for all to see but that speed up could be relevant in our personal lives as well.   Maybe some hurdles evaporate or are easier to climb over.   Or some knowledge becomes available that had been cloaked.   Or resources become available.   Or perhaps we have a whole plan in place and we learn that a person, fact, agenda important to our plan is cracked maybe not as above board as we thought or perhaps just obsolete.  Watch what comes up between now and April 1st and make the most of the successes and opportunities.  Breathe and pivot to anything that may feel like a set back and consider if it might be fortuitous in the future. 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Pluto & Inner Planets 2024


This year we will be on alert especially for all the inner planets aspects to Pluto which is now situated in Aquarius most of the year.  It's a new sign for Pluto so we will start to learn about Pluto in his new digs by contacts with the inner planets.   The first one out of the gate is Mercury conjunction Pluto on Feb 5.  See if there is anything to glean in the news and or in our personal lives around that date that speak to Pluto in its new home.  Then the following week Mars forms a conjunction with Pluto on Feb 13.  This one has some explosive tendencies. 

Pluto intensifies, seeks depth, and will empower the intrinsic nature of the other planet.  In hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition) Pluto brings out the broken and corrupt qualities of the inner planet.  In softer aspects (trines and sextile) Pluto strengthens the gifts of the inner planet and can empower in a new manner.    In both harsh and soft aspects Pluto brings a transformative moment, experience or awareness.     


Sun is ego, joy, self-expression, purpose, and motivation. 

Mercury is about communication, thinking, facts and logic. 

Venus is love, creativity, values, money, beauty and socializing.   

Mars is warrior, action, force, swiftness, desire and assertiveness.

Jupiter is bigness, exploration, foreign, teaching, philosophy, righteous, and religion. 

Saturn is structure, reduction, delay, authority, regulate and conservation. 


Feb 5 Mercury conjunction Pluto

Feb 13 Mars conjunction Pluto 

Feb 17 Venus conjunction Pluto 


March 10 Mercury sextile Pluto 

March 21 Sun sextile Pluto 


April 6 Venus sextile Pluto 

April 21 Sun square Pluto 


May 2 Pluto station retrograde 2 Aquarius 06

May 3 Mars sextile Pluto 

May 17 Mercury square Pluto 

May 22 Sun trine Pluto 

May 25 Venus trine Pluto 


June 2 Jupiter trine Pluto 

June 3 Mercury trine Pluto 

June 11 Mars square Pluto 

July 3 Mercury opposite Pluto 

July 12 Venus opposite Pluto 


July 21 Mars trine Pluto 

July 22 Sun oppose Pluto 


August 29 Venus trine Pluto


September 1 Pluto re-enters Capricorn 


Sept 21 Sun trine Pluto 

Sept 22 Venus Square Pluto 

Sept 25 Venus trine Pluto 


October 11 Pluto station direct 29 Cap 39 

October  13 Mercury square Pluto 

Octo 17 Venus sextile Pluto 

Oct 22 Sun square Pluto 


Nov 2 Mercury sextile  Pluto 

Nov 3 Mars oppose Pluto 

Nov 19 Pluto re-enters Aquarius 

Nov 21 Sun sextile Pluto 


Dec 7 Venus conjunct Pluto 

Dec 30 North Node sextile Pluto