Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week

The New Moon started on Saturday and continues to be New Phase until July 30.       So, on Monday, Tuesday and (most of ) Wednesday we should be planting seeds that expand on our bigness.  

Focus:   How are you being big?  How are you living a full, rich, dramatic bold life?  How are you stretching?  How are you being a big shot?  How are you being out in front?  And if not why not?   Who exactly told you that being small or shy is helping you?    Get over it, please.  

On Wednesday (July 30  9:43pm EDT) we move into Crescent Phase

Focus on:  What are you learning that speaks to your schedule?  What are you learning that speaks to your daily habits?  How are you learning about your skills?  And your healthcare?   What are you doing each day and does it support your bigness?

This week we have a few aspects that will be pulsating and getting our attention:
Venus & Uranus square on Friday August 1st (12:43am EDT) -- A skank aspect.  Money, love and more to the point, values will feel tweaked.   Some will feel like going rogue others will feel clingy.

But at the same time that aspect throws dust up in the air, a couple days later we have Saturn helping build values up.    

Venus Trine Saturn on Friday August 1 (6:22am EDT) -- Structuring love and values.  Building up the things that are important.   Hard work and love go hand in hand.

And on Friday August 1 (6:47pm EDT) Mars Squares Jupiter.   Yes, this is a bitch of an aspect and we have had several of them in the last year.  But this one is different than the other ones because it was in the signs Libra and Cancer.    Now it is Leo and Scorpio.   Whole other ball game.  Last time we were fighting over relationships, balance, “fairness” and  emotions.  This time we are fighting for our evolution, our money, our pride, our ego, our RIGHT to be HERE.     Watch the egos out there.   Be safe.

And one more thing…on Saturday August 2 ---
A wee bit more ego and mouthiness.   Try to not engage!!! If you can. 

8/2: Mercury/Jupiter: Oh, watch the exaggerations!  If not yours than other people’s.  Big lies will be told.  Big Ego all over the place.  Creativity can also be big!

8/2: Mercury/Mars.  Watch out for the fighting words!  Troublesome egos can upset the applecart. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Leo New Moon

Leo New Moon
July 26 6:41 pm EDT
3 Leo 51

I have put up the full article on MargaretWendt's site .   Please go to there for full article.  In the meantime, here is a snippet.

You know those scenes in movies where there has been a big fight, a real melee in an office, living room or a bar and you are not sure who has won?  And then the story cuts to outside and we see the hero or heroine who is a bloody mess but alive and stumbling out the door.   That is us.  We are stumbling out the door.   We have been in a fistfight for basically the last year having been punched, kicked, knifed by the cardinal crosses.  Four planets doing battle is hard on the world and hard on us personally.  And as of this writing (7/24) the crosses are going out with a bang, look no further than Malaysia Air and Gazza.  I might add those two events have got Jupiter already out of cardinal Cancer but Mars does not leave Libra until the day before New Moon when FINALLY the compulsive warrior moves into Scorpio.  Hurray!! 

It is funny to be happy for a planet moving into Scorpio.  You don’t usually hear people say that, but I think we are all so over the aggressive passive aggressiveness of Mars in Libra that we welcome the move into more laser cutting black and white Scorpio.  And more to the point, Mars will only be in Scorpio until September 13 then it moves into Sagittarius.  Six weeks in one sign versus seven months of Libra, what a difference!

It is remarkable that Mars is out of Libra the day before Leo New Moon.   It is a gift from the Universe that we get some relief right in time for big ol’ party loving Leo.    We deserve it.  We are the hero and now we get the rewards of Leo.  

Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac.  His flame burns strong and steady.   The oven is ready for the pizza.   The pot is ready for the pasta.  The furnace is ready to heat cold rooms.    I can keep the metaphors going but I think you get the point, we are ready for the power of flame.   

Leo rules royalty, passion, theater, bravery, drama, creativity, play, lovers, sensuality, pleasure, parties and gambling.   Leo puts a high premium on Loyalty.   And Leo is outspoken (no kidding), generous, chivalrous and speaks from the HEART.  

So, here we are.  We have been dealing with our opinions (Jupiter) that may or may not have been serving us.  We have been dealing with breakdowns and breakthroughs (Uranus) that we made or that the Universe made for us.   We have been dealing with relationships that have felt like war (Mars) and we have been feeling deep inside us that something is ‘off’ and that we need to overhaul our life from the DNA out (Pluto).    What do we do now?  

We get Leo creative!   We play.  We take our bravery and tell the world—“I’m ______.”  We don’t hide from our bigness we embrace it.   Our bigness does not mean that we have to go on TV or Youtube.  The bigness is what we feel in our heart.  That we are living our life to the fullest.  That we are loving big and being loved big.  We are creative every day and every moment.  That the lessons we learned in the last year mean it is time to live our real, true life and not the life that others think we should live.    We can no longer be inauthentic.  Leo New Moon is shining the spotlight on us.  Hiders are not welcomed during this cycle. 

On this New Moon, the Sun and Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo.  We are double downing in being BIG.  You feel it.  You know it.   Something is growing in you.  You are feeling the need to stretch.   The old ways are not working.   But also in this chart, the Sun/Moon/Jupiter are in square to Mars in Scorpio.    As we discussed Mars and Jupiter have been digging in for a while but this time it is different.   Now, they are pushing on each other from the Leo/Scorpio perspective.   Leo says, “I am _____”  and Scorpio says, “Great are you willing to die for  _______?”  It sounds dramatic but that is Leo.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

For our final days of Cancer Lunar Cycle ....

I give you a pet crab eating noodles.

you are welcome.

thanks to MF for the heads up.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Week

Today the moon moves into Balsamic phase signaling a time when we begin to wrap up the Cancerian energy.    Additionally today the Sun moves into Leo. 

Also Mercury is opposed to Pluto (exact in early morning EDT).   Thinking MUST have an evolution. There must be a thought that dies and a rebirth will follow.  If you begin to mull any issue take your thoughts to a deeper level.   For example if you are fighting with someone (again) ask yourself what is this thing in me that brings me back to this fight again?   Or if there is some other issue that has got your brain on overdrive, go deep on it.   Where is your limited thinking getting in your way?   How can you have a thought die so a rebirth can occur? 

Balsamic Moon Phase
July 22
5:32 pm EDT  

Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 

Focus on  We release our nervous energy.  We release our talking.   We release our excess communicating.  We release our shallowness.    

Special focus:
7/22 Sun enters Leo
7/24 Venus/Neptune: Creativity, inspired, dreamy, gentleness around love and resources.
7/24: Sun/Jupiter:  Expansion of emotions.  Abundant and generous with a tinge of righteousness. 
7/24: Mercury/Uranus:  Mentally wired up tight.   High strung.  Short fuses abound.
7/24: Mercury/Saturn: Sharp, critical, smart thoughts about what stuff needs to be dumped.  
7/25: Mars enters Scorpio

New moon in Leo is around the corner (July 26 10:54am edt) (POST TO CoME)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let's put on a show---Saturn & Uranus change course!

Saturn turns direct
July 20 4:45pm EDT

Saturn has been in Scorpio for two years and for the last six months it has been retrograde.   Normally this placement would be the big talking point in most astrology columns. But frankly we have all been so focused on the cardinal crosses for the last couple years it is hard to get worked up over little ol’ Saturn.   Now as the cardinal energy starts to dissipate ---a bit—we can turn our attention to Saturn.  Saturn goes direct on July 20th.    Saturn is our dad, the boss, the disciplinarian, the broom that sweeps out the ineffective.   It is also our responsibility and our burdens.  In Scorpio, Saturn can bring out deep –seated fears and some are responding by trying to control their world.  Good luck mircro managing humans.   With Saturn in Scorpio we should look at the psychological habits that no longer serve.  This is very similar to the energy of Pluto in Capricorn.  Actually we are in a period called  ‘mutual reception’ when two planets are in each other’s ruling signs.   Saturn rules Capricorn but he is in Scorpio.   Pluto rules Scorpio but he is in Capricorn. They are like cosmic bookends holding up one shelf on one topic.  The topic in this case is—to find real empowerment, get rid of crap that no longer serves and evolve!  Or, to put it a bit more succinct, “Evolution is critical even if it kills you.”  And no it won’t kill you but those bad habits should most certainly die.   Saturn in Scorpio speaks to money, debt, co mingled funds, sex, power, taxes, death (& rebirth).  It is a sign of extremes.   Where are we hanging on to grey when we should go for black & white?    As tough as Saturn sounds it does reward hard work.   It may be a long haul but remember Saturn delays it does not deny.  And the gift of Saturn in Scorpio will not return to us again for 28 years.   When Saturn moves into Sagittarius in late December it will be a whole new game.   Religious zealots will be in the news for sure.   God help us if religious wars kick in on a new level.   But whatever it is, the focus on your little savings account, your sex, your co-mingled funds and your evolution will not be of importance.  Not at all, so do what you can now for the next six months to get your evolution in play. And for Godsakes sweep out the psychological cobwebs. 

Uranus turns retrograde
July 21 10:35pm EDT

Uranus turns retrograde the day after Saturn makes his move, Uranus turns retrograde on July 21st at 17 Aries and will go back to 12 degrees Aries.  Anyone with planets between those degrees of cardinal signs should be aware that there is stuff being churned up.   Even for the rest of us we are all working out Uranus.   Uranus is brilliant and eccentric but he can be abrupt and rough.  We have all been dealing with Uranus in Aries since 2010 and we will continue to slog it out until 2019.   Aries is about new beginnings, new paths and new roads.  He is also about new fights.  And Uranus is about change and revolution.   Uranus spends half of every year in retrograde.   He is hunting for things that hold him back.   Shackles will be shaken.    Yes, sometimes the problems are real but sometimes Uranus in Aries just needs to stop its hatin’.   It is hard to tell this to Uranus in Aries but villains are not everywhere.  Or at the very least perhaps it is important to look at internal villains.   During the retrograde we will see areas that need our attention for sure.    Changes that need to be made will perhaps get our focus.    Great.   However we will also see where some of us have pursued misguided revolts.  Who stirred things up that maybe went too far?   But on the good side it is sometimes nothing like a noisy Cra-Cra situation to wake up the sleep.  Or the people who ‘don’t want to get involved.’   Suddenly they have a horse in the race.  There is a lot to watch and participate in between now and late December when it turns direct.   If you are confused about what side to fight ask people whom you respect and see where they fall.    But at the end of the day make your own decision.