Monday, August 31, 2009

Ted Kennedy

I was very hesitant to write about Ted Kennedy primarily because he is a well written about topic both in astrological circles and non astro circles.

But on Friday when I watched the memorial I was struck by one thing. I just kept FEELING Jupiter.

Ted's indulgences, yes, but also a largeness in general to his spirit. Many people talked about his unexpected appearances at the funerals of friends' parents, or following through with notes and cards to his constituents, long after a senator would be expected to correspond. His ability to treat all people the same no matter what their station. And of course, the mistakes in his youth that later beget a desperately needed wisdom that would only come with age. And finally his dedication to his Catholic faith. All of this felt Jupiter. And then when his niece Caroline spoke of the big star in the sky, I knew she was describing Jupiter (which she did reveal as being Jupiter) and how that star reminded her of Teddy. No kidding...Jupiter all the way!

Anyway, it is NO surprise to this little astrologer that Ted had Jupiter in Leo in the 7th house.
Jupiter in the house of 'others'---the house of 'relating'.

My own Sun/Saturn in Sag in the 9th could feel that pronounced Jupiter. Also, I have Jupiter in the 7th---It is big...drives my own husband nuts.

Rest in Peace, Teddy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Last week of August---The FDIC Report

Last weekend the Sun moved out of dramatic, showboaty Leo into discreet, quiet Virgo.
But please remember ---Quiet does not mean ---less lethal.

On Thursday---under the influence of Wednesday's Mars opposition Pluto, The FDIC released their quarterly report---Grim is the word.

So far, 81 banks have failed this year, including 45 in the second quarter.
That, in turn, has put enormous stress on the government’s deposit insurance
fund, which is supported by fees charged to the banks regulated by the
Its second-quarter reserve of $10.4 billion compares with $45.2
billion a year earlier.
Most of the decline comes from money that the
agency has set aside to cover the cost of bank failures, and Ms. Bair said
the fund had ample resources to cover all insured depositors.
But the levels are so low that
F.D.I.C. officials said Thursday that they would
consider imposing a special assessment on the banks, on top of elevated
insurance fees, toward the end of the third quarter. Through similar
actions, it added about $9.1 billion. It also will begin to recover some
money by selling the assets of banks that it seized.
Ms. Bair said
she did not anticipate having to immediately tap an emergency
credit line run by the Treasury Department, although she did not rule it out. “I never say never,” she said

I would like you all to remember this posting. I think it could be important as planets begin to gather towards the cardinal grand cross in 2010.

Monday, August 24, 2009

FearMongering---Saturn Oppose Uranus

On September 15--Saturn in Virgo will Oppose Uranus in Pisces for the third time since last November. We will have two more rounds of opposition but only one more will be in these signs (next spring).
Virgo rules health and hygiene and Pisces rules Medicine . No shit, Sherlock that the health care reform bill has been front and center since the last Opposition in February. Between now and the 15th I expect to see one hideous fear mongering health related story after another as these two energies are pulled and stretched.
Today I came across this story and thought----"Oh, there is the opposition!"

Swine flu could kill up to 90,000 in U.S.

The H1N1 flu virus could cause
up to 90,000 U.S. deaths, mainly among children and young adults, if it resurges
this fall as expected, according to a report released Monday by a presidential
advisory panel. The report says a vaccine, expected in mid-October, would come
too late to help many victims.

I continue to be bored by these stories as I find them all part and parcel of the hype fear mongering angle of the opposition.

ETA: I totally meant to add---and south node is officially in Cancer which I have written about quite a bit here and on Margaret Wendt's website. South node in Cancer brings out childish fears. This is added to this mess brings out even more ridiculous fears. We should all reach for Capricorn. Wise and Reserved is the key to all.

Wednesday --Mars Square Pluto

August 26 4:34 PM EDT--Wednesday

This Wednesday soldier Mars will be in opposition to explosive Pluto. It might be a Kaboom of a day but it is probably more like a day with Cold War salvos. Mars in Cancer is a warrior for his feelings while Pluto in Capricorn expresses NOTHING for Mars' feelings. If someone 'goes off ' on you today your instinct will probably be to do nothing. Stare at them and then walk away. The more emotional they get the colder you get. Or if you are the emotional one don't be surprised if you get all the emotions of Mt Rushmore on the other side of you. Nada.

It is also worth noting that at 12:09 pm Mercury in Libra will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn which just adds more chilliness to relationships.

On the broader picture it will be interesting to see if the square with Mercury and the Mars opposition foretells of our 2010 Summer. As mentioned here many times---Next summer we will have the cardinal climax between Pluto and Uranus and Jupiter and Mars and Saturn all in early degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn. The only missing cardinal sign is Cancer. Curiously, having Mercury in Libra square Pluto quickly followed by Mars Oppose Pluto could ring the bell. Take a look at the news on Wednesday and see what energy is out there---and note it may come back and bite us in the ass-pect.

If you are still unclear about the cardinal climax, HERE is a nice little summery by Robert Wilkerson.

Tuesday---Prepare for a change from Mars

Tuesday August 25 ---

Mars moves from Gemini into Cancer at 1:15p (EDT). Since the middle of July, Mars has been in mental Gemini causing our brains to short circuit about ten times a day and giving us a very sharp tongue. No wonder those town hall meetings have been such a train wreck.

Today Mars the warrior moves out talkative Gemini and into sensitive, emotional Cancer. Watch how your feelings--- which you were freely discussing for five weeks, now clam up and everything feels much more intense. Prepare to cry a bit more as we all get a bit more sensitive. Of course, behind the tears will probably be anger.

Later in the day at 11:57pm, Mercury will square Mars which will make for a tough evening. If you don't mind getting into a big ol' fashion verbal fight with someone then definitely plan a get together in the evening. If you would like to avoid it, get into bed, stay off the phone (and internet) then watch some crime caper on TV and go to sleep. It might be the chicken way out...but so what? cluck, cluck, cluck.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sun Trine Pluto --Where is your Diamond in the rough?

On Sunday August 23 2:20pm (EDT) The Sun will trine Pluto. As I indicated back in April when we had the other trine between these two (Taurus Sun) this is a great day to go find your "diamond in the rough" and apply pressure. Perhaps there has been something 'off shore' in your mind that you have been wanting to deal with but have not had the time or energy to tackle it. This would be the weekend to finally do it! For many years all of our trines with Pluto took place in fire signs (about 15 years) which activated our inspiration and put a fire in our belly. That was great but now we have 15 years of earth sign trines which means doing the concrete work. Although when it is a trine it does not feel like "Work" with a capital W it is an easy to do work. And the good news is the results will be long lasting. Totally worth it.
So, what is on your calendar this weekend? Make it a good one. We won't have another one of these trines until April 2010.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Leo New Moon ---it is GIGANTIC

New Moon begins tomorrow August 20, 6:02 (EDT).

I indicated that I believe it is the most powerful Leo New Moon that I have seen in at least ten years maybe 20. I almost fell over when I saw all the action. I wondered why we had two cancer new moons last month--and now I see why... we needed to purge our emotions to find out inner adults to deal with what is coming down the pick on this moon. It is BIG.

As always, I have generated a New Moon Report which you can find HERE

Here is a tidbit:


When it comes to New Moons it is sometimes best to
cut to the chase----- I don’t recall writing about or seeing a Leo New Moon as
powerful as this one in at least ten years! Possibly twenty.
It is big.

Leo is strong, courageous, proactive, heroic. It
puts its money where its mouth is---and in times like this that says a
lot. Whether it is loud or shy, Leo attracts attention, primary because of
its own magnetism. There is no escaping the Leo gravity. Of
course Leo rules actors and theaters but it is not necessarily because they are
center stage but also because performers put it all on the line, they put their
talent, craft and emotions for all to see (and judge)—that takes a certain
amount of bravery. As you can imagine, “Brave” is a Leo word.

The planet ruling Leo is the Sun and last time I looked the Sun
was pretty important to us Earthlings. Leo has a strong center even when
it stretches itself and Leo is inexhaustible almost under any circumstance but
perhaps it is most energized by its will to accomplish something that will last
long after he or she is gone. A lot of good in the world has come from Leo
energy even if when it is driven by a desire to provide a notable

Having said that-- when Leo is bad it is
bad. Bragging, lying, out-of-check Ego, exaggerating, personalizing
everything, making a mountain out of any mole hill---this is what Leo looks like
when it is bad. For them there is no such thing as a slight
injustice, everything is HUGE---“Kill the infidels!” If you
know any Leos you are probably nodding your head. One minute they can be
generous and great and the perfect person to take charge and get something done
and then the next moment they are the biggest energy suck in your life demanding
all your attention as they go over some perceived injustice, over and over and
over and over and over…..again.

Be prepared to
see this energy in the news. Some crazy out of check ego stomping all over the
place while at the same time there will be a David heroically taking down a
Goliath. All very Leo. I think it is somewhat funny that these
Town Halls meetings (USA) about health care have been taking place while the Sun
has been in Leo—a lot of lies and Leo theatrics. Although, I do believe
once the New Moon starts we’ll see a different tone to the meetings, perhaps
they will fizzle out or they will turn up a notice into a real
firestorm. Especially since Neptune is opposite Sun/Moon in
Leo. Neptune is Crazy and disillusioned and having it in the mix on
new moon will bring more cuckooness.

On a personal level you
may find yourself passionate about something that previously only inspired tepid
emotions. Or you could be fired up to finally take care of something
because it looks badly upon your character. “Our porch says something
about us---it is time to fix it!” Also if you feel
disillusioned about something, hang in there, it could be for a bigger reason
that something had to melt away. You may not know why, but if you don’t
ask why the answer will eventually come.

It continues...go to the link for more.

Godspeed, --EarthAngels!