Monday, May 31, 2010

Troubled Waters

There have been problems in the mideast since Cain served Able a burnt pita. And although, I wasn't there when the brothers got into it, I have been hearing the mideast issues my entire lifetime and probably like the next person, a bit numb to it all. But now since I am so keyed into Uranus' move into Aries (and Jupiter soon enough) the action that happened today has got my hair standing on end. This could have problems that are far reaching. I hope not but god knows the cardinal cross is bringing out the worst in some.


Friday, May 28, 2010

Saturn turns Direct & Neptune Turns Retro

Saturn turns direct on Sunday at 2:09pm EDT---- and Neptune turns retrograde on Monday at 2:48 pm. Yeah, I know..Happy Memorial Day.

We have been discussing the Cardinal Cross for some time. On Thursday, Uranus a key player in the cross moved into Aries, beginning its long (harsh) dialogue with Pluto in Capricorn. Now, Saturn is getting into place. On May 30 Saturn turns direct and begins its final trip out of detailed oriented, micromanaging Virgo and heads for relationship centric Libra. This on its own would be a message for everyone to straighten up and fly right. As I have said ad naseum if your daily schedule and life does not match what you value then you will have a shit storm with your relationships when Saturn moves into Libra in July. And once Saturn is in Libra it will be heading for the cardinal cross with Pluto, Uranus & Jupiter –this is the stuff that has got all astrologers saying, “buckle up.” We should expect turbulence as soon as Saturn turns direct because even though it is still in Virgo the direct motion will set the tension to the ‘on’ switch. Also, remember Saturn and Jupiter got our attention on May 22 when they were in opposition. The next time these two go at it will be in the signs Libra and Aries in August and March. So, we are put on notice that if anything upsetting, unnerving comes up now that rattles us about our relationships, if we don’t fix it now (while it is direct in Virgo) I promise you it will get fixed by the Universe in August. And if you don’t know--- when the Universe does it, it carries a very big stick. By the way, this is not just personal. Expect world news events to come out that really need to be fixed. And maybe, just maybe, we'll get lucky and the direct motion of Saturn, the most responsible, hard working planet of the zodiac will help fix the oil spill. One can hope.

Speaking of Hope---what about Neptune?

As I say every year, it is not unusual for Neptune to turn retrograde since it goes backwards every year for about six months. In this case Neptune will retrograde on May 31th. Lucky him. He is moving backwards in Aquarius pulling away from the world, as we begin our descent into the cardinal cross. And I gotta say, I don’t blame him. We are about to be pelted so hard I am grateful he is pulling away. My guess is by the time he turns direct in November we will need his comfort. We may not be loud and noisy about our faith,, but that does not mean we don't know how to access it. A whisp of a thought, a hint of something? A soft focus on our reality? Sure, all Neptunian. And remember Aquarius is one of the humanitarian signs, meaning “for the good of the group” . We may have to tune in a little harder but it is still there ready for our willingness to ask, “Who is my tribe? What do I need from them? And how do I help?” My faith is

A take on Zero Aries

I was over on MountainAstrologer website and found a nice write up on Zero Aries.(Where Uranus will be all summer) Take a read of the whole thing HERE

but here is a snippet:

As has been noted, the last Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on the Aries Point (0º Libra), in July 1969, was the very day that man first walked on the Moon. My sister, Kate, suggested to me today that this upcoming conjunction of Jupiter-Uranus (exact on June 8th) is like “our own personal walk on the Moon.” Our sense of personal authenticity, self-realization (this is Aries, after all) and scope for what is possible can all expand beyond the previous limits or boundaries. We experience a quickening of our unique gift to the greater world. The next conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus are back in the sign of Pisces where the collective field prevails, so this is a rare time of individual awakening to potential.

Any planet or point in the horoscope at 0º – 2º degrees of the cardinal signs is the most obvious place to look. And, we can get more specific if we study the midpoints that are on the AP in the natal horoscope.

I know someone who has the Sun-Uranus on the AP. In part, the Pluto-Saturn ending has been noticeable in regards to a certain gentleman who has played a big role in her life. After many years of entanglement, he is now irrevocably (and suddenly) out of the picture. This situation is concurrent with her newly invigorated commitment to her own creative and unique work life.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Uranus in Pisces, Chiron in Pisces

I know we have all been talking about Uranus big move into Aries (later today) and I get it, that is a lot to talk about.

But at the same time I do not want to undermine what I think has been an important part of the opposition between Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. A few days before their 4th oppositon --the oil rig exploded. God knows how many millions of barrells of oil are now destroying ocean life in the Gulf.

It is truly painful for me to watch. In fact I am not just watching, I drove to the congressional offices in my area and demanded that they find out how many gallons are going out and to find out what is PLAN B if BP can't fix it.

But I digress..... here is what I want you to know. I found on CNN --Bill Nye, The Science Guy was reviewing plans brought forward by regular people. People who are trying to come up with their own solutions. Their own plans. They shot their 'ideas' and emailed them as Ireports to CNN. They explained what they thought would work.
God bless them, they are coming up with an idea. I have no idea where they live or if they are even in the gulf. It doesn't matter. They want to help, they want to use their own creativity to come up with a solution. THIS my friends is the perk to Uranus in Pisces oppose Saturn in Virgo. Regular people trying to serve up ingenuity. I also think that this is part and parcel of Chiron's move in Pisces.

I was amazed. You can watch here.

Lil ' Kim is at it again

New York (CNN) -- The rising tension over the sinking of a South Korean warship is particularly dangerous because the intentions and actions of North Korea's leadership appear more mysterious than ever, says analyst Fareed Zakaria.

The South Korean government has accused the North of firing a torpedo at the ship, killing 46 sailors, and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has backed South Korea's call for North Korea "to come forward with the facts regarding this act of aggression and, above all, stop its belligerence and threatening behavior." North Korea, responding to an anti-submarine exercise by South Korea, warned Thursday it would meet "confrontation with confrontation" and war with "all-out war."

Zakaria told CNN, referring to the North Koreans, "What's striking is that this was probably the most provocative thing that they have done in at least a decade, and yet it remains somewhat inexplicable."

Now I am going to tell you right out of the box, that I, like everyone else who can read an online paper--think Kim Il Jung is a nutjob. He tends to turn up the rehteroic when he is ignored which he perceives as marginalized. He gets blustery, shoots off some kind of missle into the Pacific, yells about what he is going to do to South Korea and Japan--- basically maintains his postion as the neighborhood D-bag.

Normally, I would probably only give him a 'ho hum' but given the upcoming Cardinal Cross and Uranus' impending move into Warrior Aries....well, I am a bit concerned. Do we really need a war on the Korean Peninsula? Haven't we btdt? And why now and not the other times when he has lost his marbles?

There is some fuzzy factor with Kim's chart but we do know he has Sun in Aquarius, his moon is probably in Libra, we do not know his ascendant. But we do know that Neptune is retrograding this weekend and heading for another exact conjunction with his sun which can bring out the crazy in already crazy town. (notice in the article that his move is being characterized as mysterious--perfect Neptune word). Plus Neptune will square his Mars. Neptune diffuses Mars energy and whether it is actual or perceived there is an overwhelming feeling of impotence. Now, if you are crazy and have a million soldiers at your beck and call--what would you do if you felt powerless? Perhaps send them into a war? Perhaps. Or maybe it will just be about rhetoric. I certainly hope so. There are other aspects to his chart, involving his natal Neptune, Pluto and North Node. I will keep my fingers crossed that he will just sputter over there on his peninsula of crazy and not send the world into a tizzy. Aren't our hands full enough?

For more info---

His chart is HERE

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Uranus' move----a big one

Thursday May 27 at 9:44pm EDT

Three little words…..

“Uranus enters Aries”---not since “The British are coming” has one sentence had so much punch on our world. As I indicated on previous moons, the last time Uranus was in Aries was between 1927 and 1935, a great time to be a fascist and a great time if you like sound in motion pictures. Highly innovative to be sure, television (believe it or not) and radio have their roots while Uranus was last in Aries. And even government agencies tried to come up with creative overhauls (big Uranus word) to alleviate those suffering in The Great Depression. Unfortunately, some leaders had solutions that were at the expense of innocent people and as we all know this period also set up World War II. With Uranus in Aries it is; innovative versus rebellion, crisis versus breakthroughs, challenging versus crazy---whatever happens this summer will be directly connected to Uranus in Aries. Much has been written about this move by Uranus and we will be feeling its punch for some time, but it is not like we won’t see the problem ASAP. Because like Jupiter (who also moves into Aries in June) as soon as Uranus arrives in Aries it begins its own conflict with Pluto. I know sane physicians no longer do this but remember the old days when a baby was born and he was immediately slapped? Well, that’s what is going to happen with Uranus. He hits Zero Aries and he is immediately in the zone for a slap with Pluto. Technically the slap doesn’t come until 2011 but we will feel the tension as soon as he moves into Aries. Also, I don’t think it is an accident that this huge move by Uranus takes place under the Full Moon. Because why on earth should we get a break now? Following Uranus’ birth in Aries, Jupiter will then get on top of him on June 8th. I say this with tongue in cheek but must we have both of these huge crazy planets in the same sign on top of each other preparing to do battle with Pluto!!!!! The answer is “of course” because that is what this year is all about. Dynamic, huge, mega shifts. Yikes. Luckily the next two times Jupiter and Uranus get on top of each other will be in the fall and January 2011 and by then they will have had the decency to have moved back into Pisces. Phew!

We should prepare ourselves for something to come up that is completely crazy, mindbogglingly weird and then we HAVE to make some kind of adjustment. It does not have to happen exactly this weekend because Uranus is in a sign for seven years. But remember as soon as Uranus goes into Aries, the tension with Pluto is "game on".

Aries is the first sign, it is the warrior sign, it is a fighter, it is instinctual, it is always looking for a way to survive. The problem is it can be short fused, extremely impatient, cuts to the bone and then moves on. Aries moves at lightspeed, everything is Mach One. Crazy, brilliant, rebel rousing Uranus in that sign? It will be fast, intense bursts and we will have to make quick decisions. I live in an area which is prone to sudden quick fires. A transformer box gets too much electricity, it explodes and then the trees, grasses and sage catch fire, next thing you know a whole mountainside is on fire and people are packing up their pets and photos and driving like a bat out of hell. That image comes to mind when I think of Uranus in Aries. The key for all of us is to find coolness under pressure.

Where Aries is in our personal chart will color the Uranian experiece. It probably won't change houses in your chart as it moves in Aries and back to Pisces (fall) but I promise, you will feel the difference when it is in Aries in your particular house. If you don't know where 26 degrees Pisces - 0 degrees Aries is in your natal chart go HERE and draft a free chart.

Oh, baby, it is so much more than a Sag Full Moon!

May 27, 7:07pm EDT --- SAG Full Moon

Okay, let's take this slow and easy. First of all you all know what happens with a full moon. Tensions and stresses surround us. A person says something and we go off on them. If we are feeling less than or our self esteem is shaky we can be jittery and impatient. Our fuses are decidedly short. At the same time, if we are feeling positive and optimistic it will be WAY over the top. "I lovvvvveee that restaurant!" --- Finding the middle ground is tough, basically, it is like we are living in a high tide and the seas are rough. That, my friends is a basic full moon and guess what? This is no ordinary full moon.

On a Sag full moon we are expanding our world, we are stretching, we can be philosophical, we can be big, we can welcome 'foreign' thoughts, ideas or people. We enjoy religion, education and sports. We set our sights on a target, aim and fire---bulls eye! That's the high road of Sag--but on a full moon the negative Sag can also be in play, 'over the top,' zealot, extravagant, righteous, racist, proselytizer, hypocritical all and all---a horses' ass.

At the same time The Gemini Sun is pulling on our need to communicate. We 'must' get our thoughts out. We must let the other person 'know' something. Whether that something is completely true is questionable. Sag can exaggerate and Gemini is not comfortable telling the whole story. Rhetoric is high. But Gemini is fun and Sag is humorous so in the middle of all the National Enquirer Headlines, we can find some laughs.

The good news is that the moon is in a positive aspect to Uranus. Uranus is the catalyst of change and emotionally we will feel supported to make changes. If something comes up that needs a new response from us, we may be willing to go along with it. If something odd and strange comes up, we can possibly go with the flow ---trusting that the move we make, even if it is new for us (that's a change) will take us to a new level.

The notso good news is the sun/moon are square Chiron. We have just only gotten used to Chiron in Pisces since it only moved there a few weeks ago and now it is getting slapped around by the moon and sun. Putting the emphasis on pain that is great and unworldly, things that are bigger than man. Karma, darma, humanitarian and mysterious. One minute you are minding your own business and the next moment you are _______ fill in the blank with something mind blowing.

And that's just the full moon, during this 3 day cycle we will also have Uranus enter Aries on Thursday at 9:44pm then Saturn turns direct on Sunday and then Neptune turns retrograde on Monday about an hour before the moon shifts to Disseminating. So, all of that is taking place on the Full Phase.

The energy will be palpable. For those of us who live in the United States we will be in the long weekend of Memorial Day. I suggest everyone engage their higher side and turn the switch on 'instincts'. Perhaps a few less margaritas? Yeah.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New link....

Just got a nice email.

Be sure and check out 50 Best Astrology Sights....

you will find it HERE

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Japan Venus Mission

TOKYO — Japan launched a new spacecraft Friday on a two-year mission to study the planet Venus and its climate.

A rocket carrying the Venus climate orbiter called "Akatsuki" blasted off from a Japanese space center in Kagoshima, southern Japan, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency said. Akatsuki means "dawn" in Japanese.

Akatsuki is expected to reach Venus' orbit in December. The orbiter will circle the planet for two years to examine its climate, including clouds, temperature and wind power, the agency said.

The development cost of Akatsuki was around 25 billion yen ($280 million).

The Venus mission follows Japan's first lunar probe, which completed a 19-month mission last year. The lunar project was to create a detailed map of the moon's surface and examine its mineral distribution.

Japan launched its first satellite in 1970 and has achieved several major scientific coups in space, including the launch of a probe that made a rendezvous with an asteroid.

I didn't do the chart for the blast off...but I know the sun was in gemini and the moon was in square. Venus of course in opposition to Pluto...I dunno, it reminded me of something I heard a long, long, long time ago from someone who worked for (or said he did) NSA---he told me a very long story about a satellite going by Venus and it was destroyed by something from Venus. I was young when I heard this story, but it did make me wonder about ol' venus. Let's hope nothing destroys this satellite.

A week from now Saturn will turn direct

on Sunday May 30--at 2:09pm. Saturn officially begins its slog out of Virgo and begins to head off for Libra where it will later do its part to put as much pressure as it can on Pluto and the other cardinal planets. We'll continue to talk adnaseum about that all summer but remember we already had a pass of this tension and it brought a bunch of earthquakes...which we discussed it back in the WINTER.

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter Venus ---The Dance

On Sunday at 1:36am EDT Jupiter opposes Saturn and then at 11:15pm Venus Opposes Pluto.

With Jupiter and Saturn this is round one of three. The next time these two oppose each other will be in August and March. As icky as this aspect is in the signs Pisces and Virgo it will really (imo) sting with the final two rounds in Aries and Libra. So, we might as well learn the dance now on Virgo and Pisces.

Saturn is how we edit, how we cut back, find structure, how we build, how we are responsible. Jupter is how we spend, how we expand, how we explore, how we stretch. Could they be any different? Talk about everyone looking for a good deal! At the same time if there are bridges (Jupiter) that are broken (Saturn), all eyes will be on how to fix it (Virgo) however if it can even be fixed is questionable (Pisces). You may feel bogged down with so many responsibilties that you really question--"Is that all there is to life?" If you have any personal planet at 28 degrees of Pisces/Virgo you probably already know the issues you should be dealing with but perhaps are unwillingly to do it? yeah, that is the rub with an opposition, we can see what we need (or need to do) and yet we resist. Don't worry, we can work on it again in August but at that time the issue will have to do with our identity and sense of self versus our relationships. Pretty personal.

Onto the other aspect. Venus opposes Pluto once a year so it is a regular occurance but this year it is noteworthy (and we are all watching it a bit closer) because of the two--- Pluto carries the most weight and he will be doing a lot punching this summer. And if we see what he does with Venus we can perhaps get an idea what his punches will look like later when he tackles Jupiter/Saturn/Mars and Uranus. On the global level, the beating up of currencies and the volatility of the stock market are probably due to the tension between Venus (who rules values) and Pluto who transforms. On the personal level who you love and what you love will be pushsed and pulled so much that a real cold streak could show up. And like anything with Pluto, that cold streak could bring out our sharp knife and we cut out someone/thing/place---- and feel strangely liberated. Ouch. This aspect takes place at 4-5 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn. Look at your chart to see which houses are getting the tension.

On a global level the Oil Spill is showing signs of both these aspects. Venus in Cancer makes things very personal and in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn, we are wondering "who the eff is making this oil spill personal?" As of last check, Tony Hayward the CEO of BP is off in London celebrating his 52 Gemini birthday. After he told us he would not leave the gulf until it was solved. "Sorry, Mercurial Gemini it took a little longer than you like and you grew bored." And in the last day or two, well known liberal democrats have come forward to say, "Obama, you better make this your problem because if you don't it may cost you." Saturn demands to know who is responsible? And Jupiter in Pisces makes us all wonder if anyone is there? I know I made sure I personally contacted the congressional members in my area and said, "it is time to take the solution away from BP." Sadly, it reminds me of Katrina but back then we had the north node in Aries---I would have thought we learned that lesson on the power of real leadership or lack of it in that case. Perhahps not, we'll save that conversation for another day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


As I indicated on FB, I am feeling the pressure of the changes in front us---strongly. And if I am feeling it, I am sure you are also aware of the energy. One huge off shore wave. Taking a deep breath now.....

Anyway, I was over on StarIQ and thought you might like to read it. Here's a snippet...go to STARIQ for the whole piece.

This week and the next several weeks, the planets continue to transform daily life into a training field for conscious living. You could call this phase "consciousness boot camp," and frame the day-to-day events of life as obstacle courses that include long marches, surprise inspections and occasional encounters with a drill sergeant from hell. Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but finding metaphors for the current astrological meta-story isn't easy. Too many planetary shifts are occurring simultaneously to isolate any one signature from another. For some of us, the solution to the unrelenting intensity is to get under the covers and stay there until the changes are over. For others, defiance and confrontation may become the coping mechanism of choice. But not everyone is resistant to this rigorous training. Regular routines are falling apart from the pressure, but the dissolution of those structures contains powerful creative seeds—seeds that are ready to sprout and thrive in the soil of awareness.

A three-point recap for those just tuning in: (1) We're still in the midst of a series of Saturn/Uranus oppositions that began in 2008. The fourth in this series occurred on April 26 and the fifth and final exact opposition is on July 26. Saturn/Uranus oppositions signify the dissolution of stagnant structures, and while I know I am repeating myself, some things only stick with repetition, especially for those who find themselves losing solid ground and can't figure out why. Uranus symbolizes revolution, and as the

Thomas Crown Affair,Anyone?

Five paintings stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art could be held for ransom, experts say, but it's unlikely that the thief or thieves would be able to sell them.
This painting by Georges Braque, Olive Tree near Estaque was among the five works stolen in the dead of night from the Paris Museum of Modern Art.
Masterpieces by Picasso and Matisse were among the paintings that disappeared overnight from the museum on the Seine River. The works are valued at more than $100 million; earlier estimates put their worth at more than a half-billion dollars.

French officials said Thursday that the museum's security system was disabled. The burglar evidently cut a padlock and broke a window to gain access to the building, then somehow managed to evade three night guards. Video from a surveillance camera reportedly shows a single masked intruder inside the museum.

In a week where Venus squares Jupiter, then squares Saturn and squares Uranus and is heading for an opposition with Pluto on Sunday----we should not be surprised that works of art would be stolen. However, the one thing that might be to the benefit of the art (not the thieves) is that Venus did have one nice trine to Neptune and apparently from all reports this artwork is so well known that it can not be sold anywhere. Except I suppose to russian oligarchs and Goldfinger.

I do like the candor of the police:

"These five paintings are unsellable, so thieves, sirs, you are imbeciles. Now return them. - Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr, director of the neighboring Palais de Tokyo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cardinal Cross with a Tea

Some times we have to state the obvious. If anyone thinks that the Tea Party is not apart this cardinal cross (t square) energy then they are highly mistaken. I will be honest my politics do not fall in this camp. But I also know that the first opposition between Saturn and Uranus (virgo/pisces) took place on November 4, 2008. Obama won on the energy of "change you can believe in." And now here we are a few short weeks after the final oppositon in the signs virgo/pisces and seasoned moderate politicians are out, Senator Bennett (UT) and now last night we saw changes in Kentucky and Pennslyvannia. What does this mean? What's that old Dylan lyric? "I don't need a weathervane to know which way the wind is blown'"

However, I will say this, the next and final opposition between Saturn and Uranus will take place in July but it will not be in Pisces and Virgo---It will be in Aries and Libra. This is "going my own way" versus 'working as a team". Let's see what that looks like but my guess is NOT going to be pretty.

Lynn Hayes and this summer

I am sure you have noticed I have been a bit more active on my blog in the last two weeks and that is because of the big cardinal cross (grand) we are dealing with this summer (but which has already begun ---see my earlier posts about saturn oppose uranus).

I always tell you that I love for you guys to hear what others have to say. Over on LynnHayes AstroMusings blog, Lynn put up a good write up. Please read the whole thing but here is a litte snippet.

Over the next few weeks we’ll see the intensity begin to increase as the pure energy of life continues to accelerate. This might feel like a carnival ride – thrilling for many, but frightening for some. The intensity of the consciousness change that is at work here can completely transform us as individuals and as communities. Here’s what’s coming up for the summer of 2010.

May 28 – Uranus enters Aries, instigating a change in the electromagnetic frequency that surrounds the planet (Uranus rules electromagnetic energy which is a building block of consciousness).

Because the cardinal signs initiate new activity, when planets move from a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) to a cardinal sign there is a sense of having completed one phase and moving into another.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sun Trine Saturn and other stuff

today May 18 and tomorrow May 19th we have in order Venus Square saturn 4:16am (edt) then Venus trine Neptune 6:12pm, Sun trine Saturn 8:27pm all today. Then tomorrow (19th) we have Sun square Neptune, Mercury trine Pluto 2:47pm, Venus square Uranus 3:41pm. Venus enters Cancer 9:06pm.

Of all of the above, perhaps Venus in Cancer is the one to watch globally speaking. I won't bog us down on that right now.

But the way I see this for us personally is that we may have something come up that bugs us in the morning (venus square Saturn). Just some kind of shitty email perhaps (maybe an overdraft charge from a bank?). As annoyed as whatever it is that starts our day 'off' we should pay attention to it because we can marshall our resources and energy to come up with a solution with Saturn trine Sun. We then tomorrow can use the Mercury Pluto energy to our benefit for any hard, intense work that needs a lot of mental energy. Great day to do taxes or that kind of thing. Perhaps we are still working on that solution we needed from Tuesday. Additionally, we can expect something yucky come up that puts the emphasis on uncertainty with Sun Square Neptune and then Venus and Uranus put additional focus on changing values. Expect a rub. And then when we go to bed Venus quietly moves in Cancer. Astrologers will watch that move with their own score card.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ray Merriman

I would encourage everyone to go to Ray Merriman this week. As most of you know, Venus moves into Cancer this week and makes hits with Saturn and Pluto. I have spoken much of it but I really encourage you to read Ray Merriman. He knows his shizzle.

Here is a snippet

This fourth layer of the Cardinal Climax technically begins this week. Transiting Venus will enter Cancer on May 19. As stated last week, that will “… (set) off the Cardinal Climax by entering the “grand square” position of the T-square between Jupiter-Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn. The week after that will witness the 20-year opposition between Jupiter and Saturn. In fact, between May 17 and May 23, there will be eight important geocosmic signatures, and three of them are the most powerful Level One types (i.e. historically the highest correlation to primary or greater cycles). As Venus enters Cancer, it will square both Saturn and Uranus, and oppose Pluto, May 18-23, creating a case of translation to the Cardinal Climax.

But it is the two following weeks which are also a great concern to Financial Astrologers. On May 28, Uranus enters Aries. On June 6, Jupiter enters Aries. On June 8, Jupiter and Uranus will conjunct one another in the first degree of Aries. There are no geocosmic signatures with an historical higher correlation to primary or greater cycles than Jupiter and Uranus within 11 trading days. Both of these planets represent speculation, as does the fire sign of Aries as well. There are probably no two planetary combinations that represent greater volatility than Jupiter and Uranus (perhaps Mars belongs in this group too, but that will have to wait until August to set in). We can already see its influence manifesting in financial markets in the past 10 days, from the intraday 1000 point drop in the DJIA on Thursday, May 6, to the 1000 point rally from that low into last Thursday, May 13

Venus Square Jupiter

In a post from Saturday I discussed Venus big Square to Jupiter on Monday. I mentioned that Money will be THE talk of the day. As I prepare to go to bed the Euro is about to wake up. It could be a big ass (Jupiter) deal. or perhaps it is just a lot of rhetoric (gemini).

fingers crossed for all us. But remember, keep your seat belt buckled.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Look Ahead

On Monday 5/17 (6:57am EDT) Venus will square Jupiter which is always hard on our wallets and our love. Everything gets too stretched too indulged. Of course there is no void nearly as great as spiritual emptiness. With a square from Venus in Gemini people will be talking a lot about their money, their love, their values but under all that talk is a real question about their connection to spirit (Jupiter in Pisces). It is amazing how people fill holes with all kind of stuff.

on Tuesday 5/18 Venus squares Saturn. Traditionally this is a bitch of an aspect again for money and love but since the day before Jupiter pushed indulgence we may welcome this pressure to restrict and turn stingy. And then at the end of the day at 6:12 pm Venus will be very inspired by Neptune. Evolved, connecting to a higher self, the muses will be talking to us all.

On Wednesday 5/19 Venus moves into Cancer and gives us nice cozy feel followind by a Merucry trine Pluto at 2:47 pm which is great for mental capacity. A serious good time to do hard mental tasks. Also a good day to cut through the bullshit with people on important discussions. And then we end the day with a zinger between Venus and Uranus at 3:41pm. uranus demands that Venus shake her booty and go crazy with him or the opposite, Venus tries to coax and calm Uranus down. Ha! As if either wants to do it.

On Thursday 5/20 Sun trines Uranus which brings out great creativity and innovation (5:48 pm) and then at 11:34 Sun enters Gemini. On 5/21 Sun squares Chiron which you can read about in my previous post.

Carry on.

Oh, no Jupiter--say it isn't so...

Well, I certainly could not let the big news about Jupiter go unreported here especially given my photo is of Jupiter.

If you look you will see that there are big stripes on Jupiter. Near his big red eye. Now his stripe has faded. Apparently this happens periodically and is probably do to some storms. My understanding is it will disappear and then reappear a dozen or so years later.

Curiously, in a few weeks Jupiter will move into Aries the first sign of the zodiac where it will begin a new cycle. I have to admit, I was humored by one astronomer's posting "Jupiter's lost his belt how will he hold up his pants?" HERE

I guess we can expect Jupiter to be pantless for the new cycle.


Chiron is the wounded healer in our charts. The myth about him is that he was a centaur (half man/half horse) who became a teacher of other centaurs and heroes. Unfortunately along the way, one of his student Heroes (Hercules) wounded him---and the only way for him to continue was to help heal others....(this is quick summery. For a beautiful description of Chiron go to Molly'sAstrology HERE)

As we know from last month's new moon and I spoke of it in this month's article, Chiron has moved into Pisces where it has not been since 1960-1969 and on May 21 The Sun in Gemini will make the first square to Chiron now that is is in Pisces. Every year there are always two squares between the Sun and Chiron. But I'm putting a little bit more spotlight on this square since it is the first since Chiron moved into a Mutable sign. I think it may be noteable.

The energy of Gemini is to communicate, to speak, to get some information and put it out there for all to hear. Pisces too carries communication but it is carried within. It is prayer, it is meditation, it is quieting the noises of the world and finding an answer. Gemini, although, very fun and light can be shallow remember it is an air sign. Pisces, although sensitive and artistic can be elusive remember it is a water sign. What happens when these two rub up against each other? Will we find the truth? Can we find the facts when the chatter is so loud (Gemini) and the emotions are pained (Pisces)?

Of course, Pisces rules the seas, his god is Neptune, will there be an earthquake off shore somewhere? God knows we can't have another oil spill, I mean we can but in our spirit we CAN'T. Perhaps it won't be something as big, perhaps it will be more subtle. Watch your energy around the 21st. See if you can find yourself caught between a whirlwind of chatter and a desire to hide and meditate.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


In honor of the New Moon in practical Taurus. Along with the upcoming move by Jupiter and Uranus into Aries, I have decided to put TracyAstroSalon on Facebook.

You will find it HERE.

I will remain postive and optimistic that this is as good thing....but I can't deny the whole thing scares me. Must be my moon in cancer talking.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taurus New Moon

I have discussed the cardinal cross/climax as much as I can. Some of you understand it, some of you are left scratching your head. That is okay, because at this time it is now immaterial because the gates are open, the genie is out of the bottle, put in any catch phrase you want----it has begun. And frankly, you didn't need me to tell you. You already felt it.

Anyway, as always, the lunar month begins with the New Moon. Taurus New Moon will commence Thursday May 13 at 9:04pm EDT.

You can go to MARGARET WENDT for my full article but here is a snippet:

Nice Support

Now what is the energy of this Taurus Lunar cycle? Well, the Taurus Sun/ Moon are in a very nice aspect with Saturn in Virgo. As we discussed last moon, retrograde Saturn has moved back into Virgo for us to get practical about our daily lives including jobs (not career), health and hygiene, diet, exercise and basically our calendars and schedule. With a boost from the Taurus Sun and Moon we will feel guided to cut the bullshit (no pun intended) out of our schedule. Remember, Taurus is practical and if there is stuff in our daily schedule that is based on frivolous, extraneous emotions or murky things like fear and guilt, this could be the month we cut it out. Because really at its core, Taurus is where we take stock at what we value and how to give it priority in our daily lives. This is the perk to Saturn trine Sun/Moon.

At the same time…..

Also this cycle the Sun & Moon are in a harsh aspect between Mars in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius. With Mars, it is called a separating aspect meaning it is on the decaying side of tension but still there is pressure. Look out for runaway egos, bullies and braggarts. Conflicts between those who are “just trying to get stuff done” with those who are “trying to hold to want they have.”

Adding to this energy is Neptune casting a cloud of fear, defeatism and ennui. In terms of planets Neptune is associated with oil and gas. In terms of signs Pisces is associated with oil and gas. Last month Uranus in Pisces went through its final opposition to Saturn in Virgo and we had the oil spill. Now, it is the planet Neptune who will continue to carry the torch for oil and gas issues. It is hard to imagine under this square that the disaster in the gulf will be solved during this cycle. Perhaps, we will take pause again and wonder what we drive and where we go each day and how much gas we use?

Then of course, there is the fact that we all went to bed one day and woke up the next in a Michael Bay film. Between Haiti, Santiago, tons of other earthquakes (including my own backyard) and an Icelandic Volcano that shut down Western Europe we are getting pretty used to natural disasters in 2010. So, why would May & June be any different? Especially with the Sun/Moon in earthy Taurus in conflict with Neptune in an airy Aquarius. It makes me wonder about more gases coming out of volcanoes. And given Mars is already in harsh aspect, let’s make that explosive gasses --both naturally made and manmade.

On the internal level, the square with Neptune is pushing us into what we believe about groups and humanitarian causes versus private holdings and properties. We will all feel the push and pull between “us” versus “me” And if you are stubbornly holding a perception that you are only one and not the other----well, watch out because this cycle you feel pulled into both camps.

And then there is Jupiter

Jupiter is big. No scratch that—it is Mega-big and when it does anything it does it megaloud and in this Taurus Lunar cycle we are launching a very active period of Jupiter Aspects. Between now and September 2011, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus three times, oppose Saturn three times and Square Pluto three times. And all these aspects will begin this lunar cycle. It starts on May 23 when Jupiter opposes Saturn for round one. The tension will be high as Jupiter likes to expand, he likes to get out there and mess with the world, he likes to put a lamp shade on his head and say, “let’s part-ee”. Saturn is stingy and strict and thinks a party is preparing taxes for an audit. And since the opposition is taking place at 28 degrees of Pisces/Virgo we will feel Jupiter expand our dreams and spirituality while Saturn is

Mercury Direct.....I think I am crying real tears.

In less than an hour Mercury will finally turn direct. I say this every time....Thank God. I am sitting here with a broken scanner, I got SOOO many parking tickets. I screwed up some bill pays and now will have to race over to pay my car is endless. But like I said it will be over soon.

I hope you too will enjoy Mercury's direct motion.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taking Stock

Well, where were you at 2:45pm EDT? Actually, you don't matter, but your portfolio was probably in the dumper.

Here's what we know, the day started out pretty rough on wall street as investors tried to second guess a world with out Greece. A compromised Euro was having its toll on Wall Street and it started to descend. Down, down, down around 200 points when suddenly at 2:45p everything went black, 400 points, 500 points, 600 points down, down down, in minutes until 1000 points later. Huh? What. Then it quickly reversed itself and climbed back up so it was only in the hole 400 points. If you think you need a score card to make sense of it, you are not hte only one. Do yourself a favor and watch this CNBC snippet.

So, what happened, do we really blame Greece?


It appears to be a computer glitch. Something going on in cyber world that activated sells of Proctor and Gamble and two other companies.

Now, onto the astro world. I can't print up a chart of the event because my scanner is broken, thank you mercury retrograde, but what I can tell you is that the moon was in Aquarius in a conjunction with Neptune. Hey, it is not a morning unless Neptune has confused and scared the world. And emotionally (moon) people were scared! Great, Neptune did its job. Then we have Venus in the 10th, "I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind" squaring the persnickety Virgo Ascendant. As the car went off the cliff everyone said, "Hmm, this isn't right." Of course we are still basking in the conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter which will probably help tomorrow (I am guessing the market will buy back its losses) and of course we are still in the opposition between Saturn and Uranus where the strict and tidy are at war with the renegades for freedom.

My own concern is Uranus. Uranus rules computers, technology, cyberland---I wonder if this was a simple glitch or something by design by some nefarious sort. How about a 15 year old boy from Silicon Valley with too much time on his hand? I dunno, but the bigger issue is it shows just how vulnerable Wall Street really is in th 21st century. Just like that, poof.

Now, I ask you what is going to happen at the end of the month when Uranus goes into Aries?

I'm ordering my flameproof suit from JPeterman catalog.