Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Moon New Year

Happy New Year and Happy New Moon.   I just put up the New Moon article HERE.

It is a cranky moon. I won't try to soft peddle it.   It is going to be a wee bit bumpy these next 28 days. But it is not without a purpose.  If anything comes up for you during this month you need to take full advantage of the rough spots and get VERY practical.  Fix stuff.  It is broken, you know it is broken, you may have been kidding yourself that it is no big deal---but it is a big deal.    Capricorn energy is very practical and resourceful, you have the ability to get on the other side of your issues.  If you are willing to do the work.   Did I say it is going to get rough?  Oh, yeah, I said it twice and now a third time.
Make it work for you.

Here is a snippet of the article.

Those of us who have been paying attention know that in the fall of 2008 Pluto went into Capricorn—it was then the bottom dropped out of the world’s economy.   We continue to slog through Pluto’s trek but the Capricorn energy is all up our grill.  Corporations, corporate banking, institutions, big government, big politics --this is Capricorn.       Beating out a successful career, coming up with something that the world wants, producing events, products or endeavors is Capricorn.    What Capricorn energy is not is fuzzy, wasteful, warm and cozy.   It is none of that, Capricorn is practical with a capital P.  

On this Capricorn New Moon the Sun & Moon are right on top of intense Pluto along with Mercury.     For twenty-eight days, the pressure to be practical will be huge.    I wish I owned stock in the Container Store.   People will be clearing out junk (Pluto) like there is no tomorrow, people will be having intense conversations that are not soft and easy but focused on realistic (Mercury) goals or real-world situations. 

Where are we going to be practical?   Good question.  Let’s continue.

The New Moon chart has Sun/Moon/Mercury & Pluto in Capricorn getting a square from Uranus and a square from Mars and an opposition from Jupiter.  Those aspects are no day at the fair.   We started talking about these grand crosses last year and as I indicated the aspects will be slogging it out all winter and early spring.    By the time we get to May we will be past a lot of the hurdles but between now and then we will all have moments when we feel like we are in a wringer.   Or more specific we will burn off some Karma.     

This particular New Moon is activated by the outer planet aspects more than other new moons.  Not sure why we had to begin the year with such a pronounced lesson but so be it.    Those people in the United States who lost unemployment benefits last week are feeling Uranus and Pluto square.   Those travelers at the Russian train station and metro stop that was bombed this weekend also felt Uranus, Pluto and Mars.   

This Capricorn lunar cycle will be a wonderful (yes, I’m using that word) opportunity for us to see where we need to make cuts (Mars), ditch old stuff (Pluto), stretch our emotions (Jupiter) and change self (Uranus in Aries).    But  let’s face it, people are lazy and need to be pushed to make changes.   So expect some pushes from the Universe that will ‘help’ us make changes.   Or as we say in the metaphysical world, “If you don’t make the changes, then the Universe will. “

…go to LINK for all of the article.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Stephen Sondheim

There is a real perk to the holidays and it is not Christmas cookies.   With the holidays falling in the middle of the week, I find my schedule gets tweaked.  Not enough time to tackle something big but not so tied up that I can't move.   This is perfect for weird TV/Movie watching.   Actually not weird meaning the product is weird, but weird that I'm watching a movie in the middle of the day.  

Such was the case today when I decided to watch SIX BY SONDHEIM .  I don't spend a lot of time watching musical theater but I have worked on a few and actually did post work on Sunday in the Park with George  one of Sondheim's show.  If you have HBO you can find it and download it now. I would highly recommend it.   It is good because they use old interviews of SS and they shot new production numbers which help tell his story.   Sondheim's bio I found very compelling.   Divorced dramatic parents who left him home alone not necessarily literally but definitely figuratively.   

As his unbelievable strong work ethic appeared early in life and his mom seemed as a cold as a witch's tit (gawd, I haven't used that expression in years)..I was pretty sure SS had moon in Capricorn and it was doing something effed up to Saturn.  Lo and behold, his Moon is in Cap and it is conjunction with Saturn.  No shit. 


How perfect that Pluto is on top of his Moon and Saturn right now.  He is getting the world's attention. if you notice, you will see he has Pisces on the 5th house cusp.  The 5th house is all about drama and theater.   Pisces builds worlds within worlds,  additionally Pisces rules songs and music.  No surprise he has four planets in the 5th house.   Neptune is the ruling of the 5th and is elevated in the 10th house, this supports his long career in theater.  This also connects up with his passion for booze which he says helps him write.   Ah,  Neptune strikes again. 

Anyway, do yourself a favor and find Six by Sondheim…and then come back and look at his chart. 

Also you will note that he identifies himself as a loner…. Scorpio on the 1st!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter is here….

For those of us in Northern Hemisphere we are now two days into Winter after the Sun moved into Capricorn on Saturday.     Did you feel a cool breeze waft in?   Yeah, there is a big difference between hot & bothered Sag and cool-as-a-cucumber Capricorn.   We are now getting our practical on and have less time for nonsense but we do relish dark humor.  Just perfect for Christmas! 

Also on Saturday, Venus turned retrograde in Capricorn beginning its five week backward journey.   Venus retrograde is when we look at how our love, money and values might be ‘off’.   Perhaps we have been loving someone who does not deserve it?  Perhaps we have been pursuing a passion but when we come out of the Venus retrograde on January 31 we may have a new take on where our love and passion now needs to be focused.  Perhaps we have been spending money on something or someone that is no longer serving us.      Yeah, we’re getting our cold on.   It is hard pressure time.     

The week will start off with a Disseminating lunar phase.     Followed by Last quarter moon on December 25th .   Also on the 25th Mars will be in opposition with Uranus.    Not a pleasant aspect.  Where one person is rough another person is chaotic.   On the micro,  there will be some a-hole comments.  God help those families who hit the booze on holidays. Watch out for drunk drivers and warmongers.   How do you spell YIKES?

Focus on: How are you sharing your strength?  How are sharing your courage?  How are others sharing their leadership?  How are others sharing their own strength?    What are you learning from others when they lie?   

Special focus:
12/24: Mercury enter Capricorn
12/25: Mars/Uranus Abrupt actions, chaotic movements, reckless energy, breaking stuff up

Last Quarter Moon Phase
December 25
2:27pm EST

Last Quarter moon:  Now we do the final adjustments to the seeds we planted on new. The final call, the final letters to send, we follow all the trails that came up that still make sense.  And we let the other parts lay fallow. It is a time of action but wise action.  It is a time for living  “The serenity prayer

God, grant me the Serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change Courage to change the
things I can, and the
Wisdom to know the difference.

Focus on:
What actions do you need to take that help reach your goals and visions and include your relationships?  How are your partners supporting your goals and visions?  What do you need to do to engage them?  

Special focus:
12/26: Mercury/Neptune: Gentle conversations, inspired thinking, spiritual thoughts
12/27: Mercury/Saturn: Harsh thinking, what’s broken is on the mind

12/28: Sun/Mercury: Goal oriented thinking, energetic thinking, putting oneself out there in the world starts without thinking about it first.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon
December 17 2013
4:28am EST

This Full Moon will speak to our communication and our thinking.  It is a trite expression but with Gemini full moon (which means it is opposite Sag) the question of the day is –“Are you walking your talk?”   And more important, if you are walking your talk----are you sick of it?  Do you need a new talk and new walk?  

We are also asking, “How is our thinking?   What synapses are going off?   “What are these connections my brain is making?  How is our big picture vision at play against our minutia mind?  Gemini is always the smartest tool in the shed.  But where it effs itself is when it over thinks –every thing.    Say what you want about Sag but no one can argue they aren't capable of doing things without thinking!  God yes.   We may feel pulled in both directions—over thinking and just doing.  
Neptune the mystic is in harmony with the Moon and Mercury the mental planet is on top of the Sun.   How redundant.  It is more about our brains.  Our thinking is coming from out of this world.  Not just figuratively but literally.   I would not second guess any odd ball thought or connection that goes off in your brain.   Seriously, it could be the new legs for your new walk.

Several hours later after the Full Moon launches Uranus will station direct at 9 degrees of Aries (12:39pm EST).   It is impossible to overstate this one, but if you are not getting some new thoughts on during this Full Moon you need to get an EEG, cuz your brain is not working.      We all know that the tension is on now.  It is a tightly woven time where nerves are raw and tempers short.  And this has nothing to do with Christmas shopping.  It is the endless cardinal squares (Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus) which we are either building towards or fully processing for the next four months.  There are peaks and valleys between now and the end of April but consider this next three weeks a peak.   
Where do you need to break out?  What is your brain telling you?   Do you think you can just move some stuff or people around the house and it will be okay?  Ha.  Not likely.   

Watch what your brain tells you during this full moon for a hint about where you are heading.

Looking Ahead This Week

We are in Gibbous moon, Full moon starts on Tuesday--

Oh, I don't know about you but on Friday we moved into Gibbous Moon and I felt the crank tank start to fill up--big time.   Little snips with my husband, real annoyance with traffic, real annoyance with other people who think they are 'helpful'..oh, where to start?   Focus on:
 What details are you following up that support you building something block by block?   How do the details support your finances and resources?   What goals do you have that need simple hard work?   How are you accessing that work?

Then on Tuesday we get a Full Moon.

And I'm not sure the Full Moon in Gemini will be any better but I will try to imagine it brightening up.    Certainly we will be trying to find our stride in communication if not with others then at least within ourselves.   More on that later (that post will follow).   

Also on Tuesday Uranus will turn direct.  Watch what gets launched in the next couple of days.  I'm not sure it will be good or bad, probably both, but something will appear.    Where are you feeling movement?  Where are feeling liberated?  Where are feeling ready to let go?   How will any of these actions set up a new path for you?   

I personally have started to feel the ramp up by Mars.  I wrote about this on the new moon, but on December 7, Mars went into Libra starting to set up the square with Pluto & Jupiter and opposition to Uranus.   Libra of course is how we relate and our relationships, are feeling like going to war on them?    Yeah, that's Mars.   But we will probably not do a in-your-face warrior stance.  We are much more inclined to be nice and friendly but take out the weapons behind he scene.   Yep, that's Libra and Mars will be here for months and months.   God, I wish Shakespeare was alive to write about the next five months.  

On Friday, the Sun moves into Capricorn and Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn.  Oh, we will all be figuring out our values and love and how much it is costing us.   It is hard to imagine that the next six weeks will be business as usual.   Not just in our lives but 'business' in the business world sense as well.  


Full Moon Phase

December 17 2013
12:39pm EST
25 Gemini 36

Full Moon:  We make the needed adjustments on the things we planted. Usually emotions are up and running and for those people who perhaps did not utilize the new moon and the rest of the waxing moon, this is when emotions can get the better of us.  There can often be a big emotional break, for no other reason than to get back on track.   Some partnership will offer up some balance.  The moon is bright and full and there is no room for shadows, what is reflecting on you? 

Focus on:  

How are your connections? The ones you make out in the world when you are living your life and the connections in your brain?   Where are you sharpening your communication skills?  How are you being nimble?  How are you being quick?   What do you look like when you are light?  Get your nimble on.

See my blog for more on full moon.  http://tracyastrosalon.blogspot.com/

Special focus:
12/17: Uranus turns Direct 

December 21
7:45a EST
Disseminating Moon Phase

Focus on: How are you sharing your strength?  How are sharing your courage?  How are others sharing their leadership?  How are others sharing their own strength?    What are you learning from others when they lie?   

Special focus:
12/21:  Venus turns retrograde 28 Cap (see above)
12/21:  Sun enters Capricorn
12/24: Mercury enter Capricorn
12/25: Mars/Uranus Abrupt actions, chaotic movements, reckless energy, breaking stuff up