Tuesday, March 30, 2010

On The Air......

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jamie Roth (AKA Intuitive Jamie) on her show Intuitive Encounters which you can find HERE.

The topic was TreasureMapping. My history with Treasure Maps and the rules of the road. I encourage those of you who are still new to Treasure Maps to give it a listen.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

Before I talk about Feng Shui, I want to talk about my email account. In the last ten years my email account has changed at least five times. Not because I was ping ponging from one company to another looking for the best deal. No, the opposite was true. I have only stayed with one company but that company keeps being bought and sold over and over again, each time changing my email account!

That is how I feel about my history with Feng Shui. I stay committed to Feng Shui but my practitioners keep moving!!!! They simply feng shui themselves out of my life. It started in 1996 when my good friend Ann gave me Denise Linn's "Sacred Space" Book. Although the book is NOT about Feng Shui it discusses how to clear out the bad energy and bring in more good energy.

Denise is native american so she brought in a lot of that knowledge and pointed out stagnant energies and how to release them. By the time I finished her book I was clearing out corners and taking stuff to goodwill faster than you can say, "Sacred Space." Luckily for me, my friend Ann with her Moon in Aries was out in front and had found and secured Nate, a Feng Shui practitioner because I could feel myself wanting 'more'. When I heard what Nate did in Ann's house, I was fascinated. Feng Shui seemed a natural progression after reading Sacred Spaces.

So, I too hired Nate. He was great, he came over to my apartment in my tony neighborhood and we worked out all the kinks. There were some issues that needed fixing but for the most part he said it was a pretty clear space. When he gonged the gong, it had an extra ring in it which lifted his eyebrows. He said, "That does not happen often and he said the space was good." Two months later I moved. I laugh now thinking about it. We cleared the energy so well, that I felt the need to downsize. The move was liberating on so many levels and the funny part was my 'big' move was to a smaller apartment two floors up from current apartment.

Now, with all my new information regarding Baguas (9 squares) and my list of Nos and Yes's (No Mirror in the bedroom. Yes, a Water feature near the front door.) I was ready to set up my new place with a lot more thought to space. Nate came to the new place and gave it the once over and agreed it was in good shape. And then just like that Nate moved six time zones away from Los Angeles.

And so I floated without any practitioner for two years in my little apartment but I had no complaints, my boyfriend and I got engaged and all was good. Then, again, following the gypsy in my soul, I moved out of my little place back into a bigger size apartment, this time one floor down from little apartment. I was now in my third apartment in this one building. I'm sure the managers thought I was nuts but if you saw the 1920's building in this leafy neighborhood you would have stayed too!

Anyway, after we got married and had been in the new place over a year, I felt strongly that the energy was 'off'. I was now ready to find a new Feng Shui practitioner and as these things tend to happen---when you are ready for something, that something will walk into your life and thus entered Juko.

Juko had many skills not the least was Feng Shui, but she was different for me. Nate practiced Black Hat Feng Shui which was Form School Feng Shui and Juko practiced Compass. Both, schools rely on a Grid but one uses the compass directions and the other uses the position of the Front Door. My head started to spin as I moved into East, South, West and North thinking. But once again, I had huge successes, not the least being the conception and birth of my son. And so it was that we puttered along in our apartment until my son turned six months and started to crawl. I began to panic about being up five floors with an active son and so we moved. We settled for a townhouse one neighborhood away with an expansive communal backyard. It was a piece of heaven and one more time, Juko came over, gave extensive notes as we dealt with a second floor and a front door that is directly in line to a back door (yikes) she suggested some shifts of furniture and just like that announced she was not going to be able to take any more Feng Shui clients or appointments because she was returning to school for her Masters Degree in Design. So, I was on my own again.

Now by this point, I was in my eight year of Feng Shui and space clearing and finding energies in my house that I was simply healing myself. I would putter around, tweak things, remember various lessons from Nate and Juko. Doing it all. Until finally in 2007 I could once again, feel the energy shift and I said to my husband, "I've gotta get a Feng Shui practitioner again." And so I went searching. And this is when I found Katy Allgeyer Feng Shui by Fish Girl . Katy at the time lived in Los Angeles and was convenient and after looking at her blog, I just "got" that she would be the right energy for us. Katy came over and suggested various colors to be painted on certain walls, some movement of furniture, areas that we needed to 'fix' primarily having to do with the walls of junk that one has with a five year old boy. But she did not have me overhaul everything. We did not have to go down to the studs and completely change our life over of which my husband said, "Oh, Thank god!" After Katy's work, which was a return to Form School Feng Shui, the house seemed to hum better and the hurdles shortened and the rewards multiplied. And of course, and frankly, I was used to this.. Katy sent me an email.."I'm moving to North Carolina." Was it me? or what?

I was totally fine with Katy's move since I felt we were in good shape. But then two years later I felt a 'leak' of energy in my house. My husband's schedule was increasingly taking more and more time away from the family, my own energy was being dissipated as I was being pulled in more and more different directions. Again, I felt 'off'. My friend Margaret had a recommendation of Kerry Ann who practiced Compass School. Luckily for me, Kerry Ann was in sync with Katy and although it could have been topsy turvy given my front door is directly opposite the Feng Shui North but because I use my back door like a front door the whole thing kind of worked. Kerry Ann's notes were useful and once again, we hummed along but with all things Feng Shui--I was not surprised that Kerry Ann's availability was limited since she lives primarily in Europe and is in town only a few weeks a year. And so I was on my own again for a year.

Then last month, I got an email from Katy that she would be in town and did I want a tune up? The answer was a resounding YES. I have come to realize that I always benefit by a Feng Shui practitioner's eye. I just get sloppy. I don't mean that my house is a mess kind of sloppy. I mean, sloppy in other ways. Katy said right away that my front entrance was in need of a fix. My two fruit trees branches were blocking the entrance, the front mat was ratty, the potted plants looked more half dead than half alive. After ten years of Feng Shui, I know better but I needed Katy to come in and call my attention. Hey, I once got forty pounds fat, I needed the fat doctor to call me on it. Same with Feng Shui.

Anyway, as to be expected, Katy and I moved back the tree branches from my front door, I went out and got a new mat that said, "Welcome". I started moving out some of the clutter that had accumulated in the last year and bingo..I saw a change. I had some people step up significantly at my son's school so the pressure was not just on me to get some stuff changed. I had a family member help me in a way they had never helped before. My husband got an offer that could improve his career. All in all, we felt the energy shift and concrete results. This is the stuff of Feng Shui. Luckily, you can all benefit by it in the here and now. You should check out Katy's blog--FENG SHUI BY FISHGIRL She can work with you in real life and by remote. Please give her a read.

Now, let me go move a box of crap out of my life as I prepare the space for Treasure Map.

And as Denise Linn says, "Our homes are mirrors of ourselves. Through them we can interface with the universe."

What does yours say about you?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Full Moon Libra --March 29, 2010

Have you ever had the experience of going into a party filled with lovely, vibrant fun people but over on the couch is one dark ass personality sucking up a lot of the oxygen?

Well, that is this Full Moon. Sun Trine Mars, brings lot of energy a 'taking care of business' aspect, Mercury conjuncts Venus, which is good for the way we communicate to our loved ones. Mercury Sexiles Neptune, which adds more inspired thinking. Also, Mars trines Jupiter which brings in big, outside, foreign influence that again energize us and as previously discussed on the New Moon we still have Mars sextile Saturn which continues the energy of getting stuff 'done'.

Those are all great influences and I hope we use them to full advantage. So, who is sucking the oxygen on the couch? Pluto.

Pluto just squared the Sun on March 25 but is still an influence for this Full moon and now added to the mix, Pluto is Squaring Moon in Libra. Ouch.
Pluto highlights, power under the surface which is desperate to break free (think volcanoes). Where are we feeling shackled? Where do we feel trapped? As we know Pluto in Capricorn is shaking up business and government and those who rule from the top. And as we know you can be on the top of any mountain but if the foundation is weak---you will come crumbling down. We will know more about this energy during the Summer and the cardinal grand crosses. But, perhaps this full moon will shine a light on what is to come this Summer? See what comes up for you. Do you feel like you are a servant? Do you feel like you are not honoring your own leadership? Or do you feel you are on top of the world but there is a crack in your foundation? What can you do now on this full moon to address that crack? I would take full advantage of those great aspected planets and see if they be used to help you rethink solutions for your your cracks.
Basically, this is a good opportunity to look in the mirror and say--"help."
And another good day to remember the serenity prayer.

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change;
The courage to change the things that I can;
And the wisdom to know the difference.

ETA: Because this full moon is putting pressure on the cardinal signs that we will be revisiting (this summer and later) I think anything coming up on this phase is worth watching with a VERY keen eye. With that in mind, I believe the following is noteable. (and yes some of this happened just before Full but still in my mind close enough to count)

Terrorist Bombs kill Subway riders in Moscow

Smashing Atoms, Hadron Collider begins colliding subatomic particles

French President Sarkozy tells US Bankers--You're doing it again!

Iranian Nuclear Physicist Defects

Washington DC Shooting Spree

Another wave of black widow bombers in Russia

I PAD--- A Hit!

Pope Benedict: Hiding the Sex Scandal HEATS UP

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mountain Astrologer on the Newstand!

I received the latest Mountain Astroloer in my mail this week. I have not had the time to read the whole issue but I am about half way through it and once again, it is a spectacular and timely material.

In particular, The cover story, "The Astrology of the US Dollar and World Currencies" is a must read for anyone who uses US dollars. Once again, we are brought back to the topic that I have certainly discussed which is the chart of The Federal Reserve. I do not consider myself an expert on this topic by a long shot but there are plenty of astrologers who know TFR chart and what a beating it is taking at this time. One such astrologer is Maurice Lavenant. I have read other articles by Mr. Lavenant and all of them well researched, especially in historical context. Naturally, he speaks of the tough aspects we are having this summer and how they fit up against TFR chart. And although it is not pretty, he is not predicting what way the chips will fall. Just that the chips will fall.

I also found Tem Tearrktar "A Planetary Wake Up Call: June-August 2010" an important read. Again, we have been talking a lot about these 2010 aspects for quite some time. But every time I read another astrologer's take on it, I feel I am informed. Each one of us brings our own nuance to the discussion. But for me, I think that feeling of "being informed" is vital. Of course, I am a Sag, so the more info the better!

Tem is the editor of Mountain Astrologer and at the end of the article he mentioned that starting in April TMA's home page will provide links on their site that they think are the most detailed and useful in interpreting and preparing for June-August 2010 and beyond. They also have a TMA page on Facebook where this is already a discussion going on for each chart of the 6 hard aspects. I have not been there yet, but I did want to let you know about it.

I'm anxious to crack the rest of the magazine as soon as I can, I hope some of you will hit the newsstands or go online and order your copy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun Square Pluto

The big megillah aspect this week is Sun Square Pluto on Thursday at 11:45pm EDT. We get these squares twice a year (next one in the Fall) and it is always the same. Pluto demands that something die so that something can be reborn. And the Sun says, "hmmm, that is interesting but NOOOOOOOO! I'll do it my way, thank you very much, Pluto." Can you feel the tension? In a word, KABOOM! If you feel like you are getting pressured to do something or are feeling stressed blame this aspect. The underlying tension is like lava under the surface, waiting to explode. Or perhaps you are soldiering through some enemy territory and want to run off screaming. Persevere as best as you can but remember sometimes you need to lose a battle to win the war. And if you blow up at somebody remember it really isn't them, it is you, How did you end up here? How did you not take care of yourself? How was your ego in the mix? How are you so busy covering your ass you are selling yourself short? Yeah, this is an aspect that demands us look at our psyche for help.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A funny little day

Wednesday March 17 Sun conjunct Uranus

If you read my New Moon article which I assume you did, then you know we already have a strong Uranus energy this whole 28 day lunar cycle. But of the 28 days, today is one of the strongest Uranus days.

At 2:50am EDT The Sun conjuncts Uranus. This is like putting the spotlight on the goofiest, oddest, curiousest (not a word) person, situation or event around us. If you are heading in one direction today and you get derailed...don't be surprised. AND don't just blow off that derailment. There may be more in it for you than you know---There is more value than, "Oh, shit, now I have to deal with this." Ask why is this in your lap? Ask, how did this happen? Do you want to have it happen again? What do you need to change about you so it doesn't happen again? And if you feel you can't and it was just a random thing, then leave it at that, a 'random' thing. Nothing to personalize! Why am I saying all this? Because today is the final day that the Sun will conjunct Uranus in Pisces in our lifetime. The next time the Sun gets on top of Uranus will be in the sign Aries. We won't experience this Sun/Uranus in Pisces for another 80 years. And I won't be here to advise you then.
Anyway, be like THE FOOL today which represents Uranus, take a first step for a new journey.

Additionally, Mercury will trine Mars, another energy that is in effect all 28 days but most pronounced today, your mind and your energy are in sync. You can accomplish a lot today. Let no stone go unturned as you embark on your path!
Or, if you like the strange turn of events then ask "Wow, did I make this connection or was it The Universe?" Something bigger than us is at play whenever it involves Pisces.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pisces New Moon 2010--The Leap of Faith

Well, I came skidding in at the last possible hour..but I just put up Pisces New Moon! Phew!!

It is a very interesting moon, but frankly, I am getting used to these powerful lunar cycles. As I mentioned at the beginning of the 2010 season --these new moons for this year are potent! And Pisces is no different. The conjunction between Sun/Moon/Mercury and Uranus --with an opposition to Saturn (out of sign) is bringing out a lot of fears and crazy town issues but at the same time we will most definitely have some doors open up for us. And on the other side of that door will be a nice long road to a new experience and perhaps life which includes many realized dreams. I think the fear of the first step is well worth the possibility of living out our dreams. The answer lies in our intuition.

For more go HERE:

In the meantime here is a snippet:

“Psst, we are not alone.”

So, there is the Sun and the Moon enjoying themselves in Pisces. They love the good vibes, they love the fact that they can just float, they love the way they can meditate and reflect and just chill out. Of course, when they are misbehaving, they love mind altering substances--- too much. But what they really love is letting things unfold at their own pace. They are not pushing the river back, they are going with the flow. This is the energy of PISCES FISH. Going with the flow. Sounds great, right? Yeah, it is great when it is the Upper Fish. You see the image for Pisces is two fishes. One fish on top of the other which means one fish is heading down the river Head First, the other is heading down the river Tail First. And as one who has been to water parks and had the pleasure, (humiliation) of slipping down one of those big slides backwards, let me tell you it cannot be fun going through life Tail First.

Confused, fearful, insecure, nervous---these are also the energies of Pisces. In fact, the reason why Pisces is often associated with booze and drugs is because people with pronounced Pisces and who are more “Tail First” self-medicate in an attempt to soothe the desperate out-of-control- backward feeling permeating their daily life. And it is not just substances, they can get lost in delusions, religious frenzy, and even artistic expression can be used to such extreme that they cut themselves off from the rest of the world. As tempting as the extreme behavior can be the other solution lies in Pisces turning itself around and being more like its upper fish—Head First.

Of course, this is easier said than done, because the Head First Fish have many gifts but all of them rooted in one of the ugliest, scariest five letter words in the English Language-----TRUST. The Head First Pisces, will meditate and find its inner equilibrium. Or it will tune into prayer, religion, yoga and mysticism to find its inner balance. Or if it is not spiritual in nature, it can turn to science to find its center. But when they turn to science it is not like you or I, they still bring another world to their search. Case in point, Piscean Albert Einstein didn’t get to e equals m c squared by just following someone else’s work, he had to go with the flow as his brain assimilated thousands and thousands of thoughts until finally he found the equation that worked. And although, he may not have characterized it as such when it happened, one can argue that he trusted the crazy abstract thoughts as he processed them. Frankly, I think it is amazing he didn’t go mad with all that kind of brain power. Around the same time that Einstein was doing his scientific work, Edgar Cayce, the famous medium and fellow Piscean was leaving his body and channeling medical advice and future events like world wars. Again, both men could have gone mad from the information that they received. But instead they went with the flow, processed it and at the end of the day, they trusted their experience. Oh, they may have had their doubts but still they stuck with it. And of course, their work stands the test of time

Go to link for the rest.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Preparing for YOUR Treasure Map

We are down to the final month before Treasure Map.

First of all if you are unaware of what is a Treasure Map go HERE for all the details. The Treasure Map New Moon will take place in the middle of April this year. Yes, that is a month away but there is plenty you can do now that will get your prepared so you can have the best Treasure Map Moon ever. The first order of business is clean your effin' house! I am not your mother and you are not in the 9th grade but let me say it in the most nagging voice possible, clean the shit out of your house! If it is broken get rid of it. If there is clutter in your bedroom get rid of it. If your drawers are crammed with so much crap you can't get more crap in them..then take those drawers to Mr. Trash Can and dump them. Get the broken stuff out, fix the things with holes and what about the stuff you actually don't like that is in your house----get rid of it!

Why am I saying to clear out your clutter and broken stuff? Because Einstein said it best--"No two things can occupy the same space." Simply said if you have got crap in your life, that crap is taking up space in your life. Valuable space. And when it comes to Treasure Maps you want all the space available. Remember, on Aries new moon (mid April) you are going to make a collage of all the things you want in the following twelve months. And how can you have all that good when your daily life has got a butt load of crap? The answer lies in a broom, a can of pledge and a lot of trips to goodwill, yard sales and Mr. Trash Can. By clearing out the stuff now you will be clearing your brain and your psyche. The space will be amazing. Because it holds so much potential!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ray's of info

As always, Ray Merriman offers up something that you don't see everywhere.
On the topic of Mars Retro/Direct.....

This week is significant for many of the reasons given in last week’s column. Venus will be trine to Mars on Sunday, March 7, marking the end of the soft and harmonious aspects. Venus will then enter into opposition with Saturn on Tuesday, March 9, and square to Pluto on March 11. These later two signatures pertain to concerns regarding the continuing debt explosion around the world, and the increased possibility of default by some nations.

But this week is also significant because Mars will now end it retrograde motion on Wednesday, March 10. The station is taking place in zero degrees of Leo, in a trine aspect to Venus, which is moving from Pisces into Aries. This is a very “passionate” set up, indicating that people have strong feelings or beliefs they are willing to fight for. But with Mars stationary, the agreeable desires of Venus are likely to be trumped by the aggressive and forceful nature of Mars and Aries. It could be a week of higher volume than usual on the stock exchanges, which in turn could lead to large price ranges, especially in commodities.

and my favorite insight:

One other note of interest. I oftentimes refer to Mars retrograde as the “Falkland Islands” aspect. You may remember in February-May 1982, when Mars was retrograde, Argentina invaded and occupied the Falkland Islands, which was under the dependency of the United Kingdom. It was at that time I came to understand that the aggressor under Mars Rx is usually the loser, for Argentina suffered a humiliating defeat. Now, under the current Mars retrograde, the Falkland Islands are again caught in a sovereignty dispute between UK and Argentina.

I haven't thought about the Falkland's in years. Very interesting.

Go to his blog for more:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ready for lift off, Mars turns direct

On Wedneday, March 10 Mars turns direct at 12:09pm (EST)

Back on New Moon I wrote:


And if the entire Aquarius, eccentric, odd, electrifying energy was not enough, we have got Mars turning direct on March 10. Ever since Mars went into Leo (Fall) we have been driven to find our true, authentic self and our desire to activate that self. Perhaps it is some creative part of ourselves, perhaps it is a leadership role that we have been trying to assume, and perhaps it is just an organic passionate side of ourselves that we no longer want to be dormant. Whatever it is, we have been trying to get a groove on with it but have been stymied. Part of the reason why is because Mars turned retrograde in December which did not temper our desire but did put up a few road blocks. Roadblocks caused by our own ego and pride (yucky Leo words). Now, Mars is ready to turn around and go straight, the deal is that it could be too much fuel at first. And given we are already dissolving things (Neptune), self wounding (Chiron), while finding our spot in Community (Aquarius) and now we have got to put our passion (Mars) and creativity and our need to make everything personal (Leo) into the mix? Lordy, that could be a firestorm! The key is when you feel the energy shift, breathe through it and take your time. If it is a great idea, the passion will be there for you to access forever. You don’t have to do everything at once. BREATHE.

Let's talk about Venus

We've got a lot of Venus going on that needs some 'splaining.
On Sunday, March 7 Venus moves into Aries at 7:33am (EST). Venus in Aries is ardent, a lover of truth, a lover of self motivation, in this place Venus loves to get the hell out there and be heard. She may be beautiful but when Venus is in Pisces she is in a sweet flowery dresses, now in Aries she is in jeans and leather. Sunday will be a very different day then Saturday that is for sure!

Adding to the sparks, later on Sunday at 2:15pm Venus will send some love to her favorite soldier Mars. They will be totally digging each other since Venus is in Mars' favorite sign Aries. Bonnie meet Clyde. It will be all big and glorious. If you and your lover get into any spark inducing fights know that there will be plenty of make up sex with this aspect. It will be curious to see who wins Oscars under this aspects. Additionally, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter at 8:45 pm so I predict wild moments. For those of you who tighten your seat belts when Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon or Tim Robbins enter the house, let me tell you with these aspects I predict bigmouthed crazytown speeches.

And that is just the weekend.

On Tuesday,March 9th Venus opposes Saturn. Here we get a big fat cold shower on all things we love and value. It is a cold day in Hell. Our money feels off, our love feels off. And yes, we do look fat in that dress.

We sort of have Wednesday to get our wits about us. I say "sort of" because Mars is going to make a switch which will has a lot of energy in it. (see next post)

And then on Thursday at 12:36pm Venus squares Pluto. Twice a year we get this aspect and it is no day in the country. Venus loves money and beauty and pluto loves power and these two are not getting along. What this means is anyone's guess but I tell you I would suggest this not be a comforting day or week on the stockmarket. And probably some kind of dirty laundry will be flapping in the wind for all to see. Yuch.

Weird little thoughts on this Aquarius lunar cycle

On Aquarius new moon I wrote that a strong Aquarius energy can show up in brilliant people. One person I was thinking about was Charles Darwin. Darwin who's handsome profile (in a mid 19th century up tight English way) is seen above. For the record he is 45 at the time of this photo-(-gawd they always look so old in those photos) and was about to cause a world riot. That guy? Yeah, that guy. Aquarian that he was, Darwin was an advanced thinker. Way advanced. He was technically a naturalist but what he really was a human earthquake. He said things and the world shook. Don't believe me? Bring up Evolution in the Bible Belt and you'll get a 7.1 on the Richter scale. Yep, evolution that was Darwin's little theory.

So, back to my point (if there is one). I was thinking about Charlie Darwin on New Moon. Then earlier this week I happened to find myself watching some old nerdy shows on my DVR and one of them was all about Mt Vesuvius. It was an interesting show and a wee bit scary. In the last ten years, geologists have been able to determine there is a huge magma reservoir about the size of Manhattan under Mt Vesuvius and Naples. And more importantly there have been two large earthquakes within the area that could indicate an impending eruption. Now here is where things got interesting I learned on the program that this connection between earthquakes and eruptions was made by Charles Darwin.

I had no idea but I kind of sat up on this one. In the show the narration mentioned that Darwin had experienced an earthquake in Chile which was immediately followed by volcanic eruptions. "Huh? Did that narrator say Chile earthquake?"

Now I'm intrigued, I googled Darwin and Chile Earthquake and get this, Charles Darwin was in Chile on his famous cruise (where evolution was born) when an earthquake hit--Darwin wrote:

February 20th. — This day has been memorable in the annals of Valdivia, for the most severe earthquake experienced by the oldest inhabitant. I happened to be on shore, and was lying down in the wood to rest myself. It came on suddenly, and lasted two minutes, but the time appeared much longer. The rocking of the ground was very sensible. The undulations appeared to my companion and myself to come from due east, whilst others thought they proceeded from south-west: this shows how difficult it sometimes is to perceive the directions of the vibrations.

This earthquake precipitated three large volcanic eruptions. Darwin was the first scientist to link the two.

What I thought was intesting was that Darwin's earthquake in Chile was 185 years minus one week. His earthquake was Feb 20 and this week's earthquake was Feb 27.

I don't know what it all means but I do know that my own Venus in Aquarius can have a high antenna during the this lunar phase and if there is a volcanic eruption in Chile or Vesuvius goes off in the somewhat near future, remember this weird little post by me. Or don't. I'm sure I'll be onto something strange by then anyway.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Banish you, ADD-HD!"

On Thursday March 4 at 6:55am EST we have a nice perky aspect between Mercury and Pluto. If you have been feeling scattered, your desk has been a mess, and you have not had the will power to go through that bowl with all your mail---Today you can do it. It is a simple and tidy aspect (sextile) but Pluto is strong and disciplined and Mercury rules the brain so you can use the energy to take care of a lot of business. Distractions won't derail your activities and you'll be surprised by how much you accomplish.

Go for it!

Venus Uranus

On Wednesday March 3 at 11:07pm EST Venus will hook up with Uranus. This happens once a year and it is always good for odd energy since "Strange Bedfellows" is THE catchphrase for Venus conjunct Uranus. "Huh, they are a couple, who knew?"

If on Wednesday some out of the blue bonus lands in your lap you can thank Venus and Uranus. Of course, like all of these transiting aspects they create a nice environment but how they impact you personally is really more about where it hits your natal chart. This is aspect is taking place at 26 Pisces (25 and change) so what ever house has got that degree you should expect some quirky weird bedfellow. And if you have anything at 26 Virgo, Gemini and Sag well, it might be a bumpy thing that lands on your lap. Persevere. It too shall pass.