Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Combing over the sturm and drang of Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been in the news of late. Of course, with a Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sag and Leo Rising, HRH Trump is always in the news. The question is for some people (not me) will Donald Trump be the GOP candidate for 2012 President? In a word: No.

And he knows it.

Sun conjunct Uranus in the 10th house, he knows darn well he would be bored by politics and the way things get done in Washington.

His Jupiter in the 2nd house is all about making money. Of course the Neptune in the 2nd house explains the bankruptcies.

Mars and Pluto in the 12th house are demons that will always need a place to be released. And those demons would make for interesting fodder for press but not good for his family which would sting his Mercury and Venus in Cancer.
Mars has a nice trine to his Moon in Sag in his 4th house and along with the 2nd house planets this put the accent on real estate and homes along with family.

And as much as his Leo Ascendent loves to be the center of attention and his Moon in Sag loves to shoot off opinions being a public official would thwart his desire to control his world (Pluto in 12th) to ever last detail. Too much of his life would be out of his hands. And that is not going to work for a man at 60+.

If I was to bet on any part of his chart that actually COULD be an elected official it might be his Saturn, Mercury, Venus in Cancer in the 11th house. Cancer does speak to a pulse and understanding of people and his Mercury and Venus there does bring a lot of friends. Saturn is commitment and discipline and conjuncting his Venus, could even bring friends who could contribute to a political campaign. But given a choice between having a friend contribute to his political campaign or go in partnership with him on a lucrative property, I believe his Jupiter in Libra in the second house would win. For Trump it needs to be personal more than public.

And as much as he is out there causing sturm and drang about the current administrations and the state of the country he is not going to throw his hat in the ring for a move down south. Anyway, Washington humidity would be murder on his hair.

And no Leo Ascendent would ever make that sacrifice.

ETA: Today The White House released Obama's birth certificate in response to Donald Trump. This is DT's reaction. See you can find the Gemini, The Sag and the Leo in his response.

Today I'm very proud of myself, because I've accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish," said Trump on the release of the president's birth certificate, according to NBC News. "I want to look at it, but I hope it's true. ... But he should have done it a long time ago."

Financial News and US Saturn Return

Over at Lynn Hayes's Astrological Musings (BeliefNet), is a great posting about Saturn Return and the US Economy. Lynn also uses quotes from Debbie at WallStreetWeather.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, we are in the middle of the second phase of the Saturn Return in the US chart. The Saturn return occurs every 28-30 years in a chart – whether of an individual, a marriage, or a nation – and requires that we learn the hard lessons of life in a material world. Saturn insists that we keep our eyes open and nose to the grindstone, and develop positive habits that will help us to become successful.

The Saturn return in the US chart has brought with it the usual challenges, both financial and of a more subtle nature – the kind of “malaise” that came with the last US Saturn Return.

Read more: http://blog.beliefnet.com/astrologicalmusings/2011/04/financial-news-and-the-us-saturn-return.html#ixzz1KdcTYjfM

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Friends the Cardinal Signs

Ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn back at the end of 2008 our friends Aries, Cancer and Libra and Capricorn have been feeling IT. What is IT? Well, it feels like God is picking them up, putting them in a washing machine and hitting the ON button. Cold water drenches them, then they are agitated with soap, then more cold water and then, of course the spin cycle. It is has been a bit of a challenge for them, to say the least. Just to be clear we are talking about people born within the first ten days (or so) of these signs. So, roughly---for Aries we are talking about March 21 to about April 2, for Cancer June 21 to about July 2, for Libra September 23 to October 3 and of course Capricorn December 21 to January 2.

Everyone born in those windows is going through IT. And now with Uranus officially in Aries and in the mix along with Saturn in Libra most everyone in these groups is probably raising their hands and saying, "I give up." And that is probably the smartest move they can do. The ones who are not giving up? Well, what is that old expression for insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result....that is those cardinals who are hanging on to their old life.

But seriously, how many of you are still even doing that? By this point you have probably given up that ghost. Now you are being agitated in the washer, you know something is going to come out in the wash and you are better served to forget being able to control it.

As a person who had Pluto on my own sun about a dozen years ago, I know it is not easy but BELIEVE me if you look at this period as turning a corner, you will be better served. As an astrologer I knew what was going on with me when Pluto crossed my Sun (and Saturn btw for those interested) and I knew that Pluto does not take any hostages. He demands that we give it all up. We jump without a net, we trust and make the move. I also knew that the time would be a period where I would feel my whole life turn a corner. I would not be the same after it. And I went into it willing to do that. For me, my life did change. I got married and later had my son. All of that sounds great but these things do not come easily and not without challenges and I had them. Many of them more mental than actual physical. But I would NEVER change that period, mental bruises and all.

I encourage all of you cardinals who are in your own challenges to let go. Take everything day by day. As hard as it is, do not personalize stuff, do not think you are being punished by spirit. Instead look at this as the period that you and your maker set up for you to turn the corner and have the new life. The one you have always wanted. And yeah, it might be a bitch getting there, but giving birth is not easy. And whoever said it was, is lying. Breathe and give birth to the new you.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mercury Retro About to End. How is he treating you?

We are in the final days of Mercury retrograde. How is it treating you?
I think for me it has not been as hideous as other mercury retrogrades. Don't get me wrong, I have had the complete miscommunication stuff and technical stuff breakdowns like every retrograde but that really hard, gut wrenching, "why is god punishing me" mercury retro has not been the case with this one.

As we discussed earlier, I believe this Mercury retrograde has made our vision of our future a wee bit soft and fuzzy. I am sure it is part of the reason why it took me the whole waxing moon to build my Treasure Map. We get a vibe of what we want but maybe not complete clarity. But frankly, that is okay in my mind especially with Mars and Uranus out there throwing all kinds of salvos about what we will accept and no longer accept.

One thing I did do was get a new commitment to diet and exercise. At least the diet part this week. Next week the exercise. I think I needed the mercury retrograde in Aries to put both pieces back on the agenda for me. Ah, there is the beauty of going backwards, we can find the stuff we almost forgot we needed to address.

Take the rest of this retrograde to find some of your own lost goals.

Mercury retrograde ends tomorrow April 23 at 5:58am EDT.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Week Ahead

Yes, it is Tuesday but we still have the rest of the week.

Yesterday probably was bumby for you (gawd knows it was for me!) but Venus in harsh aspect to the nodes put our money and our love through the ringer. At the same time Mars was in opposition to Saturn and it made for a hideous, take one stop forward and two step backs. I hope you just gave up the ghost about accomplishing anything meaningful yesterday. I know once I did it made the day go smoother.

Mars and Mercury are working together like gasoline and fire work together. So, let me give you some help. Do not get into it with anyone today. Walk away, pull back and save your thoughts and comments to another day. Of course, if you absolutely can't control yourself and get into it with anyone, there is probably a bigger reason for the fiery conversation and perhaps it will serve you later. But you may get singed.

Sun enters Taurus: Happy Birthday Taurus! Those of you born in the first ten days of the sign have been in a transformation mode for awhile. Death and rebirth have been surrounding you and pulling you in but at its core you know that these changes you are going through are needed and most likely very welcomed by you.

Sun/Neptune: We are moved by spirit. Dreams are pronounced and day dreams are strong. A creative and very inspired day, Our psyche feels a surge of recovery.

Venus enters Aries, money and resources get fiery. At the same time there is a building push from Pluto basically pissing us off about finances and love life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Full Moon Libra

Libra Full Moon April 17 10:45pm EDT

This full Moon in Libra the emphasis in on relationships and how they relate to the new “you”. I know most of you are shaking your head “I’m still me, nothing has changed.” Perhaps on the outside but on the inside there is a new you budding through. It may only be embryonic but the change is there. And that new zygote of you – is looking at everyone and wondering, “How do they fit in my life now?” or “How do I fit in with them now?”

It could be subtle but it still is there.

The moon makes a trine and sextile to North Node in Sag and South Node in Gemini which puts the accent on “Assimilating and speaking Truth”. A few months ago we began a two year cycle were we are pulled to tell the truth and stand up for our beliefs. No matter how difficult our emphasis should be on the truth.

Of course we will need to avoid the alternate which is to lie to others, lie to self or intellectualize everything so much that the truth is lost. The Full moon is making a harmonious aspect to the Nodes which will help us understand (Gemini) why the truth (Sag) is personally so important to us. Not theoretically but practically speaking. See if something comes up that tell you, “Man oh, Man I need to be honest about ______”.

At the same time Mars conjuncts Mercury and Mar Opposes Saturn. We want to be active and results oriented but there is something that is thwarting us, slowing us down. It could be frustrating but under it all is the need to be practical about all our choices. Rushing, shooting off our mouth when things don’t go our way will hurt our relationships and not necessarily garner us the results we want or need. Or getting lost in our relationships and not taking care of the things that are personally important will thwart our personal need and desire to grow. The road less traveled in this case is finding a balance between being a firestorm or being milk toast.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

OMG...I have returned.

The image above is exactly what I need. I have been underground from the blog because I had a huge event to produce yesterday. I will spare you those details but let's just say I actually said the words: "Cue the marching band!"

Anyway, I'm back. I'll put up a few posts after I have my tea and get my mojo back.

I actually hurt.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Well...more time needed over here....

For the first time in 15 years of making Treasure Maps, I did not finish my map in the first three days of Aries New Moon. I had a feeling I might not make it and low and behold I didn't. I have huge deadlines this week and it has taken all my energy. The good news is that I have been hugely productive (maybe too much so?) and I have had solutions when I have needed them...so, that is auspicious for the year. But back to the map, I will certainly have it done before Full. I would like to finish it on 1/4 but I don't think I can make that one.

STrangely, I am relaxed about missing the date. I do love the 50 percent I have finished but I just felt a vibe say, "hold off until later."

Anyway, if any of you had similiar issues, hurdles, hang in there. We'll finish our maps before Full. I just know it.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get your Treasure Maps ON!!!!!!!

Happy New Moon!
Happy Treasure Mapping!

Hurray. We are here.

At 10:32am EDT April 3 The New Moon in Aries began. And now we build our Treasure Maps!

In an ideal world you will make your Treasure Maps between
April 3 and April 7 12:15 EDT. That is about 3.5 days which gives you time to strategize your maps and make sure they feel right.

However if you cannot make your map during that window---then you have up until April 17 10:43pm.

Those are the best windows to make the map. For those of you who are reading this and it is before the 7th or before the 17th, I trust you will make your maps in the optimal period.

*If by chance you get to this post and it is after the 17th, then you may still make a map because technically it is still Aries lunar cycle so you probably can squeeze one in but your drop dead date is April 28 at 12:29am. I believe people have still have found it effective and I think it is still worth it for you to give it a shot than having wait the following year.


A treasure map is a collage made of photos, magazines pictures, words, pieces of things that make sense to you...whatever you want and you put them on a foam core board or just cardboard or just something strong that can handle the collage...you put them all together so you can look at it...it will be a MAP of what you want for the coming year.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN, "what do I want for the coming year?"

Exactly what it says. Do you want a new relationship? A new house, a new living room, better health, stronger marriage, reconnect with people, a bigger family, a bigger community? Do you want to write your book? Do you want a new car? What is it you want?
Do you even know what you want?
If you are like many of us, you are so busy running around, taking care of everyone else that you might not have a fig of an idea what you want for your new year...that is the beauty of this process...you must sit down and figure it out...give yourself this time to do it. Be just that selfish and dare to dream.

Why do we do it now and not January?

Treasure Maps are made during the Aries new moon. Aries new moon change from year to year and this year, it will take place on April 3 at 10:32am EDT.

They are made on Aries new moon, because that is the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is when you plant your seeds. It is the real beginning of the New Year. It should not be confused with the first day of spring, which is usually on March 19 or March 20. New moon means the sun and moon are in the same degree. For those who don't know much about astrology (which is totally okay) Aries is the sign of SIGHT. So, that's why it is so important to have pictures of what you want. You need to visualize it. Or if you don't do photos/pictures.. Put up words. It is just important for you to SEE THEM.

So, I'm going to be busy on April 3 can I start it before the 3rd?


Do I have to buy a bunch of magazines, I'm broke, can I just borrow some old ones from friends?
Personally, when I started my treasure maps I always did them with fresh new magazines. And in the old days, (not married, no children) I spent a lot of dough on them..only because I wanted lots of choices. But with time, I ended up only getting a few magazines. I never borrowed other magazines from friends..but I know that there are people who did it in previous years and I think they were happy with their results. So, it really is your call.

What if I don't want magazine photos, can I just use my own pictures.. like my husband, my baby etc?

Sure. I usually colored xerox them so that I would not wreck my originals.

You can also paint what you want. Again it is your call.

Do I only focus on things?

Heck no! I would also encourage you to focus on beliefs and environments. Affirmations like “I’m abundant” or “I am always feeling loved” “My health is vibrant.” “My partner and I are always growing closer and closer.”

Should I put a photo of me on it? Yes.

Is there any pattern i have to use when i put the photos or the words on my board.
No you can do it anyway you want.

I will say that in previous years my friends and I used to use the feng shui baguas for my pattern. basically I would break up the board into 9 areas. A grid like this:


7-self knowledge (and travel)
9-helpful people and angels.

If you use the feng shui baguas, you will naturally cover all most all areas of your life..as you can see it is all represented there. But again, you don’t have to do it that way. Last year I followed someone’s suggestion and I made a map that was connected to the chakras. I enjoyed it and felt my map had a subtle difference to it than in previous years. In some ways it ran smoother. But then my first map was in 1996 so with age I’m probably getting mellower.

How much time do I have to build my map?
See above.

Do I have to do it alone or can I do it with friends?

You can do it either way. I build mine with my 2 other friends. We are like family and it felt so right to do it with them. We started them together. I know that there are several people who have little parties where they invite those close to them over. I will say this, it is a lot of fun to do them with others..we would all pass around the magazines.. "Hey, I found a great beach bungalow does anyone need a beach vacation? Or it would be, "I have got to lose 10 pounds, any ideas what I should put on my map?" and low and behold someone will come up with a good suggestion.

Do i have to finish it all at one sitting?

No. Often I used to cut my stuff out with my friends. Maybe glue a little thing here or there and then take it home and finish it there over the course of a day or two.

Can my kids do it with me?

Yes! It is great for them to focus and think about what they want. Have them build their own maps. They also might give you their thoughts about what they think you should have in your life. Helps them to think beyond them, right?

Does it work?

Okay. I don't want to sound like a spoilsport but I’m just not interested in building a collage, can I do something else?

Sure you can take a nice piece of orange paper and write down wishes during Treasure Map time. My wishes can sometimes feel like prayers and they are more broad in my desires. But I will say this, I felt like I needed to switch to 'less is more' after several, several years of mapping. So, I had a lot under my belt. I would encourage new comers to make the actual maps. But if you really don't feel the call then just write your desires down. I like orange paper. So, vibrant. So aries.

Is it ok to have things continue over to the next year? Long-term, ongoing stuff that has progressed but needs to continue to progress?

Yes. Of course. But with a small caveat. My sense after doing these for years is that when something really takes time and doesn't gel in the first year. My experience is that there is something still not in right yet. It might be something you are aware of...like one cyber friend shifted from her map from year one to year two by focusing on less things. That kind of energy is really important. What I mean.. is it is NOT important to put up less. It is important for you on the following year's map to go into your gut and say what do I REALLY WANT.

You may need to shift something about your long range goals. My sense is that they need a wee bit refining or broadening. Just a thought. But definitely don't give up on the dream.

For more on the roots of Treasure Maps go HERE