Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Friends the Cardinal Signs

Ever since Pluto moved into Capricorn back at the end of 2008 our friends Aries, Cancer and Libra and Capricorn have been feeling IT. What is IT? Well, it feels like God is picking them up, putting them in a washing machine and hitting the ON button. Cold water drenches them, then they are agitated with soap, then more cold water and then, of course the spin cycle. It is has been a bit of a challenge for them, to say the least. Just to be clear we are talking about people born within the first ten days (or so) of these signs. So, roughly---for Aries we are talking about March 21 to about April 2, for Cancer June 21 to about July 2, for Libra September 23 to October 3 and of course Capricorn December 21 to January 2.

Everyone born in those windows is going through IT. And now with Uranus officially in Aries and in the mix along with Saturn in Libra most everyone in these groups is probably raising their hands and saying, "I give up." And that is probably the smartest move they can do. The ones who are not giving up? Well, what is that old expression for insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result....that is those cardinals who are hanging on to their old life.

But seriously, how many of you are still even doing that? By this point you have probably given up that ghost. Now you are being agitated in the washer, you know something is going to come out in the wash and you are better served to forget being able to control it.

As a person who had Pluto on my own sun about a dozen years ago, I know it is not easy but BELIEVE me if you look at this period as turning a corner, you will be better served. As an astrologer I knew what was going on with me when Pluto crossed my Sun (and Saturn btw for those interested) and I knew that Pluto does not take any hostages. He demands that we give it all up. We jump without a net, we trust and make the move. I also knew that the time would be a period where I would feel my whole life turn a corner. I would not be the same after it. And I went into it willing to do that. For me, my life did change. I got married and later had my son. All of that sounds great but these things do not come easily and not without challenges and I had them. Many of them more mental than actual physical. But I would NEVER change that period, mental bruises and all.

I encourage all of you cardinals who are in your own challenges to let go. Take everything day by day. As hard as it is, do not personalize stuff, do not think you are being punished by spirit. Instead look at this as the period that you and your maker set up for you to turn the corner and have the new life. The one you have always wanted. And yeah, it might be a bitch getting there, but giving birth is not easy. And whoever said it was, is lying. Breathe and give birth to the new you.


  1. I didn't realize the impact on the Cardinals with all of these changes--no wonder! I'm a cardinal Cancer(also have Pluto in 12th house, and think maybe that's why I felt everything in such extreme ways for the past year?). Husband is cardinal Capricorn..and yeah, we've been through quite the year since last April or May, but many things have been shifting recently and are getting to a whole new place. Starting from a clean slate, in many ways, and working to co-create a new relationship..if that makes sense.

    Thank you so so much for your blog, its been supremely helpful in recognizing what's assisting/promoting changes and growth. Thank you for your work:)

  2. Thanks for this reassuring post, cardinal sign -- and definitely feel like I am in the washer -- but am also starting to embrace change, one day at a time. Thank you :) Your work and its impact is monumnetal.

  3. I am a March 24th child here. I have Pluto sitting on my natal Mars in Capricorn and Uranus creeping up on my natal Sun.

    You wrote this post for me. I AM FEELING IT!

    I have a cardinal T-Square in my natal chart (my natal Uranus in Libra opposing Aries Sun and squaring Capricorn Mars) so I am used to my life getting completely turned over. I am used to jumping from rock to rock in relationships, jobs and places to live.

    This transit (starting in 2008) is totally different for me though, and therein lies my trouble... nothing external is happening, it is all internal!

    This is NOT something I am used to dealing with. It is a very interesting time! ;)

  4. Onehorsefarm, what houses is this cross taking place in? That would say a lot about the internal, external factor. However, there is an argument that the natal cross is also internal it is just using external events to get your attention.

  5. Ugh. Thank you for this post. I usually try to talk to angels by searching for astrology posts. They directed me to this post.

    I have venus at 0 aries (conjunct ascendant), neptune at 7 cap (10th house), and more aries planet.

    seeing someone you like getting usurped by another person is just painful.
    it's a pattern for me. I never have a good relationship or who I have an eye for is never mine. Wow, it stings. So now I give up.