Friday, April 24, 2020

Pluto Stations Retrograde

Pluto Retrograde 
April 25, 2020  
11:54 am PDT 
24 Cap 59 

Pluto begins its annual retrograde and it will continue back until October 4 when it turns direct at 22 degrees Cap.   As explained in the new moon report, Pluto is in dialogue with Jupiter all year and will be heading back to connect for a second round with Jupiter on June 30 for a conjunction.    Things will be revealed that have been unseen since its first round on April 4.    Missteps in power will be revealed.  Corruption and deceit can be revealed.    Issues around power will present themselves.   When the outer planets make moves they speak to world events and global issues.    Watch the news in and around the April 25.  

On a personal level, we all have the 22 – 25 degrees of Capricorn somewhere in our chart.  This area will be up for us again to take a look at our own power issues.  Are we afraid of power?  How do we feel abused?  Or how do we abuse?   Consider what was going on for you between January and April 25th ?  Find the power of themes in your life.   What transformations do you need to make to access new power?  Jupiter is the bridge planet from personal to global.   While Pluto and Jupiter start to head together again (June 30) we will consider how how transformations build bridges to a new life.   Perhaps:  Bridging new employment?  New circles?  New health?  New practicalities?  By the time we get to the final Jupiter Pluto conjunction on November 13 we should have made some big changes.  After November Jupiter will not be on Pluto until 2033.   Make the most of these transformations this year. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Taurus New Moon & The astrology of the rest of the year

April 22
7:25 pm PDT
3 Taurus 24

It is a deep report.  I'm not phoning this report in, not that I ever do, but this one explains the rest of the year and astrological events we are processing.  I had to lay it out so that you understand and from that you will make the most of the practical opportunities that present themself for the next 29 days.
We all need to get our Taurus on!


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Libra Full Moon April 7, 7:34pm PDT

Libra Full Moon
April 7, 7:34pm PDT 

18 Libra 43 

With astrology, as in many things, nothing happens in a vacuum.  Today’s Libra Full moon is not just a fun little full moon landing on our shores ready to serve.  Instead it arrives about 8 hours after Mars exact square with Uranus.    Mars the fighter has met its match with Uranus the rebel.   Mars never met a fight it didn’t like and Uranus is such a cuckoo player that he is impossible to track, even if Mars thinks he’s got Uranus in his sights, Uranus will do something out of the blue.    These two warriors are generating an abruptness in the air that is very agitating.    And all of that in a pandemic.    Okie Dokey. 

If there have been sparks of late and even today, we may benefit by tonight’s Libra Full Moon.   Libra ask the questions:  
What is fair? 
Where do I need negotiation?
What is balanced? 
Where are you?  Where am I?  What’s the space in between?  

Libra air sign can speak to getting ‘air’ from a person, a situation, an argument or a feeling.  
Venus the ruling planet of Libra is well aspected with Saturn and Mars and we should come up with some solution that gives us the space we need to find balance.  It could be a conversation (Venus in Gemini) or a walk (Mars likes action) or it could be an online lecture/pod cast (Aquarius) that helps give us the ‘air’ to breathe through whatever is going on.     Poke around, find something to help or reach out to a friend.    Libra knows there needs to be something on the other side of ‘me’ to help us get through any bumps.  

We continue to be in a bumpy period since Jupiter is still on top of Pluto stirring up our philosophies, judgement, opinions.  Some of us will consider if the big picture ideas that we hold need an evolution?   Our power (Pluto) is open for big (Jupiter)  practical changes.   For more information on where this evolution is focused, look to see where 24/25 degrees of Capricorn is in your chart.  That house is up for change.   If you don’t know your chart you probably already have a good feeling where your practical side is being challenged like a three-legged dog running a marathon.    This Jupiter/Pluto aspect will be with us most of the year and we will get new information at various times.  With this Libra full moon, ask how are you being informed by your significant relationship/partner(s) that there needs to be a change?     It starts with a thought and a conversation which is the domain of Venus in Gemini who is helpful during this full moon.   

The full moon lasts until April 11 1:05am PDT