Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Friends, I am sorry I didn't get more posts up this last week but I was slammed by various deadlines. I am going to have to take a bit of break due to Holiday Obligations but I may be able to squeeze out some postings during next week but if not expect to see me right after Thanksgiving. I have lots to discuss.....

more to come... gobble gobble.


Sag New Moon---It is here!

As many of you know, I generate a New Moon report every month. That report can be found on Margaret Wendt's Website.

I will post a taste of it here but you can find the whole report on her website here. Please read the whole thing---there is a lot going on with this Moon and I want you to get all the goods!

Where should my focus be during this next 28-day cycle?
For twenty
eight days you have the opportunity to look off in the future for new
directions, new lands to conquer, new roads to follow and new actions which will
take you to the promise land. Of course, “promise” as defined by

A High Octane Vision

always, in a new moon, The Sun and the Moon are in conjunction which means they
are on top of each other –however with this new moon there is an extra perk--on
top of the Sun and Moon are Mercury and Mars. That’s quite a party. What
this means in broad strokes is that the Sun, our identity, the Moon, our
emotions, Mercury, our brains and Mars, our warrior are all united in visionary
Sag. At first glance, it might not seem like a big deal having Mars and
Mercury on top of the Sun and Moon. But if you step back and widen the
lens you will see it is quite significant.

For the last fourteen years, Pluto,
arguably the most powerful planet in the zodiac, has been slogging through
Sagittarius causing as much mayhem (some of it subterranean) as
possible. But now it has moved out of Sag and into the austere,
reserved, cautious Capricorn. What makes this curious is that the
move by Pluto happened about fifteen hours before the Sag New Moon.
And, not to be outdone by mighty Pluto, Uranus also made a significant move by
switching from retrograde to a direct motion less than One hour before the New
Moon. In my book, to have these two powerful shifts occur before the
Sag Moon is downright auspicious.

Remember, Pluto could have
made its final move from Sag into Cap on any date of the year. It could
have happened in May, perhaps the crescent cycle of Taurus. Or it could
have happened on the first quarter of Virgo. But no, Pluto made the move
out of Sag during the balsamic phase of Scorpio just a few hours before the SAG
NEW MOON! It almost felt like Sag, no longer burdened by Pluto, is gifted
with the New Moon conjunct Mars and Mercury as if to say, “Hey the old ball and
chain has finally left my life, Let’s party!”

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The last gasp of Pluto in Sag--More bad journalism

As the final days of Pluto in Sagittarius are upon us, it is somewhat disheartening to see that one of the main issues exposed during Pluto’s trek is still grabbing our attention--- Bad Journalism.

Sagittarius rules publishing/media/journalism. It is the printed word. Yes, I know we are slowly phasing out paper and replacing it with electronic signals sent to your little computer, but cyberjournalism is still journalism and therefore ruled by Sag.

Truly, the saga of Pluto in Sag and its celebration of pulp began almost on minute one. The trial of OJ Simpson for the murder of his wife Nicole began one week after Pluto entered Sag (Jan 1995). Yes, the murder took place while Pluto was in the last degrees of Scorpio (perfect) but the trial began in Sag. And, yes, by the time of the verdict, Pluto had retrograde back into Scorpio. But it did not matter, the die was cast. The frenzy of reporters who threw themselves into the fray at Los Angeles County Courthouse was mind boggling. Circus was an understatement.

Gossip mills popped up everywhere. Neighbors sold stories to trashy magazines and talk shows. God knows, careers were made or at least defined during that period and even a whole new channel was created-- Court TV. And this was all during the first 2 degrees of Pluto in Sag!

The years that followed brought us Matt Drudge and his rumor mill along with NY Times reporter Jason Blair and Oprah Book Club author James Frey who both used a lot of fiction to help sell "true" stories. And then we publicly watched them get their butts kicked over it. Which to me was even more Pluto in Sag. Sigh.
Later we would see News agencies call early results for the 2000 election and then later offer a mea culpa, which I am sure was cold comfort to Al Gore and whoever voted for him. And then what about all of the reporters who we got to know intimately while they covered, Katrina, The Indian Ocean Tsunami and September 11th? One wonders what Edward Murrow would have thought if he watched some of their reports? I think he shuddered from his grave.

The bottom line is that Pluto’s trek through Sag has not been pretty for the world of journalism—hell, even Dan Rather got caught up in the melee. And here we are on the final days and we are once again dealing with the liars and the lies that they tell. Which is bad enough, but what is more bad, is the news agencies who report it!

Currently, the nonsense that came out last week that Sarah Palin did not know Africa was a continent, which was reported from “anonymous insiders” from within the MCCain Camp, has turned out to be jokers who set up a huge hoax. And who reported it? FoxNews, MSNBC and various papers. Shame on all of them! “A pox on all of them” I say.
I gotta say I will get down on my hands and knees and pray that all of this will settle down once Pluto moves into Capricorn. Sure, we might go into a complete economic depression and lose our federal reserve... but at least the pulp will stop! Or at least I hope so.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

General Motors---No surprise, North Node 0 Cancer

I am one of those people that when I have something blow into my path I may or may not note it. But when I have something blow in and then another thing similiar blow in and then a third thing similiar blow in....well, that is when I stop and take a look and see what needs my attention. Such a thing occured yesterday and is the reason for today's post.

As most of you know, General Motors is in the news. Basically GM has run out of money. Or if the coffers are not completely drained they will be by January. This story went into the Nation's zeitgest about 1 minute after Obama walked off the stage in Chicago. I was stunned to hear that for every 1 GM job there are 5 jobs elsewhere tied to GM. It will be a lot of lost jobs if they close. This was the conversation of the weekend and certainly on Monday.

Well, later in the evening on Monday I was poking around on TV and I saw an interview with Michael Moore which included a clip from his first film, "Roger and Me". The centerpiece of the film of course, was Moore's attempt to interview Roger Smith the CEO of GM about the job losses in Flint, Michigan. As I was watching the clip I thought, "Oh, GM again."

Then an hour later I was watching "American Experience" which was about the 1929 Stock Market Crash. While watching that show, one of the acts was focused on a major Wall Street player--- William Durant, the man who started GM. I gotta tell you, I seriously know very little about the history of GM but when I have 3 pieces of information about GM come to me in 3 very unique ways in one day I know it is time to look at GM's chart!

Before I get to GM's chart, it is worth noting that Durant was a Sag with moon in Pisces. Both visionary signs and then add to it he has Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in hard working Virgo plus his Sun in Sag oppose to Uranus in Gemini----well, it no surprise this man could see something where others didn't and build a fortune 500 company with his own hands out of his vision and ideas. The fact that he lost it all in 1929 and would eventually end up running a bowling alley could have something to do with Neptune in Pisces oppose Jupiter/Saturn along with Pluto Square Venus (5 degree orb). It is also interesting (at least to me) that his own North Node in Cap is opposite of GM's north node. His story is one of rags to riches to rags but he was respected among his community and he never stopped working. If a movie was made about his life, I'm sure Daniel Day Lewis would star!

Now, with GM, I drafted a chart for noon since I am not clear what time Durant organized the company but the date can be found easily on the GM Website.

At first blush, I am intriqued that the company is a Virgo with a moon in Gemini. A Gemini moon feels perfect given the company was a collection of other car companies that became GM. It almost feels like siblings, Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile (one month later) which is perfectly Gemini. Additionally, Durant being a Sagittarian is pefect since they are good for a Gemini buddy and I can see how a company started with moon in Gemini would be a natural for him.

Unfortunatley, in the last 15 years, Pluto's transit through Sag has been murder for GM's Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini. As we know, Pluto will destroy those things that no longer serve. Given GM had the Electric Car and then took it off the market and was documented in a well received film, "Who Killed the Electric Car?" one can scratch their head and wonder if Pluto is now paying back."

And for those of us who live in a city that once upon a time had a beautiful transit system that was systematically dismantled nefariously (dare I say) "well oiled" machine made up of GM and good friends at oil and tire industries (learn more HERE) . Now I'm forced to sit in horrible traffic at any time of the day thanks to their operation. So, I do have to quell the desire to say "Go for it, Pluto".

But that was a long time ago and now I can maintain a cool reserve and suggest that Jupiter's Zero degree Virgo could benefit by Pluto's move in Capricorn which will be at the end of November and December. But it will not be without an overhaul given GM's North Node is Zero degree in Cancer. I would say that it is possible GM has operated more for its south node in Cap than its north node in Cancer. Truly, had it come from a place of "What's best for families" and not "What's best for GM" it might not be in the place it is in. But given Pluto is about to run over the south node like a Monster SUV, I would guess it is time to overhaul everything about GM. Perhaps they will resurrect the Electric Car? Perhaps they will be the first major real American Green Car company. However, if they ask us for money and just proceed to do business (South Node Cap) as usual, they will be dust. Afterall, Pluto demands a Metamorphous. The key in my mind is these changes had better have long vision because GM's has Saturn at 7 degree Aries and it will be experiencing an opposition by Saturn in Libra in a few years along with another round of Pluto Medicine. If they can make the changes they have to make then they could be the real auto company with a future and reap some rewards (which can occur under Saturn-Saturn aspects).

Perhaps the little company with Sun in Virgo and Moon in Gemini will finally get religion. Which of the 4 mutable signs, is the most difficult for these two!

One last tidbit about the birthdate of GM, from the Wiki Timeline

A company called General Motors was established on September 16. Its initial
holdings included only Durant’s Buick Motor Company and went un-noticed in the
news media, with the major business news story that day being the announcement
by the White Star Line shipping company that it would begin construction of the
world’s largest ocean liner, to be called the Titanic.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Here's the November 12 10:19 pm PST

Full Moon Chart.

I drafted it for Los Angeles which of course does not really matter. Keep your focus on the planets not the houses.

Full Moon November 12 2008

In my Scorpio Lunar Phase report which can be found HERE I discussed the Taurus Full Moon would be a doozey and tempers could be short. I would like to flesh it out a bit more.

First of all, this full moon is called a SuperMoon. When the moon is closest to the Earth it is called a perigree. When the moon is either New Moon or Full Moon it is a syzgy. When it is a perigree and a syzgy it is a SuperMoon. I will be honest with you I don’t follow SuperMoons more closely than regular New and Full Moons, but there are astrologers who are versed in the distinctions and Richard Nolle has a list of SuperMoons HERE.

I am intrigued by the astrologers who track earthquakes and Tsunamis and if you do a google search you will find a couple astrologers who have tied large Earthquakes, volcanoes and Tsunamis (2004 Tsunami) near a SuperMoon. We will have a SuperMoon this month (full) followed by another in December (full) and a third in January. That does seem like a lot of tension on our little Earth!

By the way, here’s an interesting discussion on Moon Quakes caused by the gravitational pull of Earth. How hard is it to think of the opposite? Would not the Moon pull on Earth?

Seismic activity or not, it can be an emotional Moon.

Tempers could be short with Mars and Sun sitting right near each other (conjunction) along with mouthy Mercury a smidge to their east. When the Mars and the Sun are in conjunction in Scorpio they are pretty covert and usually James Bond lethal. That alone is pretty powerful stuff but then when you add that these two are digging in (square) with our favorite illusionist Neptune it is pretty clear (can you say that with Neptune?) subterfuge will be paramount. I would say expect undercover activity but then if you can expect undercover then it really isn't undercover, is it?

If you can’t get a clear answer from someone, it is not personal, blame Neptune. But if you get jabbed or jettisoned by someone (Sun/Mars Scorpio) lick your wounds, retreat for a bit and then consider your next move later, perhaps in the next lunar cycle. OR maybe you will be relieved. Maybe you needed to get prodded a bit so you could release them? As always, “release” is a great Scorpio word.

Given the moon is in the sign Taurus which is a money sign and Scorpio is a debt/loan/financials sign. I would certainly expect some seismic activity on Wall Street. If it a huge drop it could be due to Neptune-y things like Oil, natural gases or Pharmaceuticals. If it is a big gain, it would be due to the same. And of course, someone could just be doing some big smoke and mirrors which jerks the stocks up and down. Maybe just some old big hedge fund funny business.

Also, remember Taurus loves things that are concrete, things that are built upon, things that are used for structures. Scorpio likes to tear things down. Destroy. Having Mars the warrior right there next to the Sun can give a bit more weight to the ‘destroy’. But as always, from the ashes something will be born. What will you birth on this full moon?


Luckily the 3 days of the Full Moon phases will have:

Jupiter sextile Uranus (11/13) Unexpected luck, unexpected foreign influence, big meets unusual

Mercury trine Uranus (11/16) Mental capacity is sharp and unique. Unexpected thoughts lead to unexpected communiqu├ęs

ETA: Many apologies, I can't believe I forgot (this is what happens when I have notes on my yellow stickums!) There is a another major support from the universe during the Full Moon phase from Saturn's (Virgo) grand trine with Jupiter (cap) and Moon (Taurus). These three planets in earth signs harmoniously interacting with each other give us the brace we need. Even if we feel we can't do one more thing and are fatigued by "what else?" there will be some glimmer of support and help. And here is the good news it won't be airy fairy help. It will be concrete help and potential solutions. There used to be an old expression, "When I ask for the time, I don't want to know how to build a watch." In the case of this grandtrine you will get the time!

So, even if we feel blindsided by anyone or anything the Universe will give us a boost by the end of the phase . In my best, Tim Gunn voice, "Carry On."

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Time to tinker a bit regarding Astrology and Elections

Don't miss: Ray Merrimen's Excellent Analysis of Astrology and The Election
Certainly, astologers were all over the obvious, including me, Saturn versus Uranus in the big ass opposition that took place on November 4 was clearly reflective in our nominees. McCain equal Saturn. Obama equal Uranus. But then of course, had McCain won, Uranus would have been Palin and Saturn would have been Biden! So, either way it worked. Where things got a bit tricky was the void of course moon, which many thought would delay the results. And the Moon conjunct Jupiter which could have favored McCain. Ray Merrimen thoughtfully answers questions that some of us have been left with in our little heads now that the dust has settled.

So in the end, what did we learn about Astrology and this election? I
believe the following points are noteworthy for future election forecast by
Mundane Astrologers:
1. The casting of the first vote on Election Day
is no longer the true chart to use for ascertaining the results of a USA
presidential election. With the advent of “pre-election day” voting, over a
third of the vote in many states was completed before November 4, rendering the
first vote at 12:01:00 AM, November 4, as meaningless. The early voting results
showed Obama scored a 58-40% advantage before November 4. After the voting of
November 4, he won the election with 52% of the vote. This furthermore rendered
the results of the New Hampshire primary as invalid, which contained similar
Moon-Jupiter in Capricorn transits as November 4

Read the rest of the thoughtful piece here

Friday, November 7, 2008

Moon in Aquarius -- Obama Action noted!

Well, as we get to know our new President Elect it is interesting to watch when actions take place under his leadership. I learned today (thanks to a posting by Nester on Molly's Nodeorama) that yesterday Obama took action on something while the Moon was in Aquarius and in his First house (which is the house of Self). Just a reminder, the first house is what you present to the world. When the Moon is traveling through your first house you can find it to be an active time for you or a time of unrest. It feels more personal. You just feel compelled often to just do something.
In President-Elect Obama's case, he launched a new website.

Barack Obama Launches A New Website -
Barack Obama seems
be keeping his promise of change, starting with a website. Today the site was launched.
The site is an open
platform, that hopes to engage the American people in
the governmental process.

A perfect example of how his Aquarius Ascendent with the Moon in Aquarius is
reaching out to America (which also has moon in Aquarius). It will be
interesting to see what else he does when the moon crosses his first next

Virgo & Taurus--It is finally your time

Pluto enters Capricorn and sends love to Taurus & Virgo

I have spoken volumes on the changes we will all be experiencing as Pluto begins its trek in Capricorn. But instead of focusing on the economic and infrastructure issues-- that we all know is in our future, I would like to take a minute to talk to a few interesting folks who will not be pained by Pluto but instead will be in awe of Pluto.

Yes, there is a select group of you who have got some interesting times ahead. Those Tauruses who are born April 20-24 and those Virgos born August 23 - 27 take special note...something good is coming to you. Yes, of course an astrologer gets in trouble when they talk about good & bad--- we rather say Opportunities and Challenges.. But my point is, I would encourage you to get ready to see more good and experience it. What is about to happen is Pluto will go into earth sign Cap and the minute it does the bells will be ringing in the other two earth signs--Virgo and Taurus.

What does this mean? Well astrologicallyspeaking I am talking about an aspect called a TRINE. We love a good ol' trine. It is a beneficial aspect. Three is a strong position, don't believe me, why is a camera always on a tripod? Because three legs is stronger than four and definitely better than two. Think of the holy trinity. We love 3's. And in the astrology all of the elements are divided into four elements with 3 signs each. The trine means the 3 signs are 90 degrees apart and if you drew a line between all three it would be a perfect Triangle. Except for Bermuda---We Love Triangles.

When Pluto goes into Cap and says, "Hey, Virgo, I'm over here with my big Trine ready to help you!" "And you, Taurus, let me see if there is something I can do that with my big Trine that will make life easier for you."

However, the funny thing about Pluto is that it is not a Santa Clause aspect, that is more Jupiter (Santa and his fat gut!) instead the image of a trine from Pluto is very much like the image I picked above, an open lock with a key. Pluto finally helps you find the keys in which you have been searching.

For Virgo this is a welcomed gift because for many of the early degree Virgos way back in the late 90's they had the shit end of the Pluto stick. That was when Pluto was all in black and breathing like Darth Vader as he went through your life and house in a storm trooper stomp. I don't have to know the details to know that you got it in the pants. Perhaps it was a death of someone important, perhaps it was the end of a marriage, perhaps it was the end of a career perhaps it was an illness where you came out of it saying, "As god as my witness I will never be ____ again." Or maybe it was not an ending of a marriage but it was not what you expected or a job that turned out not to be what it appeared on the surface. Whatever it was, it was a real drag. Well, guess what? Now Pluto wants to make amends.

And you, Taurus, many of you a number of years ago felt betrayed by Uranus who kicked you with a whirlwind of harsh activity. First you are doing this and then you are doing that, you are living here and working there and then you are not. You are in love and then you are not. You want to be this when you grow up and then you realize you don't what to be that..and frankly you don't even want to grow up. This was a real bitch of a time, think around the mid 90's. Then just when you thought you had enough, then you got Neptune in the late 90's making your life a living hell...with too much frivolous behavior , booze, perhaps some drugs and just good old fashion illusion. Whatever it was Neptune just had you gassed into believing something that was not real. And you were so disillusioned.. such is Neptune sigh.

But now, you both are in store for some Pluto benefits.
For those early degree Taurus and Virgo Sun's..(0-2 degrees) between now and the end of 2009 you can find yourself with some unique opportunities. Perhaps someone offers you something you never thought you would do and in fact you would normally turn this person down but just for some strange reason you say, "yes" and the next thing you know you are in some amazing situation. Or if it is not that obvious, you say yes, and a door opens and you go in and from there another door opens and then another and you find yourself in wildly curious place but it all makes sense and you see your life improve. Improve in an unusual way. Taurus, because you are often stuck in the mud and Virgo because you often can't see the forest for the trees----both of you often get trapped by a thinking that good has to look a certain way. "It has got to be this way or I won't be happy." Well, Pluto in Cap your fellow Earth sign is keen on finding opportunities in the most ridiculous ways and manners and Cap can make use out of anything. But luckily for you, because you trust your fellow earth sign, you will say,"hmm...okay." And that is the KEY.
Of course, you do have to be reasonable with these types of transits. I'm not saying that when the guy on the motorcycle comes up to you and says with a wink, "Want to ride to my leather shop?" And you are having a day where your kids are bugging you and you loathe your husband----- that does not mean you say 'yes' to the biker. Ah, no. Be reasonable! But still keep your eyes open for some lucky breaks. What you don't know is that you earned your luck. And pluto will hand you the key---that you always had in your possession, you just weren't ready to find it until now.
Click your shoes, Dorothy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama's Astrological Natal Chart

I'm sorry if the font is too small. But here is his chart.

If you want to go to Lois Rodden's sight. You can go here to get Barack's chart.

Barack Obama President Elect

They said it could not be done. They said "Not in their lifetime" They said, "America is not ready."
BAM! And just like that the bubble popped.
Barack Obama made history on Novembe 4th. I don't need to spell it out, you know he did.
So, what do we know about his astrological Chart? He has his Sun in Leo. Moon in Gemini and Aquarius rising. The United States loves Aquarius. Afterall, the USA has moon in Aquarius. And think about some of its favorite stars, Oprah, Paul Newman, John Travolta---America loves these people and not just for a month or two like American Idol...they love them for years and years... through the decades... It is hard to imagine Barack's Aquarius Rising disappointing America, but then he is in politics and half the game of politics is pissing off people. But at least for now, let's enjoy his Aquarius Rising.
Of course, his Leo sun makes him long on charisma and charm. It also gives him the backbone to know he can do the job. No self doubts with him. Just like Bill Clinton, another Leo President. Bill never seemed to waiver from his ability to do the job. Even in the middle of a scandal. It is worth noting that when he left office Bill Clinton's approval rating was around 62 percent. Where as, GWB who had no blue dress and interns named Monica to mess up his White House, his approval rating is hovering around 23 percent. Ah, the power of a charismatic Leo.
Barack's moon in Gemini is clever and quick and it will help him bring a smart group of advisors. We have had two Gemini presidents, JFK and the first George Bush. Both men were smart. Both liked smart people. They are both clever although, perhaps one was a bit more nefarious than the other. We should expect the same smart and cleverness with Barack's Moon in Gemini, it is still super smart and isn't it nice to think of a curious and smart man in that office again? I've been waiting a very long time. Sigh.
We have plenty of time to discuss his chart and the future and frankly is is all overwhelming now as we are still in the afterglow of yesterday.
But I will say one small thing about the future, when using equal house system (AstrodataBank chart) the cusp of Barack's 2nd house and 8th house are 18 degrees Virgo and 18 Degrees Pisces. Does that degree mean anything to any of you? It should. Yesterday's Saturn/ Uranus Opposition was at 18 degrees Virgo/Pisces. And 2nd house is money, possessions, banks. 8th house is loans, debt and insurance. Additionally, crime, real estate, taxes, blood and values will be highlighted.
Clearly, in my opinion The Economy is going to be his first challenge and since this opposition is number 1 of 5, we are not anywhere near the end of the turmoil, it is only going to grow more. Especially when you think that these planets are just barely in his 2nd and 8th houses. We have a lot of work in front of us. Or, I should say Obama has a lot of work. Which leads me to my favorite satire news source "The Onion" . Today, their headline said it all, "Black Man Given Nation's Most Worst Job."

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Hey, Saturn --quit hitting me with your ring"

Mr. Stop meet Mr. Change

I would like to alert the media of an important fact-----Saturn opposing Uranus is a pain in the Uranus.
And for those who have been anticipating today's aspect, I'm sure you are nodding your head muttering, "No, shit, Sherlock."
Anyway, at the end of October I wrote about today's opposition. You can find the whole article here on Margaret Wendt's Website
But here is a lead in----
Saturn opposes Uranus
November 4 2008, Feb 5 2009, September 15, 2009, April 26, 2010, July 26, 2010---

November 4: 18 Virgo 58 ---18 Pisces 58

Sabian Symbol: “A swimming Race” keyword: Elimination --
Sabian Symbol: “A master instructing his pupil” Keyword: Elucidation

In previous new moons we have discussed that there are several astrological aspects building in the next few years that are going to get our attention. One of those aspects is Saturn Oppose Uranus. The last time these two planets were opposed to one another was between, 1965-1967. At that time, Saturn was in Pisces and Uranus in Virgo, now we have the opposite, Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. So, same crowd, but different results. Take note of those years, 1965-1967 was a rebellious time, the anti war movement was heating up, along with equal rights and anti discrimination protests. Martin Luther King marched on Selma. Can you feel the echo from those times now? Unresolved issues from that time will experience movement now. But notice that there are four more dates between 2009 and 2010. Clearly, the troubles don’t end on November 4, if anything they begin. I think for all of us, we need to manage expectations. So, get your head around the idea that we will have troubles come up, be processed, then new ground will be taken, we settle down and then another trouble comes up and we process it, it settles down and then more trouble arises and the pattern continues until the big culmination in July 2010 when the final aspect will take place in Aries and Libra. Also at that time Saturn and Uranus will make tough aspects with Pluto/Jupiter/Mars and Venus. It will be a very stormy period, but before we get into the business of predicting trouble in the summer of 2010 we need to first deal with the matters at hand.

Where Uranus goes, trouble breakthrough follows

As you can see the first date of Saturn/Uranus opposition is November 4, 2008 and most of us are already feeling it—namely fear.
Uranus in Pisces brings up all of our fears. It makes us look backwards and shudder at some of our choices. It is the wreckage of our past. And when we look backward we are so afraid we will repeat those mistakes again. Or we will get caught with our pants down.....
the article continues on Margaret's sight. Please give it a read.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Rockie Gardiner: Rest In Peace

Today I heard the news that a friend has passed away. Rockie Gardiner died on Halloween at 11:11am in Los Angeles. For those people who never had the pleasure of reading her work, Rockie wrote one of the sharpest weekly astrology columns in the country. Every week she generated a pithy and smart analysis of the planetary transits and how they impacted sun signs. I am probably like most astrologers and really hate reading weekly sun sign reports, afterall, sun sign columns are often too airy fairy and never stretch beyond one note. But Rockie was a cut above those type of writings. She never talked down to the reader and she never soft pedeled it. I remember, one week she candidly wrote that there was a strong possibility of an earthquake due to a Uranus aspect. Sure enough there was a a big quake that week (I think "Whittier Narrows"). Rockie was a Sag and had a mouth on her that was very Sag. Colorful expletives peppered her conversations and she certainly was not afraid of her opinions. But at the same time, Rockie was very sensitive. Earlier this year she and I exchanged some emails regarding a mutual friend whose pet dog died. She wanted to send a note to the friend but at the same time she wanted to confirm with me a wedding anniversary date of our friend because she wanted to be sure and wish our friend a Happy Anniversary. She did not want to only focus on the sadnes of the pet dying but also cheer on the marriage. I am very sad about her death. Especially, since I sent her an email this weekend to talk about an astrological aspect that I find worrisome. I thought it was strange I had not heard back from her but now I undersand. Sigh. Take a look at her latest Rockie Report for a taste of her style. Rockie will be missed greatly by her readers and her friends and of course her family. And certainly the Astrology community will miss her greatly. Hugs and kisses to you, Rockie!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pluto In Capricorn--Ice Volcano, anyone?

I started this blog on Scorpio New Moon and in a typically Scorpio way-- have only let a few people know about it. Discreet is so Scorpio. So, I don't know how many of you have poked over here yet. But if you have, welcome to my blog.

Today I went to Lynn Koiner's sight where she had an article I found very interesting. It involves lively discussions she had with various astrologers including Bill Meridian. Of course it is about my favorite subject: Pluto in Capricorn. By the way, I feel like I have been discussing Pluto in Cap since Pluto hit the last decanate of Sag! Talk about a slow build up.

He sees Americans having to fight for independence once again. As a result
of NAFTA and CAFTA, construction of the Tans Texas Corridor has already begun.
The problems associated with security, seized property and the exportation of
business to low-cost Mexico is obvious and many States are “adopting legislation
to block intrusion into their states.” With a linking of the EC, Free Trade
Association of the Americas, and a Far Eastern organization into a one-world
government, Bill portends a greater intrusion of governmental power and
resistance to it. As the USA debt becomes a global problem, “an international
‘Big Mac’ is appointed to restructure the US. Pluto was conjunct the USA Cancer
planets in the 1930s. It will be opposite from 2008-2024.”

This is just a snippet of the article and I really encourage you to read the whole article which I think benefits from a European point of view.