Monday, November 3, 2008

Rockie Gardiner: Rest In Peace

Today I heard the news that a friend has passed away. Rockie Gardiner died on Halloween at 11:11am in Los Angeles. For those people who never had the pleasure of reading her work, Rockie wrote one of the sharpest weekly astrology columns in the country. Every week she generated a pithy and smart analysis of the planetary transits and how they impacted sun signs. I am probably like most astrologers and really hate reading weekly sun sign reports, afterall, sun sign columns are often too airy fairy and never stretch beyond one note. But Rockie was a cut above those type of writings. She never talked down to the reader and she never soft pedeled it. I remember, one week she candidly wrote that there was a strong possibility of an earthquake due to a Uranus aspect. Sure enough there was a a big quake that week (I think "Whittier Narrows"). Rockie was a Sag and had a mouth on her that was very Sag. Colorful expletives peppered her conversations and she certainly was not afraid of her opinions. But at the same time, Rockie was very sensitive. Earlier this year she and I exchanged some emails regarding a mutual friend whose pet dog died. She wanted to send a note to the friend but at the same time she wanted to confirm with me a wedding anniversary date of our friend because she wanted to be sure and wish our friend a Happy Anniversary. She did not want to only focus on the sadnes of the pet dying but also cheer on the marriage. I am very sad about her death. Especially, since I sent her an email this weekend to talk about an astrological aspect that I find worrisome. I thought it was strange I had not heard back from her but now I undersand. Sigh. Take a look at her latest Rockie Report for a taste of her style. Rockie will be missed greatly by her readers and her friends and of course her family. And certainly the Astrology community will miss her greatly. Hugs and kisses to you, Rockie!

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