Sunday, July 28, 2019

Leo New Moon! Be Special! Dang it!

Leo New Moon
July 31
8:11pm PDT

Do you know how to find your special unique voice?  Do you marginalize your own specialness as 'no big deal'?   Interesting.   And how has that been working for you?  Listen no one likes a big ol' egotist.  They are boring.  But perhaps you can take this Leo New Moon and 29 day cycle to find your inner uniqueness, strength, confidence and creativity.   Your world needs you to do it.    And the rest of us, as well.

My Leo new moon article is HERE

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Astrology This Week July 15---

This Week In Astrology

Today we move into Capricorn Full Moon and Lunar eclipse, which is in a separate thread.

In addition to the stresses and strains of the lunar eclipse we have other stuff this week including Venus who is not feeling so loving on 7/16 (thanks, Saturn) but then Venus gets some spirituality and faith two days later with Neptune.   On the 21st Venus has her annual opposition to Pluto, which we are already feeling that speaks of love, sex and power.   Love & emotions that seek to control or are being controlled will come up and need to be processed.   Do you really feel good about whomever has your love? Also on the 21st Mercury and the sun connect –will there be strength and bravery or bragging and ego?   Those who can tune their minds into quiet confidence will be better served.

Special focus
7/16: Venus oppose Saturn.  Cold love.   Emotions feel reserved or boxed in.  Money and resources feel tight.
7/18: Venus trine Neptune.   Spirit comes through our values.   Our humanitarian comes out.  
7/19: Mercury enters Cancer

July 20, 2019
4:32 pm PDT

Focus on:  How are you sharing your faith?  How are you sharing your spirituality?  How are you sharing your mystical side?  How are you sharing your humanitarianism?

Special focus:
7/21 Venus oppose Pluto.  Love of power.  Powerful love.   Tranformation of values.   Self worth is tested.
7/21 Sun conjunct Mercury.  Thoughts merge with feelings.   Intellectualizing emotions.  

Monday, July 15, 2019

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse - July 16

Capricorn lunar eclipse on a fridge. 

Full Moon Phase
Partial Lunar Eclipse
July 16 2019   
2:38pm PDT 
24 Cap 04 

Let’s all remind ourselves as to what is exactly an eclipse.  Technically an eclipse is when the shadow of Earth is cast upon the moon (Lunar) or the moon gets between the Earth and blocks the sun (Solar).  If it covers it completly it is a total eclipse if it gets some of it, it is a partial eclipse.  

Eclipse patterns are in19 year cycles.   This lunar partial eclipse is at 24 degrees of Capricorn and the last time we had eclipses in Cap & Cancer was 2000 & 2001. And specifically it was at this exact same degree on July 16, 2000.  You may want to recall what was going on in your life at that time and see if the same themes are coming up now.  Obviously, 9/11 took place in 2001 Cancer Capricorn eclipse cycle, which set off a course of events that still impact us today.   However, it is important to note there were other astrological events also going on besides the eclipse.    

This period of the Cancer & Capricorn eclipses points to a teeter totter experience of worldly matters versus home and family.    Practicality vs emotions.    Sensibility, responsibility and ‘Dad’ vs  feelings, intuition and ‘Mom’.   Showing up at job vs showing up in a kitchen.  Being an adult vs being a child.  And knowing which is more important---both are critical but with eclipses it is like when someone walks into a room and turns the lights on or off –everyone is put on alert.  The same with a lobby of a theater, when the lights go on and off everyone knows a new act is about to begin.   We have already had the lights go on last summer and this last January and will have it continue through next June.   Can you identify what acts in your life have started to wrap?  Or what new shifts did you make that combine your intuition and your pragmatic self?   What have you launched?  Some people have already changed homes or jobs, which is typical with Cancer Capricorn eclipses.   By the way, these tugs in different directions do not have to happen exactly on the day of the eclipse but can start to emerge around the dates.   Here are the dates for the Capricorn Cancer eclipses: 
Solar Eclipse July 12, 2018 – 20 degrees Cancer 
Solar Eclipse Jan 21, 2019 – 15 degrees Capricorn
Solar Eclipse July 2, 2019 – 10 degrees Cancer  
Lunar Eclipse July 16, 2019  24 degree Capricorn (Current)
Solar Eclipse Dec 26, 2019 – 0 degrees Capricorn 
Lunar Eclipse Jan 10, 2020 – 20 degree Cancer 
Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020 -  0 degrees  Cancer 

If this full moon chart had no other planet in the mix it would still be punchy since it is an eclipse.  But there is more to this chart and it would be astrological malpractice to NOT bring up Saturn and Pluto on this eclipse.  First of all, in the chart, the Moon has cozied up to Pluto and not too far away is Saturn watching over his Capricorn kingdom.    Both planets are addressing power.  The power that is in being responsible and proficient (Saturn) and the power there is in evolution.  (Pluto).    Saturn takes things that are frivolous and throws it away so that we can focus on what is important.   Pluto lets something die so it can be reborn and we can be new again.  Obviously both planets speak of letting go. 

As you can see these are not light and airy planets and having them in the mix on this eclipse signals it’s a time to get rid of the corrupt (Capricorn’s downside) and immaturity (Cancer’s downside).   Astrologers in the future will nod their heads and mutter “Lunar eclipse 2019” when they see stories from the news about Jeffrey Epstein and child rape cases around this eclipse.   It’s all there for an astrologer.    But back to the personal, many people be feeling, ‘let’s get on with it’ or  “Time to cut bait or fish.”   The eclipse pushes back on dithering.    Because Saturn is retrograde along with Mercury we may not actualize the ‘getting on with it’ but it has to start first with the emotion and that is Cancer’s message.  Feel it and begin to act upon it.     

In addition, some of the issues or endings that come up with this eclipse may have an important connection to next year’s great conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on Jan 12, 2020 at 22 Capricorn.   Here we go with Saturn and Pluto again!    

This aspect is one of the more important aspects for the 21stcentury and signals a new change.  The last Saturn Pluto conjunction started in 1982/1983 and curiously that cycle hit its mid spot in June 2000 around the last time of the Cancer eclipse.   There is no law in the astrological universe that would tie eclipses to Saturn & Pluto but it is curious that the last time we were in these Cap/Cancer eclipses was the mid point of the last Saturn & Pluto cycle.  And now we are on the eve of the next Saturn Pluto cycle and we are once again in Cancer Capricorn eclipses where we process our emotions and responsible natures to figure out what is important and get focused on working towards new goals.     For the record the next time Saturn gets on top of Pluto will be 2053 and then 2086.   Like I said, this aspect is important in this century.    You can read more about Saturn and Pluto  

We would be smart to watch what our intuition tells us or any adjustments we find ourselves making during this eclipse and know that it may be key to the new cycle beginning in January.   

Although the eclipse lasts only a few minutes the full phase is a three day process wrapping up July 20 4:32pm PDT.   It’s may not be easy work in front of us but we can do it.  On this eclipse, tap your intuition and get working!  

Monday, July 8, 2019

This Week In Astrology

Good Morning,

It is a bit of a bumpy week.   

This week starts off with Mercury retrograde and in opposition to warrior mars.  Words could get hot the beginning of the week.  What kind of new thinking is trying to emerge? In the lunar crescent phase we tap self -confidence and creativity.   Then, 
Sun and Saturn give us all a vertebrae adjustment.  Feelings come up that illuminate areas that need work and structure. 

We move into first quarter moon on the 9thwhere the accent is on relationships.  Partners share emotions, which may need actions in response.   On Wednesday the sun and the node unite, again speaking to deep emotions that could emerge.  Dismiss emotions at your own peril.    Also, on Wednesday, Neptune brings gentleness, which will calm some of the agitation from earlier in the week.   At the end of the week, Mars and Uranus tangle.  Out of the blue aggression or risky actions can be at play.   Real estate and finances could get wonky. Take extra care on the roads.   On the 12thwe move into Gibbous phase where we tap into our emotions and focus on goals.  Either goals that have already existed or new ones that need immediate attention.   On the 14thSun opposes Pluto, an annual event, issues of power at conflict with emotions.  Work vs family.   Accent on transformation.   The only way out-- is through.   

Crescent Moon Phase
July 5, 2019
7:24pm PDT  

Focus on: What are your feelings telling you about the information you are learning about your strength?  What are you learning about loyalty?  What are you learning about pride?  What are you learning about the power of creativity?   What are you learning about the power of being bold and out there? 

Special Focus
7/8 Mercury conjunct Mars.  Sparring words.  Getting into verbal tussles or changing thoughts with razor sharp exactness.  
7/9 Sun oppose Saturn.  Making a plan and following it.   Letting emotions guide the responsible thing to do.  

First Quarter Moon 
July 9, 2019
3:54am PDT 

Focus on:  What are your emotions telling you about the actions you should take that support your relationships?  What actions are you taking that speak to your ability to find balance?   What actions are you taking that address where you feel ‘out of whack’? 

Special Focus:
7/9: Sun conjunct north node.  Emotions speak to us about important matters that we may have ignored.   Work above emotions could have cost more than it should. 
7/10: Sun trine Neptune.   Feelings that speak to humanitarian causes.   Emotions that speak to creativity and faith.  Spirituality matters perhaps brought to family.  
7/11: Mars square Uranus.  Battles over ego.  Over money. Over property.  Over control.    Remember, in order to win a war you gotta lose a few battles.   

Gibbous Moon
July 12, 2019 
5:57pm PDT 

Focus on:  How do your feelings indicate where you need to stretch?   How are your emotions telling you to refine your goals?  

Special focus
7/14 Sun oppose Pluto.  Once a year aspect where we go in deep and make peace with power.  Are we at odds with power (players)?  Or are we disconnected from our own power and see enemies everywhere?  What’s the move?  Go in deep and transform your emotions.  

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde 

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”   - Albert Einstein 

Speaking of Cancer lunar cycle emotions, nothing can stir them up like an ol’ Mercury retrograde.  This period, Mercury which is on top of Mars and in a bit of a battle with Pluto.  This will not be a passive three- week Mercury retrograde with just some silly tech glitches and missed flights.  Ah, no.  There will be fights and mouthy-ness and tensions—a bit of depression and hopefully redemption. 

Mercury shadow: June 20 
Mercury retrograde: July 7 2019 4:14pm PDT  -4 Leo 27 
Mercury re-enters Cancer: July 19 
Mercury Direct: July 31 8:57pm  - 23 Cancer 56
Mercury re-enters Leo: August 12
Mercury shadow ends: August 15 

The Mercury retrograde is impacted the whole three weeks by the tension of Mars and Pluto.  Mercury crossed into the shadow (June 20) and got on top of Mars and both planets opposed Pluto.   Okay. Then when Mercury turns retrograde on July 7 it does it at four degrees of Leo and dang if Mars isn’t still with him!  Then Mercury breaks free of Mars and goes all the way back to Cancer and almost gets into it again with Pluto.     Clearly, some people this cycle will just have to touch the flame to understand it is hot.  Others will have to let their emotions guide them to new thinking.   

This retrograde speaks to the possibility of an evolution in thoughts.    Some of us will be thinking like a hero and ready to be brave. Others will struggle with issues around ego.    When Mercury moves back into Cancer (July 19) our thinking will still be reactionary but perhaps not quite as hair triggered as when Mercury was in Leo.   There could be a bit of depression and things feel so big.  But emotions that are deep may impact our thinking and help us evolve especially near the end of the retrograde.  By the time we get to Mercury direct July 31 we could have come up with a plan or thinking that will provide a real evolution to improving a situation.    Stuck and rigid thinking is put on notice; this Mercury retrograde is ready to mix it up.   

Small note:  You may want to go back and look at your calendar and see what was going on June 2013 and July 2012 because both of those Mercury retrogrades were in the same spots of Leo and Cancer ass this cycle.   Perhaps we will all be finishing up something that started during that time.