Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dust Bowl

Back in May I discussed and  I put up a chart for the Dust Bowl .  This was inspired by an American Experience show I had watched on the subject.  Now acclaimed historian and filmmaker Ken Burns is putting up his version of the Dust Bowl.  
It is airing November 18 and part two on November 19.  

Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Saturn--elections will be over, we'll be ready for dust.   I predict viewer ratings to be high and a lot water to be drank during the show. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

This week....

The week ahead


The full moon that started late on Saturday continues to flow at the top of the week.      If you feel anxious see previous post for more information on the pressure of the full moon.


Special focus:

10/2: Venus sextile Saturn:  Support comes out of love.  Support that excites.  

10/3: Venus oppose Neptune:  Values are muted, confusion about what we love.   Things that are spiritual can’t be explained and it bugs.  Facts versus the unknown.


Disseminating Moon Phase

October 4 12:21am EDT  (Oct 3 rest of time zones).


Disseminating: Share information; find a teacher or someone who has more knowledge. Perhaps there was a big ol’ blow out on the full and one feels in need of support and help, this is the phase to reach out to one who knows more. This is when we find a rabbi or a minister or therapist who gives us more insight.   And of course, you too may be ready to teach and share your own information. 



Focus on:      How are your values?  How is your money?  How are your properties?  How does your daily life support all of the above?  



Special focus:

 10/4: Jupiter turns retrograde 9:18am EDT  (reminder post to come)

10/5:  Mercury enters Scorpio


10/5: Saturn enters Scorpio (reminder post to come)


10/5: mercury conjunct Saturn:  Brain in sync with hard work.  Discipline and ways to incorporate in the day (s) are supported.

10/5: Mercury trine Neptune:  Thoughts are muddied.   Spirituality & religion can overwhelm brain.



10/6: Mars enters Sagittarius 

10/7:Mars square Neptune : Actions dissolve or evaporate.  Like running in place.  Perhaps it is better to sit and tune in?


Friday, September 28, 2012

Aries Full Moon ---hot, hot, hot, hot

Aries Full Moon

September 29,  2012

11:18pm EDT

7 Aries 22


The Aries full moon is traditionally hot.   For god sakes Aries is the first fire sign of the zodiac.  If it wasn’t hot, it would lose its license to be in the zodiac.    So, while Aries is supposed to be hot, this Full Moon is doubled down in heat.   You know those super white flames that are underneath a rocket when it is launched?   The flames that look like they would hurt your skin if you were standing less than a mile from the launch.  Well,that white heat is this Full Moon.   The rocket fuel boosting this moon comes from the Opposition with the Sun, conjunct with Uranus and Square Pluto.    I indicated back on new moon that the tension would be building towards this weekend’s full moon and I’m sure you already have experienced the heat.    I know I have felt it.   I won’t go into details but let’s say earlier this week I raced to an animal shelter to rescue four kittens that were taken there (unbeknownst to me) and by the time I got to the shelter  they had been euthanized.    Sigh.     Yes, I have a planet at 8 degrees Capricorn so I was totally getting smacked by the Sun/Uranus and Pluto.     And I can feel the Moon continuing to wax now.   And I'm also aware that I live in earthquake country and wondering if there will be a little shaker.   Note to self: find valerian root.


Anyway, this moon is going to bring up issues where we may have no control.   And the answer is to remind ourselves that we have no control and in that environment we should not lose sight of our personal goals (Aries is as personal as it gets).   But we must also stay away from any entanglements (Square).   Break free and don’t get involved (Uranus)  and see if you feel liberated (Pluto) as you tell yourself, “Oh yeah, this is not my business”.   It doesn’t mean you have turn cold and not relate (Libra) but just take care of yourself without getting too attached.    Back to me, I was super sad about the kittens.   But the situation came to my attention late and as soon as I heard I was on it but alas it was too late.   There wasn’t anything I could do for those kittens so I took the time to inform everyone to never go to a shelter again with young kittens.   I also donated money to two charities who rescue cats and then I continued on my business of taking care of my life.    I didn’t lose it.   I didn’t let it defeat me.  I didn’t get into the weeds.     I did what I could and I carried on.    


Now, having said that, I do need to say that there are some people probably those with a personal planet at  7-9 degrees of cardinal sign who are going to lose it with people. And that is not necessarily bad especially if people have been walking all over them or taking advantage of them.   That is why god created these tough full moons so people can get pissed off enough to make real moves.  


Even if it gets hard, stay focused and we’ll all get to where we need to get.  


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

James Bond 50 years old

James Bond, The ultimate Movie Star is 50 years old next week.


If you are a Bond fan, like me, then you must know that next week marks the 50th anniversary of James Bond the movie franchise.   The first James Bond Film, DR.NO  had its premiere in London on October 5, 1962.      Fifty years ago the world was a different place.    If you are at all confused watch Madmen and you’ll get a good idea how yesterday’s ceilings and floors are at much different altitude from now.  Then a woman in a French bikini was almost scandalous.    Steak, potatoes, butter, hollandaise and a lot of scotch was a perfectly fine dinner for a Tuesday night.   Oh, lord what a time.    


And so it was in that climate that someone most daring, most sophisticated, most charming, most dangerous popped in the world’s zeitgeist.    James Bond.   


By 1962, Bond was already well known.   Ian Fleming wrote the first Bond book in 1953 and by the ‘62 he was already on his 10th book.   Many producers had tried to launch Bond into film several times prior to Dr. No’s launch but none had taken.  Wrong producer, wrong screen writer, wrong something that Mr. Fleming didn’t like—it just seemed like it would never get made.   Finally Harry Saltzman (and Cubby Broccoli) turned out to be the right man for this mission and real work began on a real film for a real launch.    For a fabulous read on how all this unfolded (and it is quite good) go to Vanity Fair. 

It is a FASCINATING story.    With twists and turns that deserve to be Bond.



I have drafted a chart for the Dr. No’s premiere, which took place October 5, 1962 and although I could not find a time for the premiere, we know it was at night (saw a few photos) and I decided to go for 7:30pm since that seems to be about right to me.    Now days premieres are on the earlier side like 6 or 630 but I just don’t think that was norm for back then.


With this chart we see that James Bond (the film franchise) is a Libra Sun with Mercury conjunction.   Libra of course is long in charm.   And much of what was worked out in Dr. No would cast in stone the Bond franchise plot points and character traits for the rest of the films.   Sean Connery’s Bond in Dr. No was quick, smart and very witty which is perfectly Mercury conjunct Sun.   I have not read the novels and I understand they too have much wit but the screenwriters worked hard to de-snob the literary Bond from the film Bond.   And the double entendre which are paramount in the scripts are clearly in sync with the Mercury conjunct Sun in Libra.   

 The Moon in Sagittarius of course speaks to Bond’s international travels.   London and Jamaica are the primary locations but the characters themselves seem to be from all over.   Dr. No’s accent was what?   Some European country to be determined later.    And who were the henchmen and where were they from?   And then there was Jack Lord who played Felix the American CIA operative.   The producers did not try to fake the location; they went to Jamaica to get the story right.   This again would cast in stone a formula for all other Bond films.  Big international locations.    


The Moon trines Uranus and that aspect along with Saturn in Aquarius put the accent on new technology which would also be associated with all Bond films.   Q was not identified in the first film but Major Boothroyd was from the Q branch and in the first film he made sure Bond had a better gun.     Also in the story, the CIA was involved  in this special mission because something had jammed their missile launch at Cape Canaveral—the usa was right in the middle of the space race which is all Aquarius.


Bond the lover on the big screen is clear by the Venus in Scorpio trine Mars.  And if my time is right, that would put Venus right in the 7th house on the Descendent.   Which goes to the old adage about Bond, “Every woman wanted him and every man wanted to be him.”  


Films are ruled by Neptune and in this chart Neptune trines Pluto the planet that rules masses.  Wow, talk about a film that appeals to the masses, there is only one word—yes.   James Bond is arguably the longest lasting film franchise in all of film.      Later this year, the Skyfall starring Daniel Craig will be the 23rd Bond Film.


I gotta say I think I’m right with my time which gives the Dr. No launch Taurus Rising.   Long lasting and hardworking, 50 years later and James Bond is still working his charm, feels like Taurus rising to me.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Uranus Pluto: Taking a short inventory

A cursory look at the news for the last week or so and I can easily see the influence of Uranus Square Pluto (exact on 9/18).   

A week prior (as the aspect was building) American Ambassador Chris Stevens to Libya was killed during a firebomb attack of the embassy.   We all know the story by now but this attack was partly connected to the offensive video.     Yelling “fire” in a crowded theater was certainly the intent of the man who made the video and speaks to Uranus in Aries.  And it also appears to be connected to the anniversary of September 11th.    I guess more yelling ‘fire’ from another group if you think about.   Sigh.    Of course the protests which I'm sure the man who made the video wanted to see happen---happened and it all speaks to Pluto in Capricorn.



Other news,  the videotape of Mitt Romney speaking at a private fundraiser to a crowd who ponied up $50k to hear his thoughts about 47 percent of the nation turned into a firestorm of action.    In particular those people in his own camp (GOP) who voiced serious concerns about how his team was handling the campaign.    Apparently not too well.    Nothing like making a world watch how sausage is made.   Uranus (video) versus private big money (pluto in Cap).   

And this dovetails into Romney releasing his taxes   (Pluto) for another year late on Friday.   Perhaps it puts the  issue to bed—or not.    Who knows?


Iphone5 is released in stores on Friday the 21st.   That is all Uranus in Aries, Baby.   The crowds, the mega techno “must have” showed up days early to get their phones on.    Then two days later,  FoxConn one of the Chinese companies who supplies products for Apple including iphone components had a crazy riot.  Authorities are still not saying exactly what caused the riot. But so far it had something to do with workers and security guards.   But it is not good for Apple when something like this goes off so close to the release of iphone 5.        



And then today (9/24) Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Israel has no roots in the Middle East and would be "eliminated," ignoring a U.N. warning to avoid incendiary rhetoric ahead of the annual General Assembly session.     Sigh.   



In the world of mundane astrology there is plenty going out there that speaks to this harsh aspect between Uranus and Pluto.    Perhaps the heat will lessen in a month or so but right now with this aspect and the upcoming Full Moon this weekend and the Sun square Pluto oppose Uranus.  I think we need to just stay buckled up. 

I think I need to add the football ref strike with the NFL.   Lordy.  Our household is not a big football house but even my husband said, "What a mess!".  The replacement refs are doing a  horrible job and last night's game might be an all time low.  Two refs at the end of the game calling a pass two different ways and then waiting 10 minutes to review the tape and bringing out the team from the lockers back out on the field.   Yikes.    Apparently the lock out of the ref union has a lot to do with ref's retirement.   Pluto in Cap anyone.  And the chaos of these replacement refs who just don't have the experience to be in the big leagues speaks to the rub with Uranus in Aries.  

And on a similiar note, American Airlines and the pilots union are creating big time mess for passengers.    Contract negotiations when a company is in bankruptcy is not easy.  One of the issues is pilots forced to flying an aginging fleet.     Pluto/Uranus strikes again. 


Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Week Ahead

On Saturday, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere moved into Fall and our friends in Southern Hemisphere are welcoming spring.  Happy shout out to my friends in Argentina!  (Get the sunscreen, Corina).  

Of course, even though the Sun has moved into Libra we are still in Virgo Lunar Cycle so we need to continue to do the hard detailed work (we perhaps have not done all year) that would benefit our lives.   Pressure this week will push us to get our 'details on'.

This is a week where we will need to get our bearings.  Especially during the Gibbous phase when tensions build between the Sun and Uranus and Pluto.   Unique pressures, high tense situations will be around us and perhaps on some of us but if we remember to break any issue into small tasks we can get through it.  

The week starts off with a first quarter of moon.

Focus on:   What actions are you taking that speak to your executive abilities?  What about your daily schedule and daily routines makes you your own CEO?  Are you working for others or are you working for you?   How are you refining your management style and how will it impact your daily life?  

Then we move into Gibbous Moon
September 26 4:51 am EDT

Focus on:    Who is your crowd and how do they support your daily activity?  What goals are being shared with others?    Where are you brilliant?  How are you breaking a mold?  How can you refine your daily life that brings in unique new approaches? 
9/26: Mercury Trine Jupiter:  Big thoughts and big words.  Great ideas make great bridges.

9/27: Venus square Mars:  Warring over resources and values.  

9/29: Sun oppose Uranus:  Waiting for others versus going it alone.  There is value in doing both but what is harder?  That might be the right path.

9/29: Sun square Pluto:  Making a move like an executive versus standing by and letting others leading. 

Later on Saturday the 29th is full moon.  Expect that post later this week.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Uranus Unusual Part 2

Well as I told you in my last posting, it would be eye catching when the shuttle flew over the 405. 
And you can't read the heading but the cars just stopped.  In fact the northbound side has no one traveling north because everyone just stopped.  I heard the same was true on the 105. You can tell people all you want to not do it but there is no competing with sights conjured up by Uranus. 

Please go this LINK for fantastic photos.  I'm in a crowd shot but you can't see me.  Just know it was hot and crowded at Griffith Park Observatory but oh, so awesome.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Uranus and The Unusual

This Friday there will be a lot of action in the skies that will have a lot of people looking up.

The space shuttle Endeavor will be arriving in the Los Angeles for what will be its final landing and home.   The Endeavor is on my radar because my son loves airplanes and this is a big magillah in his life so I am making my own plans for how we should observe it.    The interesting thing is that the shuttle will be traveling over various parts of the Los Angeles/Orange County basin.    From Disneyland, to Malibu, JPL, Universal Studios and the Queen Mary, it is going everywhere and it will be low.  Only about 1500 feet high and loud.  

As I thought about this flight and the cuckoo corners it will be passing I could not help but think about the people who will have no idea that the shuttle is coming to town. 
There will be some person sitting at a cafe in Hollywood and will hear a tremendous roar and look up and will see the space shuttle  zooming by.  There will be some person walking on the beach in Malibu and off to their side will be the shuttle winging past them or the person out for a morning hike in Griffith park will suddenly look up and see this remarkable sight.

And probably the people I think the most about are the people who will be on the 405 freeway.   As you can see from the photo, the 405 freeway is adjacent to LAX.    When planes land from the east they come in about 300 feet above the traffic.    For most people who commute regularly on the road they don't think much of it.  But on Friday it will be a sight but who it impacts and who it does not will have to do with Uranus. 

For people who are getting an aspect by Uranus, they will I believe see the sight and be engaged.
The same for those people who are having planets aspect their natal Uranus, they too will be swept up with the visual.    Or if it is not Uranus then people who have planets in Aquarius getting a goofy aspect will probably gasp as they yell out to themselves if they are even alone in the car, "Omg, look at that thing!" 

But undoubtedly there will be people driving on the 405 paying no attention to the aircraft, probably talking on the phone or listening to the radio and the Endeavor flying over will not register on them one iota.   They either won't see it or if they do they will be nonplussed.   And I would suggest they are getting no aspect from Uranus or their natal Uranus.   Nothing in Aquarius being activated.  It will simply be the same planet but different universe to them.    Driving along without a notice of anything unusual.  

The same goes for the people at all the other locations, I think this novel event is all Uranus.

In my case, I have Mercury in Capricorn getting the hit from both Uranus and Pluto so no surprise I have my radar on Endeavor.   In the case of my son he is in a building aspect that will be exact in a week or two of Uranus oppose his Midheaven.   I am sure this will have a lasting impression on him for years to come and perhaps inspire something that may influence his career.    Maybe designing ear muffs since the 747 is loud enough I can only imagine what it sounds like at 1500 feet. 


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jesus's Wife & Coptic Christians

Gee when it rains it pours.  I don't think I have really spent much time thinking about Coptic Christians but they certainly are in the news this week.  Not sure why.  

But as I have said before, Neptune's long trek in Pisces is going to uncover all kinds of things spiritually related.   

The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’A historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has identified a papyrus fragment in the Coptic language that she says contains the first known statement saying that Jesus was married. The fragment also refers to a female disciple.

Today's NYTimes has quite a story. 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A historian of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School has identified a scrap of papyrus that she says was written in Coptic in the fourth century and contains a phrase never seen in any piece of Scripture: “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife ...’ ”

The faded papyrus fragment is smaller than a business card, with eight lines on one side, in black ink legible under a magnifying glass. Just below the line about Jesus having a wife, the papyrus includes a second provocative clause that purportedly says, “she will be able to be my disciple.”
The finding was made public in Rome on Tuesday at an international meeting of Coptic scholars by Karen L. King, a historian who has published several books about new Gospel discoveries and is the first woman to hold the nation’s oldest endowed chair, the Hollis professor of divinity.
The provenance of the papyrus fragment is a mystery, and its owner has asked to remain anonymous. Until Tuesday, Dr. King had shown the fragment to only a small circle of experts in papyrology and Coptic linguistics, who concluded that it is most likely not a forgery. But she and her collaborators say they are eager for more scholars to weigh in and perhaps upend their conclusions.
Even with many questions unsettled, the discovery could reignite the debate over whether Jesus was married, whether Mary Magdalene was his wife and whether he had a female disciple. These debates date to the early centuries of Christianity, scholars say. But they are relevant today, when global Christianity is roiling over the place of women in ministry and the boundaries of marriage.
The discussion is particularly animated in the Roman Catholic Church, where despite calls for change, the Vatican has reiterated the teaching that the priesthood cannot be opened to women and married men because of the model set by Jesus.
Dr. King gave an interview and showed the papyrus fragment, encased in glass, to reporters from The New York Times, The Boston Globe and Harvard Magazine in her garret office in the tower at Harvard Divinity School last Thursday . She left the next day for Rome to deliver her paper on the find on Tuesday at the International Congress of Coptic Studies.
She repeatedly cautioned that this fragment should not be taken as proof that Jesus, the historical person, was actually married. The text was probably written centuries after Jesus lived, and all other early, historically reliable Christian literature is silent on the question, she said.
But the discovery is exciting, Dr. King said, because it is the first known statement from antiquity that refers to Jesus speaking of a wife. It provides further evidence that there was an active discussion among early Christians about whether Jesus was celibate or married, and which path his followers should choose.

go to link for rest of story.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ted Phillips: Astro Adviser Pluto & Uranus

I received Ted Phillips Newsletter yesterday.   I asked him if I could post it here and he kindly said yes.    Ted is an excellent financial astrology advisor.   If you want to sign up for his newsletter go to his website HERE.

Pluto turns Direct
Uranus squares Pluto
Fall Equinox


Greetings everyone,

On Monday, September 17th, the planet Pluto ends its retrograde cycle and turns stationary direct at approximately 10:05PM, pacific time. The planet Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn the following day on Tuesday, September 18th, at 11:55PM, pacific time. This is the second of seven "squares" this planetary pair, (Uranus and Pluto), will form to each other between now and the year 2015.

Some radical changes are unfolding in the world and are also likely to occur in your personal life during the next few years. The houses where Uranus and Pluto are transiting in your birth chart will tell you the areas of the your life where the changes are happening. The timing of the change will be when Uranus or Pluto reach the same degrees as planets or sensitive points in your natal or secondary charts.

This cycle is the strongest now through the end of the month. It is all about being active, letting go of the old ways of doing things or unhealthy attachments, and moving in a new direction. It's time to express the pioneer in you, take some risks, redefine what's truly important to you, and achieve new goals.

On Saturday, September 22nd, is the Fall equinox when the Sun enters Libra at 07:49AM, pacific time. This marks the official start of the Fall season in the northern hemisphere when the day and evening will be of equal duration.

As the Sun enters Libra, it will forming a T-square configuration, as it opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn on the Full Moon of September 29th. The planet Mercury forms the same configuration with Uranus and Pluto this week. We start to move into a "high energy" period now that culminates towards the end of the month.

During the week of September 24th, the energy is the strongest and culminates on the Full Moon on the 29th at 07 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus and square Pluto! In addition to the Sun/Uranus/Pluto configuration, the planets Venus and Mars are additional players in the drama. Venus in Leo will square Mars in Scorpio. The Venus/Mars square will also form "hard aspects" to the Sun/Uranus/Pluto configuration that week. A hard aspect is one of the 8th harmonic in astrology, or dividing the circle of 360 by 8. These are aspects or angles at multiples of 45 degrees. So the Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto will all be at multiples of 45 degrees to each other. This is a serious and nasty planetary configuration.

I hope you just enjoyed the brief astrology lesson! Now what the heck is this all supposed to mean especially during the last week of September? In the mundane world, this will probably represent increased geopolitical tensions, conflicts, and potential military strikes or acts of violence. This is a time period when more situations can suddenly erupt as in the case of protests and riots in the world. In the present political campaign in the U.S., this is the time when there is political mudslinging at the lowest level. Probably a good idea to turn off the T.V. In the financial markets, this is a week when some markets probably come down hard due to the unexpected in the news, and there is very strong volatility.

In your personal life, this can bring relationship issues and emotional or anger issues to the surface. If certain relationships are already treading on thin ice, this is when the ice breaks. If your relationships are strong, this period may still bring up emotional matters or support and money issues to be resolved. Fortunately, Mercury will trine Jupiter during the same time. The open channel of communication can help smooth things over and restore harmony if diplomacy is used. Keep the peace.

Stay tuned for more "Astro-News" on October 4th and 5th when Jupiter turns retrograde and the planet Saturn, the great teacher and master time keeper, enters Scorpio for the next 2 1/2 years.

Until then.

Astrologically yours,


T.S. Phillips
Astro Advisory Services, Inc.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Virgo New Moon---In the House!

Virgo New Moon
September 15 10:10pm EDT

Omg!  I got it up just in time!! 
In about 45 minutes it will be Virgo New Moon and I made it.   Lordy, please never make it 100 degrees again the three days before New Moon.   It takes forever to do anything in this weather.  Anyway, it is going to be a VERY powerful 28 days.   No shit.     Take care of the details.    Stay focused but at the same time adaptable.    We have huge shifts and movements this cycle but the best way to capitalize on these changes is to keep it to the practical.  

As always you can find the whole article HERE.

But here is a snippet.  Got to link for the full article. 

Virgo: Fix it Master

Here at the end of summer many of us are looking around at our world and undoubtedly saying, “What a dump!”


Our houses, spouses, neighborhood, work, relationships, bodies---everywhere we look we see something that needs fixing.    


And why not?  This is has been a tough summer; two Gemini lunar cycles frazzled our brains.  Followed by a highly emotional Cancer cycle, a fiery Leo phase punctuated with two full moons.   And acting like the summer’s worst book ends we had the first square between Uranus and Pluto on June 24th and the second Uranus Pluto square comes a few days from now on September 18th.     That is a whole bunch of ‘strum and drang’ and many of us feel like we’ve been a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, all we want to do is fix the mess.  “Did someone say fix stuff?”   Virgo New Moon to the rescue! 


Virgo is an earth sign and responds to things that are practical and consistent.  Virgo rules daily activities, schedules and calendars.  It is the part of us that is disciplined out of habit.   It is our hygiene and our diet.  Thanks to Virgo we all brush our teeth every morning.   Virgo is beautiful when it supports routines and schedules that improve our life and our world.       “How can I help?” is Virgo’s most important sentence.  Not for the person they help but for the soul of the Virgo.  Being of service speaks to Virgo’s Raison d’etre.


The downside of Virgo is that they are overly critical.  They pick at their lovers, their friends, their family, constantly wiping imaginary lint off the worlds’ suit.   Oh, how we all cringe when Virgo lets us know that whatever we have done is not perfect enough.   Their other low spot is when they are completely removed from spirituality.   Their nervous energy is almost as legendary as their criticalness.  They can get wound up tight especially when they don’t have a strong connection to spirit.   And sure, I love science as much as the next person but for many a Virgo, they demand proof before they believe anything.   For them if you can’t see it, smell it, hear it, taste it or feel it---then it doesn’t exist.    Not much space for miracles when one’s vision is that narrow.    


Luckily this Virgo New Moon we should be able to work with the elevated Virgo energy all cycle.  By showing discipline, dedication and commitment on a daily level we can take care of business and make important changes in our life.       


“Conjunction junction what’s your function?” 

On this Virgo new moon the Sun and the Moon are in conjunction with Mercury which means all three planets are working as a team.  For the Sun and the Moon this is a boon given Virgo’s ruling planet is Mercury.  “Huh, what does that mean?”  Imagine you are renting an apartment and instead of living far away, the landlord lives next door.   He’s not off in Yonkers he’s right next door when your pipe bursts or someone knocks over the trashcan.  He is there to help fix the mess.   Like a landlord, having Mercury in conjunction with the Sun and Moon in Virgo should help us fly straight all cycle.  If we have to quickly make a change to stay on a task we can do it.   Mercury is sharp, clear, clever and adaptable.      If there is a hurdle Mercury will come up with a way to get us through!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Richard III returns...sort of...

I have been following the story of Richard III for the last few weeks and have thought how perfectly Leo lunar phase!   And  not only is the subject royal which speaks to Leo the subject was also the subject of a play by arguably the worlds greatest playwrite  which of course also has Leo written all over it.   Of course what I think is most interesting is that there an actual descendant living in Canada....14th nephew of Richard III who they will check the blood and see if the DNA matches.  My moon in Cancer says, "Wow." 

London --
Archaeologists searching for the grave of King Richard III say they have found bones that are consistent with the 15th century monarch's physical abnormality and of a man who died in battle.
A team from the University of Leicester said Wednesday the bones were beneath the site of the Grey Friars church in Leicester, central England, where contemporary accounts say Richard was buried following his death in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485.
Richard Buckley, co-director of the university's Archaeological Services, said the bones are a "prime candidate" to be Richard's. The remains are now being examined and the team hopes that DNA can be recovered to aid identification.
William Shakespeare, writing more than a century after Richard's death, described the king as "deform'd, unfinished," a monster with a deformed conscience who murdered his nephews in order to gain the throne.
The murder charge is a matter of historical dispute. The official royal website says the young princes "disappeared" while under Richard's protection.
Taylor said the skeleton displayed spinal abnormalities consistent with contemporary accounts of Richard's appearance.
"We believe that the individual would have had severe scoliosis, which is a form of spinal curvature," Taylor said.
He said the skeleton was apparently of an adult male and in good condition. There were signs of trauma to the skull shortly before death, perhaps from a bladed instrument, and a barbed metal arrowhead was found between vertebrae of the upper back.
Buckley and his team identified a possible location of the grave through map regression analysis, starting with a current map and analyzing earlier maps to discover what had changed and not changed. Ground penetrating radar was employed.

Read more:

Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking Ahead

Last Quarter Moon which started on the 8th starts off the week. 



Focus on:   What conversation are you having with others?  How does it support your self esteem? What actions can you take that reflect brave communication?    



Special focus:

9/8: Mercury/Jupiter: Another day to avoid big thoughts, arguments, skirt the obvious battle grounds. 

9/10: Sun/Mercury:  New day, new ideas, new thoughts, new brilliance, new self confidence. 



Balsamic Moon Phase

September 12 8:37am EDT


Balsamic:   We let go.  By releasing we can prepare for the new. 


Focus on   We release our ego, oh, god we release our ego.  We release the need to be the center of attention.    We release our loud and our quiet smugness.      


Special focus:

 9/13: Venus/Uranus Brilliance that could be weird but still brilliant.  Breakthroughs that support values.   Electric ideas everywhere.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Democratic Convention

Democratic Party Chart

May 13, 1792

Philadelphia PA


Last week was the Republican National Convention.  And from the looks of it, it seemed everyone had a good time including an empty chair.  Now it is time for the Democratic Convention to take place this week. 


A few days before the Republican Convention I put up the Republican Party Chart.   Here is the Demo chart.


Over at NeptuneCafe there is an excellent write up on how the date was chosen.   

It is all about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton who were both hot heads.  Jefferson an Aries (no shit) and Hamilton a Capricorn (no shit times two).  And Jefferson with Moon in Sag versus Hamilton with Moon in Virgo---oh, where to begin on how these two fought!?!


Nevertheless, Hamilton and Jefferson were the leaders of the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists, the two main factions divided over the role of government. Hamilton preferred rule by the merchant class, a small but powerful elite that prospered through government favoritism, and that promoted the creation of a central bank. Jefferson was alarmed by this political development and feared a return to Monarchy. He and his followers banded together to form an opposing group to represent states' rights and the agrarian segment of society which constituted the vast majority of the population. Jefferson called his faction the Democratic-Republican Party, later shortened to the Republican Party, but which is actually the foundation of today's Democratic Party.


During the convention transiting Jupiter will be making a sextile with natal Uranus.   Sextiles are positive, fun aspects.  Not as strong as a positive trine but still a good aspect that brings joy and fun and Sparks.   I personally like a sextile a bit more than a trine because although I love gifts just as much as the next person and those can come with trines, there is something to be said for a good old fashion Spark to ignite something.  And sextiles are sparks.     Uranus in Leo getting a boost from Jupiter puts the emphasis on Self-respect and  self-esteem or pride.   Although any tendency to exaggerate (Jupiter) should be quelled.  This Jupiter sextile Uranus aspect will repeat again during the week of the election in November which supports something positive from this convention having legs in November.       


There are a couple other aspects in September that are building during the week of the convention that  also influence the chart.   Jupiter semi square Venus.   Astrology 101 would make this a love problem aspect especially if it was chart of a human and not an organization.    There will be a lot of rhetoric out there from the people who hate the democrats both as individuals and the party.  Plus hatred for their candidate, President Obama will be very loud.     There will be some sloppiness at the convention.  Venus is also the planet of money and values.   There will probably be some kind of hit around cash.  Perhaps it is just hard core reality that the GOP will have more successful fundraising efforts in their convention afterglow.     Or it might be more bad news about the economy.  The aspect is exact on September 14th.  Curious to see how it plays out.      


There is also Saturn conjunct Neptune exact on September 13th.    A message of hope will not come out of this convention.   It is not good enough.   A plan based on hope will be better received.   The negative take on this aspect is cold water on visions.   The positive take on the conjunction is concrete plans based on a vision of good for all.   Will the case be made next week for the current administration fall on welcoming ears?  Or will it be a case of fuzzy thinking that leaves others cold?   Depends on the message.  


One aspect that is in favor of the Democratic chart is Saturn trine Moon.   It is exact on September 22.  There will be one more round of it in March.   This aspect supports women.   My sense is that the convention will be filled with women who the public relates to and is responsive towards.   Because this aspect repeats in March I’m inclined to think that the Woman vote in November will support Democrats.  However, having said that I do need to point out that Saturn will be opposing Venus again in October.   Like the Moon, Venus also rules women.  So, perhaps there will be a push back from Women.  But my own feeling is that this aspect with Venus similar to the Jupiter semisquare Venus on September 14 is just more NOT good news about money.    Or even real estate.   


Looking ahead there is a powerful square aspect between transiting pluto and natal pluto.   There were two hits earlier in the year, Feb & June.   It is yucky.   The final hit is in December.   It is rough.   If this was a person I would remind them that they are not done transforming themselves.   Maybe Obama wins the presidency but the house and senate go to the GOP.  What will that mean?    I dunno.    But there is an overhaul with Pluto Square Pluto.    It is interesting that the GOP chart also had overhaul aspects after the November election.    Something will be heard by both sides.   Interesting.


In April 2013 the final aspect between Jupiter and Uranus will take place.  Remember hit one is in September near the convention, hit two is a couple days before the election and here is the final hit in April.     Perhaps a big healing will emerge and both parties will get some real work done.