Saturday, September 1, 2012

Todd Akin

I had a little time today and finally went looking for Todd Akin's birth data.
I saw on Wiki that he was born July 5, 1949.   NYC

There is no way to know his time of birth so I went ahead and drafted it for noon.  He is a
Cancer with Moon in Aquarius.   Guess who else is the same?   The USA. .

We have talked before that this country likes its Aquarius energy up high.   Obama has Aquarius Ascendant.   Sarah Palin has both Sun and Moon in Aquarius.   Paul Ryan is an Aquarius.  Mitt has Aquarius Midheaven. 

Of course the first thing I looked for in Akin's chart was his Mercury.  Mercury rules communication and what we say and last I looked it was the things coming out of his mouth that got him in trouble with a lot of people.   Turns out his Mercury is at 26 Cancer.  Right smack in the middle of the square with Saturn that has been taking place all year for him.  First hit was in Dec 11, then April and now this last one is centered September 2nd.   My guess and  yes it is just a guess, but I think he may have finally let everyone in the party take him to the woodshed this weekend and will probably resign for the race soon.   But if not, and he hangs on stubbornly, I would look no further than Saturn trine Venus.   He must be getting a tremendous amount of support from loved ones and that is keeping him in the game.   Even when Karl Rove is nasty.   

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