Monday, September 17, 2012

Ted Phillips: Astro Adviser Pluto & Uranus

I received Ted Phillips Newsletter yesterday.   I asked him if I could post it here and he kindly said yes.    Ted is an excellent financial astrology advisor.   If you want to sign up for his newsletter go to his website HERE.

Pluto turns Direct
Uranus squares Pluto
Fall Equinox


Greetings everyone,

On Monday, September 17th, the planet Pluto ends its retrograde cycle and turns stationary direct at approximately 10:05PM, pacific time. The planet Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn the following day on Tuesday, September 18th, at 11:55PM, pacific time. This is the second of seven "squares" this planetary pair, (Uranus and Pluto), will form to each other between now and the year 2015.

Some radical changes are unfolding in the world and are also likely to occur in your personal life during the next few years. The houses where Uranus and Pluto are transiting in your birth chart will tell you the areas of the your life where the changes are happening. The timing of the change will be when Uranus or Pluto reach the same degrees as planets or sensitive points in your natal or secondary charts.

This cycle is the strongest now through the end of the month. It is all about being active, letting go of the old ways of doing things or unhealthy attachments, and moving in a new direction. It's time to express the pioneer in you, take some risks, redefine what's truly important to you, and achieve new goals.

On Saturday, September 22nd, is the Fall equinox when the Sun enters Libra at 07:49AM, pacific time. This marks the official start of the Fall season in the northern hemisphere when the day and evening will be of equal duration.

As the Sun enters Libra, it will forming a T-square configuration, as it opposes Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn on the Full Moon of September 29th. The planet Mercury forms the same configuration with Uranus and Pluto this week. We start to move into a "high energy" period now that culminates towards the end of the month.

During the week of September 24th, the energy is the strongest and culminates on the Full Moon on the 29th at 07 degrees Aries conjunct Uranus and square Pluto! In addition to the Sun/Uranus/Pluto configuration, the planets Venus and Mars are additional players in the drama. Venus in Leo will square Mars in Scorpio. The Venus/Mars square will also form "hard aspects" to the Sun/Uranus/Pluto configuration that week. A hard aspect is one of the 8th harmonic in astrology, or dividing the circle of 360 by 8. These are aspects or angles at multiples of 45 degrees. So the Sun, Venus, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto will all be at multiples of 45 degrees to each other. This is a serious and nasty planetary configuration.

I hope you just enjoyed the brief astrology lesson! Now what the heck is this all supposed to mean especially during the last week of September? In the mundane world, this will probably represent increased geopolitical tensions, conflicts, and potential military strikes or acts of violence. This is a time period when more situations can suddenly erupt as in the case of protests and riots in the world. In the present political campaign in the U.S., this is the time when there is political mudslinging at the lowest level. Probably a good idea to turn off the T.V. In the financial markets, this is a week when some markets probably come down hard due to the unexpected in the news, and there is very strong volatility.

In your personal life, this can bring relationship issues and emotional or anger issues to the surface. If certain relationships are already treading on thin ice, this is when the ice breaks. If your relationships are strong, this period may still bring up emotional matters or support and money issues to be resolved. Fortunately, Mercury will trine Jupiter during the same time. The open channel of communication can help smooth things over and restore harmony if diplomacy is used. Keep the peace.

Stay tuned for more "Astro-News" on October 4th and 5th when Jupiter turns retrograde and the planet Saturn, the great teacher and master time keeper, enters Scorpio for the next 2 1/2 years.

Until then.

Astrologically yours,


T.S. Phillips
Astro Advisory Services, Inc.

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